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Memorex IQ and Memory Boost Review – Is it Effective?

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Memorex IQ and Memory Boost promotes optimal mental performance and is advertised to deliver improved attention and learning capacity. Specifically, the effects of the formula as mentioned by Blooms Health Products include improved memory retention and word recall, improved rate of learning new information, improve attention span and mental clarity and assistance with mental performance during stressful situations.

The formula is manufactured by Blooms Health Products, an highly innovative Australian company founded over for 75 years ago, in 1936. The company manufactures and markets a large number of health supplements from blood boosters to nutritional wellbeing foods to sleep, stress and anxiety remedies.

The formula is recommended for adults who wish to prevent age related cognitive decline or provide their brain with the nutrients necessary during mental challenging periods. According to the manufacturer, Memorex IQ and Memory Boost is also a free gluten, yeast, milk derivatives, lactose, artificial color, flavor and preservatives formula, which makes it a good choice for people with allergies or looking for a natural product.


1) Memorex IQ and Memory Boost at a Glance

Memorex IQ and Memory Boost is combination of two powerful herbal ingredients (Ginkgo Biloba and Bacopa Monnieri) and two amino-acids (Tyrosine and Taurine). The product promotes optimal brain performance and is claimed to deliver improved attention and learning functions.

Tyrosine is an amino acid used by cells in the process of protein synthesis. Additionally, Tyrosine is part of the synthesis process of the neurotransmitter Dopamine, a central player in the brain’s reward and punishment system, behavior and cognition, working memory, mood regulation and learning process. Dopamine is also linked to experiencing the feelings of pleasure. Tyrosine is hence commonly used against depression, attention deficit disorder (ADD), attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), anxiety and mood regulation.

Bacopa Monnieri or Brahmi is an Ayuverdic medicine dating back to ancient India. Today, its popularity among herbal supplements producers has increased, being used for its potent brain tonic qualities. Scientific research shows it has the ability to increase mental alertness, focus, recall and memory and to promote mental relaxation. Although considered generally safe, its use may cause increased bowel movements, nausea, dry mouth and fatigue.

Nutrition Facts

2) Memorex IQ and Memory Boost Nutrition Facts

Memorex IQ and Memory Boost includes the following ingredients: Extracts equivalent to dry: Ginkgo Biloba (Ginkgo) leaf 3 g (3000 mg) standardized to total Ginkgo flavonglycosides 14.4 mg and Ginkgolides and Bilobalide 3.6 mg, Bacopa Monnieri (Brahmi) whole plant 3 g (3000 mg) standardized to bacosides 67.5 mg, Taurine 500 mg, and Tyrosine 50 mg.

3) Does Memorex IQ and Memory Boost Work?

Promoted as a combination of two herbal ingredients that have been previously used in similar natural supplements, Memorex IQ and Memory Boost also contains two amino-acids: Tyrosine and Taurine. The product has been advertised to improve cognitive performances while delivering enhanced attention and learning functions. As it’s been previously stated, one of the ingredients that have been used for this product is Tyrosine.

Evidence has shown that Tyrosine represents an amino acid used by the cell in the protein synthesis processes. Also, Tyrosine takes part in the production of a neurotransmitter called Dopamine which is a central player in the brain’s punishment and reward system, as well as cognitive, behavioral, mood regulation, working memory and learning processes. Therefore, Tyrosine has been commonly used for attention deficit disorder, anxiety, depression and mood regulation. However, consumption of Tyrosine-based remedies may lead to some unwanted side effects, including heartburn, fatigue, nausea and diarrhea.

Another compound utilized in Memorex IQ and Memory Boost is Bacopa Monnieri, also known under the name of Brahmi. This plant has been used in Ayurvedic medicine since ancient times. Nowadays, its popularity relies on its brain tonic qualities and has been utilized in a large variety of natural supplements. Studies have shown that among its beneficial effects, there are: the ability to increase alertness, recall, memory and focus. Even though this herb is considered to be safe, its use may lead to nausea, fatigue, bowel movements and dry mouth.

Unfortunately, there are no online available customer testimonials. Hence this product cannot be considered effective.

If you want a top-tier nootropic with effective memory ingredients and customer testimonials, you can try Opti Nutra Mind Lab Pro or NooCube. These two nootropics offer memory benefits and more.


4) Memorex IQ and Memory Boost Claims

  • Standardized extracts of Ginkgo Biloba and Bacopa Monnieri, used in clinical trials and proven effective and safe;
  • The formula has no added gluten, yeast, milk derivatives, lactose, artificial color, flavor or preservatives.

5) Memorex IQ and Memory Boost Product Warnings

  • No consumer reviews available online;
  • Potential drug interactions of Ginkgo Biloba, including caffeine related side effects;
  • Potential diuretic effect of Taurine.

6) Memorex IQ and Memory Boost Cost

Sold at an average price both on manufacturer website as well as other online or offline retailers, Memorex IQ and Memory Boost represents an affordable product. People can purchase it by bottles containing sixty capsules. A bottle is sufficient for twenty days of treatment.

If you want to have a full 30 days worth of tablets, we recommend trying nootropics like Neurozan.

How To Take

7) How to Take Memorex IQ and Memory Boost

The recommended dosage is 1-2 capsules daily. There are no consumer reviews available online. No side effects, precautions or drug interactions warnings are issued either.

Bottom Line

8) Our Bottom Line

Memorex IQ and Memory Boost is a dietary supplement based on combination of herbs and amino-acids advertised to provide optimal brain performance with direct impact on learning and memory. Consumer reviews lack making it impossible to get patients opinions on effectiveness and potential side effects experienced.

However, given the ingredient list which includes two of the most popular brain function herbs, Ginkgo and Bacopa Monnieri, we are inclined to say the formula will probably work for most consumers. However each patient is different and the effectiveness of a drug depends on more than its ingredients. The ingredients have been associated to side effects and drug interactions may occur, it is therefore our recommendation that you seek specialized advice prior to starting treatment.

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Jean C. Scheidt

The ingredients of this product are all natural, that’s why it’s one of my favorite formulas, the clarity in memory is unmatched.

Annie Kaonga

Where can I find it?


Where can I find this because I need it for my son whose studying. How do I get it here in Pretoria. Valhalla


Is this medication help for people who have brain damage


I would like to try it despite it not having been proved conclusively. At least it contains natural ingredients.How does one get hold of the products in S.A. Maybe provide me with a company I may order it from.


Why is this product discontinued, I have a very bad memory and was looking forward to trying this product however have tried all over Johannesburg SA to find it but have been advised that it has been discontinued?? if this is the case why was it discontinued?

Iulian (Editor)
Reply to  Zee

We did some research and Memorex IQ and Memory Boost was indeed discontinued and the official website is currently down. We don’t know the reasons behind this decision but it might have something to do with a trademark infringement as there are several other similar dietary supplements named “Memorex.”

ikem Oscar

I think the product will go a long way to improve the IQ’ s of the consumers. Pls how can i get it. I do sometimes have a short memory of recalling things after reading.

Paul Edoka

Please, Kindly revert back to me if children from age two (2)upward can be administered with this drug. Thanks.

Iulian (Editor)
Reply to  Paul Edoka

According to the product label, Memorex IQ is only recommended for adults. You should request the opinion of a pediatrician before considering giving this dietary supplement to children.

Paul Edoka

My thought is that. It’s a good thing that knowledge is increasing. I hope that it will reflect on humanity.


Is Memorex IQ and memory boost now in Nigeria?

Iulian (Editor)
Reply to  mary

Memorex IQ and Memory Boost is no longer available. This dietary supplement was discontinued. If you are still interested in a brain supplement for memory, focus, attention, and overall better cognitive skills, you can check some of the top brain supplements we have reviewed so far.

Hope this helps!

Kenneth Orgwu

I am a Nigerian. I live in Nigeria. My aged father has Alzheimer disease. I think we need Memorex IQ and Memory boost if you have it around Nigeria. We need it, pls, kindly reply our message to enable us get the product.

Thank you.

Kenneth Orgwu
Port Harcourt, Nigeria.


How long does memorex takes to start working. I know each individual is different .