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Good Mood Enhancer Review – Is it Effective?

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Good Mood Enhancer is an amazing product introduced by Dr. King that can be used as a temporary relief for irritability, insecurity melancholy, timidity, minor mood swings, apathy, over-sensitivity, discontent, fatigue and many more. If you are stressed out at office, school, and home or with fiends and even in a relationship, this amazing stress releaser will help you in many ways as you always wanted to be and dreamt of. Mental and emotional well-being is part of a healthy body and therefore combating against stress is vital.

This amazing product is available in the market for a very reasonable price of $19.99 which is way cheaper than the other products that are also ineffective in the market. The product can be delivered to the door step within 2-3 working days and the customers are allowed to call customer care department in case the product did not work as expected in 90 days.

The product is very user-friendly and easy to use. Initially, depress the pump of the bottle until primed and then hold it closer to the mouth and spray. It is recommended to use this product 3 times a day and additionally as needed depending on the situation. The recommended usage for children between 6-12 years is 2 sprays per day.


1) Details on Good Mood Enhancer Ingredients and Uses

Good Mood Enhancer contains the following ingredients: Anacard or, Avena, Cinchona, Phosphorus, Tabacum. Other: Neurotransmitter Complex. Essential Oil: Coriander, Ylang ylang. Flower Essences: Agrimonia eup., Nemophila men., Borago off., Rosa cal., Capsicum ann., Carpinus bet., Larix dec., Delphinium nutt., Zinnia eleg.

2) What Does Good Mood Enhancer Do?

There is very little information on this product. The formula contains rather unknown ingredients, and the manufacturer fails to provide enough information on each ingredient.

Good Mood Enhancer can be effective in treating seasonal affective disorder (SAD). This remedy is advertised as a pleasant enhancement to any experience and particularly useful for developing comfort in social settings, and approaching problems with optimism.

It is important to point out, once again, that these claims are not backed up by any relevant clinical studies or trials. The lack of testimonials is also concerning. This formula has been on the marked for many years already, and that makes the limited information and the lack of reviews even more concerning.

Furthermore, Good Mood Enhancer has been associated with some side effects, including anemia, debility, affections of the lungs, diarrhea or constipation. If such problems occur then, it is important to stop using it.

If you prefer a more traditional approach to mood-enhancing formulas, especially in using more “popular” ingredients, we recommend checking our Brain Pharma Happy Pills review.

Health Benefits

3) Good Mood Enhancer Health Benefits


  • This amazing product can combat against your stress and will certainly reduce depression and stress levels to a satisfactory levels and is a temporary relief of symptoms of melancholy, nervousness, minor mood swings, over-sensitivity, apathy and many more.
  • Good mood Enhancer can trigger mental and emotional well-being
  • Combats against depression and intense stress levels
  • Is offered at a cheaper and a reasonable price


4) What You Need to Know Before Taking Good Mood Enhancer

  • Is ineffective when the symptoms are not diagnosed and when the conditions vary from that of the normal conditions.
  • Not recommended for pregnant and breast feeding mothers.
  • Is not recommended for use for children under 6 years of age.
  • Bio-Energetically enhanced pure water, potassium sorbate and citric acid are considered to be inactive ingredients.

5) Good Mood Enhancer Price

Good Mood Enhancer is sold in the form of spray in 2 ounces (59 ml) bottles. It is an inexpensive product. It can be purchased directly from the manufacturer or various online retailers. Shipping costs will depend on your physical location.

If you prefer to chew on anti-stress gummies, you might like Olly Goodbye Stress.


6) Good Mood Enhancer Serving Size

This amazing product is made of precious ingredients such as Tabacum, Essential Oil, Zinnia eleg, Rosa cal, Flower essences, Avena, Neurotransmitter complex, Avena sativa, Cimicifuga racemose, Cinchona Officinalis, Ignatiaamara, kali bromatum, larix decidua and many more. The product is able to combat against SAD and is helpful for developing comfort in social setting and approaching problems with optimism. The potencies includes equal volumes of each in 10X, 30X and LM1.

Does it Work

7) Bottom Line – Does It Really Work?

As per the details, reviews and comments of satisfied customers and users, the product can be considered to very effective. If you are a victim of high stress levels and is depressed of the situation, try using this amazing product introduced to the market at a reasonable price. As mentioned above the product is made of precious and valuable ingredients that are considered to be the best stress combaters. Reduce your stress levels and enjoy your work, school and family life more happily and joyfully. Don’t let stress let you down. Use Good Mood Enhancer to fix the mood.

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If I was hanging out with fiends, I would definitely need this.

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