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Immutol Review – Is it Effective?

By Robert Rivera

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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One of the important ways to live a healthy lifestyle is by strengthening our immunity.

The basics of immune strengthening include having a clean diet, getting regular exercise, and having high sleep quality. Another way is by taking immune boosing supplements like Immutol.

Immutol claims to strengthen our innate immune system in “very specific ways.”

We’re not sure what they meant by the last line, but we’re eager to find out. Is Immutol a bonafide immune booster?

Read our Immutol Review to find out.


1) Immutol Quick Facts

  • Immutol is an immune system booster.

  • The dietary supplement is sold under the Immunocorp label, a Norwegian company located in Oslo.

  • The key ingredient in Immutol is a patented form of Beta Glucan, a compound believed to possess incredible immune boosting qualities.

  • Each capsule of Immutol delivers 375 mg of what the manufacturer describes as “the most potent natural immune-supporting substance on the planet”, namely the Norwegian Beta-1,3/1,6-Glucan.

2) The Company Behind Immutol

Immunocorp exclusively sells the products developed by the parent company SanaPharma. The company was founded in 1998 by a team of immunologists, scientists, and business professionals.

Their website showcases supplements formulated mainly to do two things: strengthen immunity and support healthy aging.

Their products feature ingredients that are not just high quality, but also made with sustainability in mind.

Contact information:

  • Email: info@immunocorp.com
  • Phone: US & Canada: 800-446-3063
    International: +1 562 3443630
  • Mailing address:
    2340 Mira Mar Ave.
    Long Beach, CA 90815

3) What Are Immutol Ingredients?

The single-ingredient formula contains a patented form of Beta Glucans called Norwegian Beta Glucan.

Beta Glucans are a type of glucans that has immune boosting effects. They can be extracted from various sources such as the cell walls of fungi, bacteria, algae, yeasts, lichens, or some plants such as oats and barley.

They are generally used to boost immune function in patients who suffer from some STDs, chronic fatigue syndrome, or those who have gone under radiation or chemotherapy treatment.

These substances are also used to treat cancer sores, lower cholesterol, or reduce diabetes symptoms, prevent infections after surgeries, and treat various skin conditions (including eczema, dermatitis, wounds, or burns).

Clinical trials in humans have confirmed the positive results obtained in vivo and in vitro studies. The immune boosting benefits of Beta Glucans are incontestable and there were no adverse reactions of oral intake identified.

Immutol’s beta-glucans theory on immunity is backed by sound science, but if you prefer a mushroom blend that combines homeopathic theory, we recommend checking our Congaplex review.

4) Does Immutol Work?

Beta Glucans have quite a history as an immune boosting ingredient. Mushroom supplements fly off the shelves mainly because of beta glucans while most “wellness” products include beta glucans in some form.

As far as studies go, the results do seem promising for beta glucan supplementation and immunity. However, we’re just not sure if 750 mg is enough for all the claims.

We did see a few studies use 500 mg and 750 mg for specific heart ailment, but other studies suggests taking upwards of 2 grams for immunity benefits and other claims. [1]

Perhaps it’s because of the extraction process and how there’s no regulated or standard way to get high quality beta glucans. Regardless, we think the future of beta glucans as an immune booster is promising.

Health Benefits

5) Immutol Health Benefits


  • High quality source of beta glucans
  • Scientifically-backed immunity booster
  • Holds potential for other health benefits

Where to Buy?

6) Where to Buy Immutol

Immutol can be bought from their official webstore, Amazon, and other online retail stores.


7) Immutol Cost

  • 1 bottle (30 servings, 60 capsules): $53.95
  • 3 bottles: $129.48 (20% discount)
  • 6 bottles: $226.59 (30% discount)
  • 9 bottles: $291.33 (40% discount)
How To Take

8) How to Take Immutol

As a dietary supplement, take 2 capsules up to 3 times daily as needed with meals.

Final Thoughts

9) Final Thoughts on Immutol

Immutol appears to be a top-quality formula based on a patented form of beta glucans recognized for its immune boosting effects.

Beta Glucans are believed to improve the body’s defense system due to their ability to interact with certain types of white cells and improve their abilities to fight against external threats.

The only drawback we see is the cost per bottle. However, the online store seems to reward bulk purchases with up to 40% off, making one bottle cost around ~$32.00 instead of $53.95.

The discount still doesn’t make it any cheaper than some of its competitors, but if money isn’t an issue then Immutol might be just for you.

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I have used Immutol for 8 years. I have to say it is amazing. I am 72 now and haven’t had a cold or any illness for all these years. My friends and family are amazed and have started using it too. It is an amazing product.

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Arla Leonard

Immutol has helped heal me twice from surgeries. It’s helped heal bronchitis, heal bones faster, cleared up a sore throat and stopped a gravelly voice(over night). Helped a person get into and out of bed, after 1st dose. Helped him walk on his own, without a cane or wheelchair. Took swelling down and took away the pain in foot, within a few hours, from taking first dose. Immutol does so much!


A secret miracle worker! Cured prostate cancer in an 86 year old lifetime friend! His wife started taking it for her hip and eyesight and showed improvement. I am now taking to help my chronic bronchitis. Will report back results