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HPF Cholestene 600mg Review – Is it Effective?

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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HPF Cholestene 600mg is based on the therapeutic effects of the read yeast rice extract in supporting healthy cholesterol levels. It is offered as a custom formulation by the American manufacturer Healthy Origins. The company has been established in 1996 and has been developing dietary supplements ever since. All their products are marketed as customized to best suit the needs of the customers and based on high quality ingredients provided by the most reliable suppliers.

HPF Cholestene 600mg is offered to adults over 18 years old who are concerned with maintaining proper cholesterol levels already within normal limits, as part of a well-developed cholesterol management plan. For maximum efficiency of the formula a healthy diet and exercise program must be followed. The active substance is based on a blend of a type of bacteria and read yeast. Research shows that red yeast is effective in promoting HMG-CoA reductase inhibition (the enzyme responsible for cholesterol production).

HPF Cholestene 600mg does not benefit from a full description from the manufacturer. Essential information concerning the full benefits, drug interactions, dosage recommendations and other warnings about the formula can be accessed and learned by consulting other sources. However, the accuracy of this information can only be verified through extensive research or preferably by consulting a specialized practitioner.


1) What is HPF Cholestene 600mg?

HPF Cholestene 600mg is a single active ingredient formulation.

It is based on a common plant extract (rice) mixed with the Monascus Purpureus yeast. This blend was traditionallyused within the Chinese medicine as a cholesterol reducing agent and to improve blood circulation. The main concern about this extract is the presence of a statin-like chemical, called monacolin K. Statin drugs are prescription medications that can only be purchased at the doctor’s recommendation. Monacolin K resembles lovastatin, the main active substance featured by these drugs. This led to a large number of disputes between researchers, FDA, and red yeast rice manufacturers. FDA has banned several products based on the extract and ordered the withdrawal of all formulations containing monacolin k off the nutritional supplements market. Red yeast rice based supplements available on the market today are supposed to lack monacolin.

However, it is impossible for the consumer to verify this information as the substance is not usually listed on the label. The most severe side effects reported include acute muscle pain and kidney problems. Common, but rare adverse reactions may appear as headaches, heartburn or stomach discomfort. A recommended daily intake has not been established.

HPF Cholestene 600mg is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women, people who suffer or suffered from liver disease, and people undergoing or recovering from surgery. Long-term use of red yeast rice supplements has not been evaluated in terms of safety. Although the supplements featuring this ingredient are advertised as natural products, the consumer should keep in mind that current clinical research has not managed to determine its extensive effects on the human health.


2) What Are HPF Cholestene 600mg Ingredients?

HPF Cholestene 600mg contains the following ingredients:Red Yeast Rice (from traditional fermentation of Monascus Purpureus Went), and gelatin.

If you prefer a yeast-based probiotic, check out our Florastor review.

3) Does HPF Cholestene 600mg Work?

HPF Cholestene 600mg is based on a traditional Chinese medicine used to lower cholesterol, improve blood circulation and alleviate symptoms of digestive conditions. Red yeast rice is obtained through a fermentation process that involves a type of yeast called Monascus Purpureus and red rice. The new compound contains a chemical, monacolin K, with a similar action to that of statin medications (prescription drugs designed to lower LDL levels and reduce the risk of heart disease).

Monacolin K has a similar structure to that of Lovastatin, the main active ingredient of certain prescription drugs. This has generated a lot of controversy among researchers, some claiming that all products based on this substance should be classified as prescription medication, and not dietary supplements. FDA seems to support this theory (and has asked that any dietary supplement is featuring Monacolin to be taken off the market), but read yeast rice based supplements can still be purchased from the outside USA without a prescription. The significant risks associated with the use of such supplements include severe muscle problems (rhabdomyolysis) and kidney damage. Mild side-effects may also occur in the form of a headache, gas, dizziness, heartburn or bloating

The presence of other important substances including isoflavones and phytosterols increases the potency of the formula. These are researched elements attributed with multiple benefits, including in maintaining and improving cholesterol profile. Studies involving red yeast rice lean towards validating the cholesterol-lowering benefits. Most of the clinical trials were made on the Cholestin form which is currently unavailable in the US. Drug interactions should also be considered, including those with anticoagulants, cholesterol-lowering medication, Co-enzyme Q10 and various drugs prescribed for liver affections.

The manufacturer warns against the use of HPF Cholestene 600mg by pregnant and nursing women or patients with a history of liver disease, organ transplant recipients or those who have suffered any surgery in the last two months. The product should be immediately discontinued in case of muscle pain or tenderness, particularly if accompanied by symptoms of flu.

There are testimonials posted online about HPF Cholestene. What is being said includes: Consumer Lab says the measured amount is only 443 mg instead of 600 mg/cap as stated on the label/ I have ordered this for my husband, it is working perfect for him/Cholesterol level is down since taking this product, I am enjoying its benefits.

4) HPF Cholestene 600mg Benefits & Results

  • The key ingredient has been clinical shown to be effective in supporting healthy cholesterol levels
  • The manufacturer is experienced
  • The formula benefits of the consumers’ support in terms of effectiveness
  • Shipping charges for US orders are relatively low (for orders exceeding $100, shipping is free)
  • Discounts are offered by the manufacturer for larger orders

5) Precautions of HPF Cholestene 600mg Use

  • The manufacturer offers little details about this particular product (official information)/
  • It is uncertain if the formula contains monacolin (a substance only allowed as an ingredient of prescription drugs)
  • The product can be found at lower prices with other retailers.

6) How Much Does HPF Cholestene 600mg Cost?

The price for a month’s supply of HPF Cholestene 600mg is moderate. The manufacturer offers various discounts for higher quantities purchased (ranging between 10% and 30% from the base price). However, the product can be ordered online from numerous retailers, for lower prices. The manufacturer ensures international delivery for all its formulations. Free shipping is guaranteed for US orders exceeding $100. Shipping taxes for US orders are relatively low and depend on the delivery method chosen by the client. International shipping charges are not disclosed.
Online transactions on the official page are secured. No money-back guarantee or free trial seems to be available at the time of this review.

How To Use

7) How to Use HPF Cholestene 600mg

The suggested dose of HPF Cholestene 600mg is 2 capsules twice a day, with food.

Bottom Line

8) The Bottom Line – “Does it Work?”

The formula offered by Healthy Origins is advertised to be a safe and effective support for those interested in rapidly decreasing cholesterol rates and maintaining optimal levels of this essential lipid. Unhealthy eating habits and reduced amounts of physical exercise resulted in a general tendency of dangerously high cholesterol levels, increasing the risk of severe conditions like atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, stroke, and heart attack.

The active substance featured here has been used for hundreds of years to normalize and maintain cholesterol within tolerable limits. Available studies also seem to support the benefits of this extract, but they also revealed an increased risk of severe adverse reactions which should not be treated lightly.

Although consumers seem to appreciate the formula, people should not lose sight of the fact that the FDA has forbidden the use of monacolin in the composition of over-the-counter supplements. The manufacturer of HPF Cholestene 600mg does not specify if their formula includes such a compound (including this ingredient on the label is not mandatory). Our advice is to take special precautions before using the formula (preferably consult a healthcare professional). The treatment should be immediately discontinued if the consumer experiences any adverse reactions.

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Jeff Ruedy

On September 9,2022 my total cholesterol test was at 266 with my LDL (bad cholesterol) at 179 even after losing 28 lbs. and weighing 205lbs. My Dr. wanted me on a statin so I told her to give me three months and retest me. She agreed. I have never been on any cholesterol lowing meds in my life, am 55 years old and knew I needed to get my cholesterol under control because I hadn’t been under 225 in three years. I researched all cholesterol lowering supplements on Consumer Labs (who actually test supplements for accuracy and whether they contain what a company SAYS they contain) and Consumer Labs tested and had Cholestene red yeast rice that contained a monacolin K as approved and as their top pick. I decided to take Cholestene for the next three months until my December 7 cholesterol test. My concern in taking a prescribed statin was the side-effects that came with them, especially the muscle aches, weakness and joint pain. So, I took two Cholestene pills with my morning or noon lunch then took two pills at dinner for a total of four per day. Sometimes I forgot to take two in the morning so I would just take three at bedtime instead. The only side-effects that I got were headaches right away that would go away within an hour. This lasted two weeks then I never got headaches again. I got slight stomach upset with these pills too but solved that quickly by taking them with a big meal instead of snacks. My December 7,2022 cholesterol tests came back and I had a 168 total cholesterol and 100 LDL. All of my other tests came back normal too. I talked to my Dr. and she was amazed and wondered how I did it. I told her have been taking Cholestene and that it contained a monacolin K. I also told her I wanted to get liver and kidney function tests done and she agreed. They both came back normal too. This has been a great discovery for me and have no current muscle weakness or pain of any sort after three months. Jeff R.

Title for your comment
Lowered Total Cholesterol 98 points in three months.
Have you tried this product?
Patty Wells

I have been using this product for almost a year now. It really does work. Only wish the dose was only two pills per day instead of four.

Title for your comment
good product
Have you tried this product?
patricia puleo

I have been taking this for over 10 years. My heart doc talked me into taking a statin prescription drug recently. I tried it for 3 weeks and began to get the most awful muscle and joint pain. I discontinued it, and went back on Cholestene and I am fine. Cholesterol is down as well. I am a 74 year old yoga teacher.

Title for your comment
it works
Have you tried this product?
Mellissa S.L.

This product has been a life savior for me. I’ve always had high cholesterol, but no matter what I did, no matter how healthy I ate, it would still be high! It was very discouraging for me to find that after all the effort my blood tests were still not good. So I spoke to my doctor who said that red yeast rice may be an effective alternative, but I would have to be very careful about the potential side-effects. I was lucky and didn’t experience any of them, because the formula worked! I have been taking this formula for over a year now, and I feel better than ever. And I have my latest blood tests to prove that!

Michael Adams

After finding out that I had increased cholesterol levels (240 mg/dL) I started to document on natural ways to lower my cholesterol. I read about the powerful benefits of the red yeast rice and decided to try such a product. So I asked my doctor about this particular formula which seemed to be one of the most popular among consumers. He said that I could try this natural remedy, but stop taking other medication I was prescribed for this condition. So after 4 months of using HPF Cholestene 600mg, my cholesterol is down at 170 mg/dL and I am very satisfied with how it worked. And I did not experience any of the listed side effects I had read about. Great formula!