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Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite Review – 10 Facts to Consider

By Robert Rivera

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Weight loss is the most popular health topic and with good reason. It’s way too easy to gain weight nowadays and it takes too much effort to lose it.

There are many ways to lose weight and one of them is by taking weight loss supplements (sometimes called fat burners) along with proper diet and exercise. However, not all fat burners are the same and Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite aims to standout among its thousands of competitors.

What’s inside Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite? Does Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite work? Read our Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite review to find out.


1) Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite at a Glance

Supplement giant Iovate Health Sciences Inc. is the company behind Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite. They market Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite under the popular brand MuscleTech.

Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite is a weight loss supplement uses caffeine anhydrous and green coffee extract.

The green coffee extract and caffeine anhydrous accelerate your metabolism exponentially. As a result, all of the body’s functions are stimulated, ahead with digestion and energy production.

2) The Company Behind Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite

MuscleTech was launched in 1995 and is currently one of the most recognizable brands in the supplement industry.

Their roster of athlete and celebrity endorsers include famous NFL player Rob Gronkowski and Hollywood A-lister and Superman actor Henry Cavill. They currently market to over 140 countries.

They sell all sorts of fitness supplements and gear. For the supplements, their bestsellers are:

  • MuscleTech NitroTech
  • MuscleTech Amino Build
  • Muscle Tech Iso Whey Clear
  • Muscle Tech Shatter Pre-Workout
  • MuscleTech Grass-Fed 100% Whey Protein

How to contact MuscleTech:

  • Contact Form: https://shop.muscletech.com/contact-us/

3) What Are Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite Ingredients?

The key ingredients in Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite are Caffeine anhydrous, Green coffee extract, Coleus extract, Cocoa extract, Theanine, and Yohimbe.

Caffeine is the most popular stimulant in the supplement industry because it’s really cheap to make. It wakes you up and gets you going real fast.

About 100 mg is equivalent to one cup of espresso or brewed coffee, so the 270 mg we have here is almost three cups of coffee per serving.

In the context of a fat burner, it only makes sense to take this much caffeine since a hard workout follows after, but outside of a good workout, the dose is too much.

Green coffee extract is a powerful fat burner thanks to its chlorogenic acid content. Chlorogenic acid triggers fat burning processes, which boosts the body’s metabolism during and after exercise. Coleus works in a similar fashion to Green coffee.

Theanine is meant to offset the side effects associated with caffeine intake, but the 100 mg may be too small as most supplements carry caffeine and theanine on a 1:1 proportion.

Cocoa extract is included for its theobromine content. It’s been shown to work as a fat burner like caffeine in how it supposedly energizes by burning brown fat aka the stubborn fat.

Yohimbe is another stimulant meant to be taken with caffeine. The combination boosts energy expenditure during exercise, but experts caution on the dose as yohimbe can induce palpitations and temporary hypertension.

Other inactive ingredients include: Capsule (Gelatin, Titanium Dioxide, FD&C Red No. 40, FD&C Blue No.1), Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide, Microcrystalline Cellulose.

Check out our Cytogenix Laboratories Xenadrine XT review if you want a fat burner with sage leaf extract.

Health Benefits

4) Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite Health Benefits

  • Formula includes ingredients backed by science when it comes to weight loss
  • Contains close to no chemical additives.
  • Almost all of the ingredients are natural plant extracts.
  • Lots of energy and focus
  • Guaranteed to help you power through heavy reps and sets

5) Is Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite Safe for Everyone?

We advise against taking pre workouts or fat burners with too much stimulation, especially if you have a heart condition.

Caffeine at 270 mg + Yohimbe at 56 mg can create an environment where your heart would beat too fast and cause hypertension.

If you ever feel that any supplement is doing something unintended or harmful, cease intake and seek medical attention.


6) Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite Product Warnings

  • Cannot be used by children or people under medication.
  • Cannot be used by people with a history of liver, kidney or heart conditions.
  • Side effects are almost certain with consumers not accustomed to caffeine.
  • Hard to wean off, especially when reaching the full dosage.
Where to Buy?

7) Where to Buy Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite

You can buy Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite in Amazon or their official webstore. It’s also available in many online supplement stores.


8) Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite Price

One bottle (100 capsules or 50 servings): $24.99

How To Take

9) How to Take Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite

To assess your tolerance, take 1 capsule, 2x daily for days 1-3. Once tolerance is assessed, take 2 capsules, 2x daily for day 4 and beyond.


10) Our Verdict on Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite

Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite is definitely an effective fat burner or weight loss aide, but it’s not the most powerful. In fact, it’s actually rather modest when we consider some of the bigger names.

The formula still works, but it’s bland to say the least. There’s only stimulation and that’s it. Other fat burners include appetite suppressants, fiber, nootropics, and even adaptogens for a more holistic approach to weight loss.

Regardless, we still think it’s a good weight loss supplement, but there are better ones out there at a more attractive price.

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