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L.A. Naturals Kava Review – Is it Effective?

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Kava is advertised as a dietary supplement that is manufactured in the form of a liquid herbal extract and is designed to support people in achieving a state of relaxation by offering a calming and focusing effect for the mind and also provides emotional support.

The company that developed and manufactures this formula is called L.A. Naturals and is a business that currently produces professional strength liquid herbal extracts and is located in New Mexico, United States. They prefer to make health products in the form of liquid herbal extracts because this form is more bioavailable and more effective that the equivalent in pills. All these tinctures are developed by a medical herbalist that comes with more than 30 years of experience and thousands of patients treated. All the ingredients used by this business are certified organic and either come from wild harvest or selective import, either way there are no GMO sources or traces of pesticides.

Kava is made without using any ingredients that come from animal sources and thus is vegetarian friendly. Kava is also made in FDA registered and approved facilities that adhere to the most strict manufacturing guidelines as to ensure a true quality.


1) Kava at a Glance

Like the other health products manufactured by this company, this one also presents itself in a liquid herbal form and is based on the healing properties of one herb.

A plant called Kava is the only active ingredient this formula has and is a plant from which the root can be used for its therapeutic effects and can be transformed in medicine. Currently, there are some concerns regarding the safety of this plant because its use has been associated with liver disease and, in some cases, even death; countries like Canada, Switzerland, and Germany banned this plant from the market. Besides these safety concerns there also is evidence that indicates this plant as having a positive effect with several health issues that affect the nervous system. Some people claim that this ingredient is effective with health issues like anxiety, stress, restlessness, or even sleep problems; there also is some evidence that states is effectiveness with depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, migraines, or deficit-hyperactivity disorder.

The manufacturer lists a warning for pregnant and nursing women not to use this formula, the core ingredient has also been associated with negative effects over pregnant and nursing women and children as well.

Nutrition Info

2) Ingredients of Kava

Kava contains the following ingredients: Selectively Imported Vanuatu Kava Kava Root, Grain Alcohol (50-60% by volume), and Deionized Water.

You can also find Kava kava as a single ingredient in Natrol Kava Kava.

3) Is Kava Right for You?

As with most of the other products that come from this manufacturer, Kava is a herbal dietary supplement that is based on the healing capacities of one plant.

The only active ingredient present in this formula is a plant called Kava, which is a South Pacific native herb with has a root that can be used to make medicine. There are serious safety concerns regarding this plant because in many cases liver damage and even some deaths have been linked to its use. Some countries like Switzerland, Canada or Germany have banned it from markets. However, there is evidence that indicates this plant as being useful with several conditions that affect the nervous system but also presents some other general health benefits. Some people have used this herb to help with health issues like stress, anxiety, restlessness, and sleep problems; it also is said to be efficient for attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder, depression, migraines, or chronic fatigue syndrome. This plant can also be applied directly to the skin as to help with skin diseases like leprosy or to promote healing.

This formula is not to be used by pregnant or nursing women because it has reported harmful effects and also the core ingredient arouses the concern of affecting the uterus.

There are online testimonials about this supplement. What is being said includes the following:

  • My experience with this product was a positive one, but I heard a lot of adverse effects that can manifest.

4) Kava Claims

  • This formula is said to provide both mental and emotional balance.
  • The liquid herbal form is more effective and bioavailable.
  • The producer uses FDA approved facilities that adhere to strict standards.
  • The core ingredient is selectively imported and is certified organic.

5) Precautions of Kava Use

  • There are several safety concerns regarding the core ingredient.
  • Pregnant or nursing women are not to use this formula.

6) Kava Price

This product is available for purchase in the form of a one-ounce bottle that comes equipped with a dropper that aims to help with precise dosing. The manufacturer lists the recommended dosage as being of 30 to 60 drops of formula that are to be taken in water or juice, two or three times per day, this product is also said to provide a month’s supply. The price of this formula is a medium, affordable one, but it can slightly vary because the manufacturer does not directly sell it and purchase has to be made through online retailers, which may also have different shipping cost associated with this formula.


7) Kava Directions

A one ounce bottle is the form in which Kava is commercialized and comes at an affordable price and a one month supply.

Bottom Line

8) Our Bottom Line

Kava appears to be a potent, but somewhat risky health product, due to the safety concerns regarding its main ingredient. The main ingredient is an herb that is said to be effective with anxiety or depression and is obtained through selective import and also is certified organic. The manufacturer chooses to sell this product through retailers and thus there are no free trials or money back guarantees available. The price is affordable and one container aims to provide a month’s supply at the recommended dosage of 30 to 60 drops two or three times per day and is to be taken in water or juice.

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