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Apricot and Peach Kernels Benefits, Uses, and Side Effects

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

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Apricot & Peach Kernels

Apricot and Peach Kernels are viewed as one of the most representative type of ingredients which are usually found in diets or skincare products. They possess a reputation of being a reliable source composed of vital vitamins due to the fact that have sufficient amounts of Vitamin A as beta-carotene, Vitamin C as ascorbic acid, calcium, iron, potassium, and phosphorus. Due to this, peaches and apricots are thought of as a gift of nature when it comes to promotion of general well-being.

They’re particularly regarded as tremendous by people living in the eastern hemisphere who use it for cooking. An interesting feature is the fact that they have roots which can be traced as far away as Armenia. On the other hand, it seems that the peach tree may have been inherited by China certain centuries earlier. It came to the northwestern part of the globe as late as 1600s and in less temperate climates, in order to raise peaches, it has to be maintained at a health of maximum thirteen feet tall while in warm climate flourishes and can soar over twenty feet tall. One way people can distinguish peach trees is by observing their pink-lavender blooms and satiny greenish leaves.

The apricot possesses a golden colored, modest sized fruit which has in its core a kernel or seed. The apricot kernel may be pressed in base oil and the obtained substance can be applied to foods as well as some skincare remedies. For instance, almond-flavored liqueurs that are usually sweet in taste can be utilized for preparing Asia or Moroccan cocktails or cuisine including amaretto sour.

Apricot and Peach Kernels Functions & Benefits

Apricot and Peach Kernels possess a series of beneficial effects; due to this they’re included in certain natural remedies for both internal and external usage, although people are most likely to meet the last one through skincare products. Considering the fact that apricot kernel oil has the core fatty acids which are linoleic and oleic, which, in turn, are the reasons behind its high concentration of Vitamins A and E, nutritional companies have started using it in remedies destined to calm irritations and keep a subtle surface of skin. Individuals may purchase them in forms of massage oils, creams, scrubs, balms, lotions, exfoliants, and sometimes soaps. On the other hand, as a nutritional supplement, it may be somewhat expensive, so it’s not often viewed as a good choice in customary food preparation, even though the increased concentration of essential fatty acids makes it somehow indispensable.

Peach kernels are generally harvested for medicinal purposes. Like apricots, peach kernels have the similar recommendations and safeguards regarding the poor quality as well as high-toxicity vulnerability when the dosage is exceeded, which means that individuals should carefully read the labels and visit the doctor prior to any type of treatment. In a common way, supplements based on vitamins also feature apricot kernels, particularly those which prevent occasional blood irregularities and promote a healthy flow. In addition, they’re believed to help relieve symptoms which are associated to female issues like heavy bleeding, uterine fibroids, fatigue, and irregular menstrual cycle. Some studies even point out that a regular usage leads to an elimination of symptoms.

Additionally, they have laxative qualities which moisten the fecal matter while promoting bowel movements, according to Joseph P. Hou and Youyu. They also state that a wide use of traditional Chinese natural medicine for constipation is represented by a decoction which is prepared from both peach seed kernels and apricot seed kernels.

They also feature a high concentration of vitamin B17 which also goes by the name of amygdalin and is considered a reliable ingredient for prevention and treatment of cancer. Particularly, Elson M. Haas, a medical doctor in the Preventive Medical Center found in California, states that the main beneficial effect, which is associated to cancer treatment, is the reduction of tumor sizes and preventing them from spreading in healthy tissues. Moreover, they also have analgesic qualities which may help alleviate the terrible pains that are sometimes associated to cancerous processes. There are some scientific reports regarding the usage of this vitamin when it comes to high blood pressure and rheumatism.


On prolonged usage, it is considered that the nature or kernel determines it to be of toxic subsequent. There are some individuals who actually encountered a series of symptoms which range from heart palpitations to severe headaches. People who experience any type of unusual ailments are advised to immediately cease treatment and, if the conditions persist, even consult their personal doctor. Generally, exposure to long-term usage may result in respiratory distress and even coronary insufficiency. This is mainly the reason why women who are either pregnant or nursing should refrain from its utilization, specifically in herbal remedies, due to the potency of child damage, although further research is needed in this area.

In order to avoid severe effects, people shouldn’t overuse these ingredients, thus always check the label of the products prior to the beginning of the treatment and consider any possible allergies or sensibility which can later lead to a medical ailment that can be more difficult to treat.


Apricot and Peach Kernels are usually found in warmer climates, but also in less temperate ones although most of the times, it leads to a series of conditions which should be maintained in order to help the plant raise and live throughout the year. In most of the cases, people may purchase these ingredients in form of skincare products that promise to exfoliate the skin and regenerate its surface, thus being recommended for problems like acne, eczema, or sometimes even wrinkles and stretch marks.

However, individuals can find them in stores in the form of salad dressings that are tasty and can be considered more exotic than common ones due to the low levels of usage. When it comes to dietary supplementation, individuals can usually purchase processed variations for multivitamins blends that feature them for conditions related to the cardiovascular, immune, and respiratory systems and more recently, as a way of preventing or treating cancer.