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Fish Oil 1000mg Review – 8 Things To Look For

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Fish Oil 1000mg is a product designed to improve overall health, focusing on the cardiovascular system. It is advertised as a supplement that reduces the risk of coronary heart disease by reducing cholesterol levels, it lowers blood pressure for people suffering from hypertension and it’s also supposed to maintain cell membrane flexibility. This makes it a very helpful supplement for all ages, both for people wanting to maintain their health and those who want to improve it.

This product was developed by Pharmavita under the brand name Nature Made; this brand aims to provide customers with top value at minimum prices. It is a very popular company in the US, being one of the leaders in the supplement industry when it comes to quality standards.


1) Fish Oil 1000mg Quick Facts

Fish Oil 1000mg is based on fish oil, a substance that is known for its Omega-3 content. This formulation is supposed to help improve cardiovascular health, while also providing benefits to various other organs in the body.

Omega-3 fatty acids are usually composed of EPA and DHA, both of which have various positive effects on the human body. There has been ample testing conducted on these fatty acids and results are very positive for people that consume fish oil or fish oil supplements. These substances stimulate blood circulation and reduce blood pressure. They also reduce the risk of clotting and heart attack. Unfortunately, the claim that it maintains cell membrane flexibility in the heart are not entirely backed up by medical research, but the benefits provided by consumption of fish oil are still considered extensive.


2) Details on Fish Oil 1000mg Ingredients and Uses

Fish Oil 1000mg contains: Fish Oil Concentrate, Gelatin, Water, Glycerin, Tocopherol, Fish (Anchovy, Sardine), Soy. It may also contain: Methacrylic Acid Copolymer, Triethyl Citrate, Polysorbate 80, Propylene Glycol, Ethylcellulose, Sodium Alginate, Medium Chain Triglycerides, Oleic Acid, Stearic Acid, Ammonium Hydroxide, and Talc.

3) Does Fish Oil 1000mg Work and it is Safe?

Fish Oil 1000mg is based on the health-sustaining properties of the essential omega-3 fatty acids. The manufacturer states that this formula delivers more EPA and DHA than most experts recommend for heart health.

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for the proper functioning of the body. However, the body cannot produce them on its own, so they must be obtained from the diet. Fish Oil and fish meat are excellent sources of omega-3 fatty acids. These lipids play a role in the development of the body as we are young, especially in the elaboration of the brain. Several studies showed that those babies who receive more omega-3 fatty acids from their mother when they are breastfed appear to have higher IQ levels than those who receive less.

Most pharmaceutical companies, however, use omega-3 fatty acids in dietary supplements for the purpose of supporting the dieter’s cardiovascular system and joints. Regular intake of these lipids can help lower cholesterol and maintain the triglycerides levels in the blood within the normal range. The action of omega-3 fatty acids supports the overall cardiovascular system, including the heart.

The suggested dosage is three soft gels daily, with meals.

There are testimonials posted online about Fish Oil 1000mg:

  • I love that the capsules are small and easy to take

  • I did not experience any unpleasant aftertaste or odor

  • I really like this product

  • Good value

Pros & Cons

4) Fish Oil 1000mg: Pros and Cons

  • Attested use in reducing blood pressure and stimulating blood circulation
  • Money-back guarantee, regardless of the retailer from which you purchase the product
  • Manufacturer is considered among the top producers of supplements in the US
  • Affordable product, a month’s supply costs roughly $14


5) What You Need to Know Before Taking Fish Oil 1000mg

  • Some of the product claims are not supported by medical research
  • Product can be dangerous for people taking certain types of heart medication
  • Purchasing directly from the manufacturer is not possible
  • There is no free trial possibility for this product


6) How Much Does Fish Oil 1000mg Cost?

As are most fish oil supplements, Fish Oil 1000mg is inexpensive. It is usually sold in bottles of 150 soft gel capsules, enough for 50 days at the suggested dosage. The price-per-unit is very low.

Although you cannot purchase this supplement directly from the manufacturer, you should visit their website. They provide an interesting store locator application to aid you in finding a retailer suitable for your needs.

Suggested Use

7) Suggested Use

It is recommended that people taking blood thinning or blood pressure medication, as well as anti-inflammatory drugs, avoid taking Fish Oil 1000mg. The daily recommended dose for this product is three capsules, with a meal.


8) Conclusion

Fish oil is considered a generally beneficial substance, which makes Fish Oil 1000mg a safe choice for most people that want to improve their circulatory system, provided they respect the indications given by the manufacturer and medical professionals. This does not mean that taking this supplement will forever keep you safe from coronary disease; regular doctor visits are necessary, regardless of how well we take care of ourselves.

Customers that have tried Nature Made’s product report that they were very satisfied with Fish Oil 1000mg. Most of them had reduced blood pressure, and some even experienced less problems with varicose veins.

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David L. Thompson

Nature Made Fish Oil contains a very large amount of omega-3 fatty acids which worried me at first. But after consulting my doctor and taking the softgels for several weeks, I started noticing improvements in my circulation. However, I have tried more expensive products that seemed to work better in my case.

Kay R. Robinson

I like this supplement because it is effective and contains larger amounts of omega-3 fatty acids. And it is also one of the cheapest products available.