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Tyrosine Pure Review – 8 Facts to Consider

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Tyrosine Pure is a dietary supplement based on the amino acid L-Tyrosine. The formula manufactured by Cabot Health is promoted as a “mood food” and advertises as core benefits its ability to improve concentration, alertness and memory and to promote an overall stable, happy mood.

Cabot Health is an Australian company which develops and sells complementary health products with the help of a team of doctors and neuropaths. The products are designed based on scientific research, traditional use of the ingredients and clinical experience and are manufactured in a TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) approved facility. The company formulas target a limited number of specific areas among which we mention immune system health, nerves, stress and depression and weight control.

The formula is designed for adults only. Also, its low content of allergenic ingredients makes it a good choice for people suffering from allergies.


1) Tyrosine Pure Quick Facts

Tyrosine Pure contains L-tyrosine, a natural amino-acid and one of the building blocks of proteins. The formula contains no table salt, lactose, dairy products, gluten, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, sugar or preservatives.

L-Tyrosine is found in a variety of dietary sources such as poultry, fish, nuts, seeds and dairy products. One of the most important roles of L-Tyrosine (mood regulation) derives from its function in the biosynthesis of two key neurotransmitters: Dopamine and Noradrenalin (or Norepinephrine). Noradrenalin is important in balancing mood and emotions and supporting cognition and movement, whereas Dopamine is important in the regulation of mood, relief of depression and stimulation of pleasure and motivation. None of the two however are able to cross the blood brain barrier hence their precursor (L-Tyrosine) is needed to increase levels of these neurotransmitters in the brain.

Other uses of L-Tyrosine include It PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome), Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, chronic fatigue, schizophrenia and heart disease.Dietary tyrosine supplements may pose unwanted side effects such as nausea, heartburn, joint pain, headache and fatigue. The manufacturer issues a drug interaction warning for MAO Inhibitors (Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors) such as Nardil (phenelzine), Parnate (Tranylcypromine), Selgene and Eldepryl (selegiline). In these cases, there is a risk that Tyrosine will cause a severe rise in blood pressure.

Nutrition Info

2) Ingredients of Tyrosine Pure

Tyrosine Pure includes the following ingredients: Pure L-tyrosine.

3) Does Tyrosine Pure Work?

L-tyrosine is needed for the manufacturing of thyroid hormones and neurotransmitters. Dopamine and noradrenaline are neurotransmitters required for improving mood, memory, and alertness. Research has shown that supplementing one’s diet with L-tyrosine might help increase levels of these neurotransmitters in the brain. Also, individuals taking antidepressant medication might not benefit from taking a tyrosine-based supplement and if combined, might experience serious side effects.

Recent studies have shown that most of the effects L-tyrosine has upon the body are revolving around preventing the decline of cognitive functions. Because L-tyrosine helps produce dopamine and noradrenaline, that are promoters of good mood and a happy lifestyle, it alleviates stress. Without stress and anxiety, individuals experience an enhanced power of concentration and an increased memory and retention.

However, numerous studies have shown that L-tyrosine supplementation only has an effect on individuals already suffering from stress and anxiety rather than on regular people, on which studies demonstrated that L-tyrosine has little to no effect. In normal circumstances, an L-tyrosine based supplement does not show any significant effect on cognitive and physical functions and also on mood.


4) Tyrosine Pure Claims

  • The formula is free of table salt, lactose, dairy products, gluten, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, sugar or preservatives
  • Scientifically proven benefits in the claimed benefits areas mentioned by the manufacturer


5) Tyrosine Pure Warnings and Precautions

  • Potential side effects and drug interactions of L-Tyrosine
  • Lack of consumer testimonials elsewhere but the manufacturer’s website
  • No differentiation from other L-tyrosine formulas


6) Tyrosine Pure Cost

Tyrosine Pure is currently being sold in bottles of 125g at an affordable price. The product is available for purchase on the manufacturer’s website. Various other online retailers might offer discounts and promotions.

How To Use

7) How to Use Tyrosine Pure

The recommended daily dosage is 3g (5ml) of Tyrosine Pure taken three times a day. There is no empirical or scientific evidence whether the product manages to reach its goal or not. Consumer testimonials are exclusively available on the manufacturer’s website, but should be treated with caution.


8) Our Verdict on Tyrosine Pure

Tyrosine Pure offers support for mood, and relief from stress and tension with the help of the amino acid L-Tyrosine. Scientific research conducted for many years has established that L-Tyrosine is a precursor of the neurotransmitters essential to mood and behavior regulation. Several clinical trials have even proven its effectiveness; however large scale studies are still required. The product has received positive reviews, although all of them are posted on the manufacturer’s website and may represent a marketing tool.

Given that L-Tyrosine may interact with some prescription medication and that side effects may be triggered by the formula, we advise you to carefully read the label and if possible, consult a healthcare practitioner prior to use.

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I was used to having depressions and panic attacks daily… this supplement helped me overcome them and now I’m the happiest person on earth.


As a 21 year old student I find Tyrosine very useful as a supplement since it greatly helps me both by improving my focus in classes and aiding me learn things faster at home when I study.

Robyn Miller

I was put onto Tyrosine by a friend who worked in health food store. I have alwasy suffered with anxiety to some degree, though on occasions it becomes very uncomfortable. I take a flat teaspoon of Tyrosine in small amount of water on an empty stomach wher possible. It’s just wonderful – takes away that black hollow, fluttery feeling I get in my tummy, almist immediatley. Theres no scientific evidence that it works though I beg to differ, one things for sure it’s highly unlikey to cause any adverse effects if taken correctly …e.g. warning on MAO ‘s.
Thanks so much… happy happy