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Niacinamide B6 Review – 8 Reasons Why

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Niacinamide B6 is a dietary supplement claimed to support proteins, carbohydrates, and fats breakdown, which usually leads to the health of the nervous and cardiovascular system and supports metabolism and cholesterol. The company behind the product is Standard Process, a business founded in 1929 by Dr. Royal Lee who believed that the source of an ingredient is more important than the amount utilized in any type of remedy. This may be the reason why small amounts from whole foods can make the treatment worthwhile. The company manufactures three types of supplements: Whole Food Supplements, MediHerb, and Veterinary Formulas. Their clients seem to be satisfied with the services, since their formulas usually receive positive reviews.

According to the company, multiple nutrients coming from a variety of animal and plant sources were used to create this product. Vitamins and minerals were analyzed by microbiologists and chemist for assuring high-quality nutrients. Niacinamide B6 is claimed to be beneficial for the immune and cardiovascular system, due to two key ingredients Niacin(Vitamin B3) and Vitamin B6, which are both part of the B-complex family. Moreover, it is stated that the formula supports healthy cholesterol already within a normal range, metabolism and a healthy nervous system.


1) Niacinamide B6 at a Glance

Niacinamide B6 is based on niacin and Vitamin B6 which are nutrients that belong to the B-complex family. The B Complex is responsible for a several psychological processes regarding mental and physical health and also the overall well-being. Niancin is aessential to the respiratory system, and protein, carbohydrate, and lipids metabolism. It plays a significant role in treating high cholesterol levels and is used alongside medication to treat migraines, dizziness, and circulatory problems. Sugars and fats can’t function without this compound. It also contributes as a remedy for heart diseases.

The formula also contains Vitamin B6, which is an essential vitamin for the production of amino-acids, glucose and fatty acids. It plays an important role in generating new neurotransmitters such as Serotonin, Norepinephrine, GABA or Epinephrine. It is recommended to avoid consumption of alcohol during treatment with this supplement, as the combination may cause itching, burning, tingling, and redness.

What’s Inside?

2) What’s Inside Niacinamide B6?

Niacinamide B6 contains the following ingredients: Niacin, Vitamin B6, and a Proprietary Blend containing bovine liver, porcine stomach, calcium lactate, soy (bean), bovine spleen, ovine spleen, defatted wheat (germ), para-aminbenzate, porcine brain, and ascorbic acid.

3) Does Niacinamide B6 Work?

Niacinamide B6 is presented as a dietary supplement which targets immune and cardiovascular system. Its positive effects are based on two ingredients, specifically niacin and Vitamin B6 which are both a part of the B-complex family. There are responsible for a series of psychological processes regarding mental and physical health as well as the overall well-being.

Niacin is in fact a coenzyme essential for respiration, carbohydrate and protein metabolism, and synthesis of lipids. It is usually used for treating high cholesterol levels and alongside medication for migraines, dizziness, and circulatory problems. It is needed for a proper functioning of sugars and fats within the organism and for cellular maintenance. Due to its quality regarding clotting, people with heart diseases may take advantage of this remedy. Levels of triglyceride in the body may also be improved. However, because it has no positive effect on fats, it is not recommended in treating high fat levels or high cholesterol.

Alcohol should be avoided by people following this treatment because the combination may cause itching, burning, tingling, and redness. Except for this, there are other minor side-effects that can be experienced, particularly on a short-term usage, and which include: dizziness, intestinal gas, stomach upset and pain in the mouth. As with most of the natural remedies, lactating or pregnant women are advised to see their personal healthcare prior to beginning taking it.

There are online customer testimonials about Niacinamide B6. What is being reported includes the following:

  • Helped me recover from a major heart-attack

  • After two weeks of usage, I definitely saw an improvement

  • Made my skin look better


4) Niacinamide B6 Benefits & Results

  • The price of the product seems to be affordable
  • A number of testimonials is available, the majority supporting its great value for money and effectiveness


5) Niacinamide B6 Product Warnings

  • You can’t order from the manufacturer’s website if you don’t live in the USA
  • The supplement has several possible side effects.


6) Niacinamide B6 Cost

Introduced on the nutritional field in 1949, Niacinamide B6 is viewed by most of the people who have already tried it as an affordable supplement, specifically in comparison to similar others. Although its price may vary depending on the retailer, both the manufacturer and other distributors often offer discounts and promotions so that those with minimum wage can afford buying it. The daily suggested intake is of one capsule per day. Due to the fact that it comes packed in bottles that feature 40 capsules each, one is sufficient for approximately one month and one week of usage if the recommended intake is not exceeded.

How To Take

7) How to Take Niacinamide B6

There are also some possible mild Niacinamide B6 side effects such as dizziness, intestinal gas, stomach upset and pain in the mouth. You are advised to consult a healthcare practitioner before starting to use this product, especially if you are pregnant or nursing. The daily dosage should be one capsule per day, or as directed.


8) Conclusion

Niacinamide B6 includes in its formula Niancin and Vitamin B6, plus several other animal and herbal extracts. These ingredients may be able to support the health of cardiovascular system, immune system, energy production and other important functions of the body. Vegans and vegetarians should not use this supplement, as it contains animal extracts. You can only order from the manufacturer’s official website the product if you live in the USA, but there are other online retailers that sell it. Testimonials posted online position this supplement as highly effective with minimum to no side effects.

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Marcelo S. Caesar

I’m lucky because I found these.. They really make my life easier and better!

John F.Green

I’ve been taking this supplement because I have a high blood pressure and I have to say that I’m quite satisfied with them although in the first week i didn’t notice a great change.