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Wild Lettuce Extract Review – 6 Facts You Need to Know

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Wild Lettuce Extract is advertised as a dietary supplement which helps improve memory and sleep. No further ailment or benefit claims are made by the manufacturer, a company called Siena Naturals.

Siena Naturals is located in Colorado, United States and is committed to providing high quality nutraceuticals manufacturing as well as support services. The company claims it offers low pricing, low minimum orders and fast turnaround times to customers worldwide. Siena Naturals offers support services such as planning, formulating, producing, labeling and marketing.

Product benefits and exact ingredients are not disclosed by the manufacturer, but can be obtained through an inquiry. The manufacturer of Wild Lettuce Extract offers the product for private labeling exclusively, for a minimum 1000 units (capsules) order.


1) What is Wild Lettuce Extract?

While the manufacturer of Wild Lettuce Extract offers little details on the core benefits of the product, wild lettuce is known for a number of benefits on the respiratory system (cough, asthma), urinary tract, reproductive system (excessive sex drive in women, swollen genitals in men, PMS), sleeping problems, restlessness or the circulatory system.

The supplement is advertised to improve sleep and memory. Wild lettuce has been indeed researched and proven effective in calming restlessness, anxiety and having a sedative effect. However, in relation to its memory enhancing effects, there is no conclusive evidence that wild lettuce might be effective.

Wild lettuce seems safe for most people in small amounts, whereas large amounts can slow breathing and cause sweating, fast heartbeat, pupil dilation, ringing in the ears, vision changes, dizziness, breathing difficulty and even death. Having itself strong sedative effects, caution is advised for people already taking sedative medication or who are going to have anesthesia during medical procedures.


2) Details on Wild Lettuce Extract Ingredients and Uses

Wild Lettuce Extract includes the following ingredients: Wild Lettuce extract.

Health Benefits

3) Wild Lettuce Extract Health Benefits

  • Wild lettuce has been researched and proven to have sedative effects;
  • Available for high level of customization private labeling (sizes of bottles, colors of the capsules, formulation, etc).


4) Wild Lettuce Extract Product Warnings

  • Side effects and drug interactions have been associated to wild lettuce consumption;
  • The benefits on memory are not supported by any research study.


5) Wild Lettuce Extract Serving Size

Since the product is only available for private labeling, no consumer reviews are available.

Does it Work

6) Bottom Line – Does It Really Work?

Wild Lettuce Extract comes in the form of capsules. The product marketed to positively impact memory and sleep can only be manufactured under private label in GMP certified facilities. The manufacturer offers a high level of customization for all their products. Not much information is available on the formula; however extra details can be obtained through an inquiry with the manufacturer.

Wild lettuce has been researched and proven effective in treating insomnia, anxiety and restlessness, plus a number of other benefits, however its memory enhancing properties are not scientifically documented.Wild lettuce may also interact with some prescription medication, hence we recommend consulting a pharmacist or healthcare provider before use.

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