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Natural Calcium Powder Review – 7 Facts You Need to Know

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Natural Calcium Powder is a supplement meant to improve our bone health and ensure the human body’s good functioning. According to the manufacturer, this product outweighs its competitors through the increased bioavailability of the active ingredients, making it easier for the body to assimilate the Calcium it contains.

Virtually everyone can benefit from this supplement; smokers and heavy drinkers are prone to not absorbing sufficient Calcium through their diets.

People recovering from accidents that involve bone damage such as fractures often require a Calcium supplement to speed up healing. Some people have Calcium deficiencies that need to be dealt with.

The manufacturer that offers Natural Calcium Powder is Lifestream, a company based in New Zealand that produces many health supplements. They claim to focus on quality, not making profits, and their products’ prices can be relatively low.

Unfortunately, they do not ship all of their products everywhere, so customers might need to try finding an alternative distributor for their products.


1) Quick Overview

The active ingredient in Natural Calcium Powder is red algae extract from Lithothamnium Calcareum. This plant’s medical properties have only recently begun being explored, and there is little research available on it so far.

From the research that we could find, we can conclude that the benefits of this seaweed are extensive: it contains large amounts of bioavailable Calcium (more so than in Calcium carbonate, the ingredient typically used in health supplements), it has high levels of iron and magnesium and even contains some vitamins, such as vitamin D that increases the effectiveness and absorption of calcium intakes.

Although the manufacturer uses some research on Lithothamnium Calcareum to back up their product claims, they provide no information regarding their actual product, Natural Calcium Powder.

Although we can assume that the excipients for this product do not significantly reduce the active ingredient’s efficiency, having access to research or testing results significantly improves its believability.

What’s Inside?

2) What’s Inside Natural Calcium Powder?

Natural Calcium Powder contains Premium Lithothamnium calcareum sea-vegetable.

Pros & Cons

3) Natural Calcium Powder: Pros and Cons

  • The amount of Calcium contained in the product is more easily absorbed by the body;
  • Product considered safe for all age groups;
  • No side effects or counter-indications associated with the product;
  • The manufacturer’s online page offers a secure and easy ordering interface.

4) What You Need to Know Before Taking Natural Calcium Powder

  • There is no evidence of research regarding this particular product, only its active ingredient;
  • The manufacturer makes no clear statement regarding return policies;
  • Not all products can be ordered to any locations, in some cases you might need to find a third-party distributor for their products;
  • Due to the manufacturer being based in New Zealand, shipping can be quite pricey.

5) How Much Does Natural Calcium Powder Cost?

Each bottle of Natural Calcium Powder includes 100g of product. Each should be enough for approximately one month for the average user.

This product can be purchased from numerous retailers for an average price. Compared to similar products, it is slightly more expensive.

How To Take

6) How to Take Natural Calcium Powder

The recommended daily dosage depends on the age group and condition of the person taking it. This product is considered safe for all age groups.

Adults should take 1-3 capsules, or one teaspoon of powder daily, pregnant or breastfeeding mothers should take 2-4 capsules or ¾ – 1& ½ teaspoons of powder and children should be administered between ¼ and ½ teaspoons of powder daily.

Bottom Line

7) Our Bottom Line

The amount of health supplements out there that claim they can outperform competitors is shocking, but a product seems to live up to their statement once in a while.

Natural Calcium Powder is based on a different type of ingredient than most other calcium supplements available on the market. It offers a more natural means of supplementing our daily mineral intake.

As well as this product might perform, it is still preferred that people get their daily intake of minerals and vitamins from a balanced diet, rather than supplements and medication. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and regularly consuming fresh fruit and vegetables can provide various health benefits for the human body.

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Jeremiah L.

I trust Lifestream as a good, quality manufacturer of dietary supplements. This is not the only product I purchase from them, and I’m always left satisfied.

Cadence kane

I’ve been taking Calcium for a long time now, ever since high-school since I was training to become a professional athlete. I really enjoy this organic certified formula, particularly for its high bioavailability and absorption capacity.