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Orchic PMG Review – Is it Effective?

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Orchic PMG is promoted as a remedy which supports testicular functioning by providing derived nucleoprotein-mineral extracts that should work on cellular level. The supplement was created and released on the nutritional field in 1952 by a business called Standard Process.

The founder of the company is called Dr. Royal Lee and he relied the principle of its company on the idea that the source of a compound is more important than the quantity of each used in any product. Due to this, even a small amount from a whole food may offer beneficial results in patients with problems. A specific characteristic of Standard Process is the fact that they separated their products into three major categories that are Standard Process Veterinary Formulas, MediHerb, and Standard Process whole food supplements, each with particular purposes.

Moreover, the producer states that the calcium lactate found in this supplement was obtained from a pure vegetable source, thus it wasn’t derived from a dairy source compared to most of other supplements. Generally speaking, Orchic PMG should offer cellular support and rehabilitation to testicular system. Because of this, it is a remedy suggested exclusively for men. Vegetarians and vegans can’t follow this treatment.


1) Quick Overview

Orchic PMG’s beneficial effects rely on testosterone so a healthy testicular functioning is sustained. It is known that the testes secrete male sex hormones that were collectively called androgens. The most abundant of these androgens is testosterone that is also responsible for distinguishing masculine characteristics. Studies revealed that testosterone is an influencer of protein formation, muscle function, basal metabolism and red-blood-cell formation. Generally, it works as a part of an intricate system that is in conjunction with hypothalamus and the anterior pituitary gland so that regulation of male sexual functioning is provided. A compound found in this supplement, bovine orchic PMG extract offers help in achieving normal testosterone levels.

What’s Inside?

2) What’s Inside Orchic PMG?

Orchic PMG contains the following ingredients: Calcium and a Proprietary Blend containing Bovine orchic PMG extract, and magnesium citrate.

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3) What Does Orchic PMG Do?

Orchic PMG’s actions rely on testosterone function to sustain healthy testicular functioning. It is a known fact that the testes secrete a series of male sex hormones which have been collectively called androgens. The most abundant of these is testosterone which is also the one responsible for distinguishing characteristics of masculine bodies. Research showed that testosterone is a direct influence on protein formation, basal metabolism, muscle function, and red-blood-cell formation. Overall, it functions as a part of an intricate feedback system which is in conjunction with hypothalamus as well as the anterior pituitary gland to help with the regulation of male sexual functioning. An ingredient found in this remedy, bovine orchic PMG extract helps in achieving proper testosterone levels in the body.

On the other hand, the product also contains calcium lactate. This is, in fact, a soluble calcium salt which is bioavailable and changes into calcium bicarbonate through a chemical step. Compared to other forms of calcium which are less water-soluble and require a higher concentration of acid to be absorbed, calcium lactate exists in a more neutral pH and doesn’t need acid conditions to work. Furthermore, it is essential for the health of the nervous system as well as transmission of nerve impulses. However, calcium is considered to be likely safe for people only when taken in recommended dosage. It may lead to some unwanted minor side-effects like belching and gas.

There are online testimonials about Orchic PMG. What is being reported includes the following:

  • Helped with mood

  • It may be better for hypogonadism


4) Orchic PMG Claims

  • It features calcium lactate which is more likely to be absorbed by the body than other forms and doesn’t require acid conditions in order to work
  • Vegetarian and vegan males can follow this treatment
  • There are few to no side-effects reported by consumers

5) What You Need to Know Before Taking Orchic PMG

  • Producer doesn’t have a customer 24/7 support, money-back guarantee or international shipment policy
  • None of the manufacturer claims were FDA tested
  • Further scientific research is required for this product

6) Orchic PMG Cost

Found by bottles that contain 90 tables, Orchic PMG is often viewed as an affordable product. Because the suggested daily dosage is of one table per meal, with water, a bottle can last for up to three months of treatment. Although the manufacturer directly distributes the remedy from its official website, there is no international shipment attached. Because of this, people who are outside America should order this supplement from their local or other online suppliers. It should be mentioned that the price may vary from supplier to supplier and people should properly search for the one who’s the best cost-effective.


7) Orchic PMG Serving Size

However, Orchic PMG also features calcium lactate. This represents a soluble calcium salt that is generally naturally bioavailable and eventually changes into calcium bicarbonate after chemical step. In comparison to other forms of calcium that are less water-soluble and need a higher concentration of acid so it can be absorbed, calcium lactate is present in a more neutral pH and doesn’t require acid conditions to be absorbed. Moreover, it is mandatory for the health of the nervous system and transmission of nerve impulses. Despite the fact that calcium is viewed as likely safe for people when taken in suggested dosages, it may lead to some minor side-effects such as belching and gas.

Bottom Line

8) Our Bottom Line

Created as a support for testicular functioning, Orchic PMG contains calcium mixed with a proprietary blend. It represents a dietary supplement designed for male-usage and it doesn’t have any mentioned side-effect by the manufacturer or people who have used it. It is advertised for its properties related to sustenance of metabolic efficiency as well as improvement on calcium absorbance, thus sustaining the nervous system. Although it treats no particular disease, it can alleviate symptoms of conditions related to testicular system.

There are some Orchic PMG customer reviews that state the need of further scientific research because it might be more suitable for something else than presented.

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I use A-F Betafood. 2 tabs per meal, and noticed bovine orchic extract in the ingredient list. Is this “safe” for me? I am female!