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Evo Evo Review – Is it Effective?

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Evo is advertised as a brain enhancer designed to take your brain to the next level in terms of concentration and focus, short-term and long-term memory capacity, mental clarity, and energy levels. The name, origin, and history of the manufacturing company are not revealed.

Evo brain formula is promoted as a clinically proven supplement that features only high quality natural ingredients. Evo ingredients are not specifically indicated. On the official site there is only a reference to the large number (over 20) of active nutrients with proven brain boosting benefits that work synergistically to promote optimal cognitive performance. However, the fact that there is no complete list of ingredient raises a first big question mark, and should determine the consumer to try and further research this product or get specialized advice before purchasing it.

Evo is very aggressively marketed as “a pill of awesomeness” able to produce “futuristic like” results, which we think are overstatements not backed up by valid data or scientific information.
The formula is addressed to people over 18-years-old who are not currently under medication (MAO inhibitors, anti-psychotics, warfarin, non-prescription drugs like Vitamin E or Ginkgo Biloba, etc.) and do not suffer from certain conditions (some of which mentioned on the product’s page).


1) Evo at a Glance

Although we could not find a list with all the active ingredients of Evo, we were able to identify two of the nutrients included in this supplement.
One of them is the popular substance known as coffee. The substance is extracted from a fruit of a species of plants known as Coffea that was discovered in the 17th century. The main species used to provide most of the coffee fruits today are Arabica and Canephora. After a long process of processing which implies the drying of the fruits, the final product is obtained. The product is mainly used to create an energizing drink which is consumed worldwide in large quantities. However, coffee has been shown to possess numerous other qualities that make it an important substance for humans. It is considered a very powerful antioxidant that is very easily absorbed. The chemicals in coffee seem to have a very good influence on stress levels, helping the mind and body to relax and overcome stress. Powerful anti-depressive and anti-cancerous effects were also attributed to this amazing substance. And least, but not last, coffee e may improve athletic performance by increasing fatty acids absorption in the blood stream which allow the muscles to use the excess fats as fuel during intensive workouts.

Scientists have issued numerous statements regarding the real benefits noticed in people who consume caffeine products (coffee drinkers particularly) on a regular basis. For example, it has been stated that people who drink several cups of this drink daily have an 80% lower risk of developing Parkinson’s disease or cirrhosis, 20% lower rates of developing colon cancer, and a 10% lower probability of getting depressed. A huge number of studies have been conducted in order to determine the therapeutic effects of the substance in humans.
Studies involving caffeine products are numerous, but so far inconclusive. The use of caffeine as an Alzheimer’s disease treatment is also currently investigated in numerous clinical trials.

Nutrition Facts

2) Evo Nutrition Facts

Evo contains the following ingredients: unavailable.

If you prefer a nootropic that offers transparency, give our Neuriva review a read.

3) Does Evo Work?

A complete list of the active ingredients of Evo is unavailable at this moment. The few mentioned nutrients are bee pollen and Caffeine.
Bee pollen is rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, and lipids and has been considered for many years now as a multi-beneficial substance. It is used to treat affections like alcoholism, allergies, respiratory problems (asthma), skin problems of all sorts, digestive conditions, and improve athletic performance. However, at this moment, there is still no sufficient evidence to back up any of the health claims attributed to bee pollen. The substance can cause however some severe allergic reactions that may result in death if left unattended (anaphylaxis). Bee pollen is not safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women and may increase the risk of bleeding if combined with blood-thinning medication (including Warfarin).

Caffeine is one of the most consumed substances on the planet and is used for both medical purposes as well as a drink for its energizing properties. The active chemicals from caffeine have been shown to provide numerous health benefits, but there is still insufficient evidence of it being an effective treatment for any of the conditions it is currently recommended for. Caffeine is used to prevent cognitive decline and alleviate symptoms of degenerative diseases, improve memory, protect the eyes, detoxify the liver, reduce symptoms of depression, and improve erectile function in men. Caffeine is believed to influence the levels of Dopamine, increasing the amounts of this neurotransmitter in the brain. Dopamine is responsible for how the body reacts to certain emotions and sensations of pleasure and pain. High levels of dopamine are usually associated with increased sense of well-being and balanced mood. Researchers believe that because of this connection, caffeine is an addictive substance. Caffeine is also known to increase the Adrenaline levels which result in enhanced alertness and energy. The main side-effects of Caffeine based supplements are the sleep disturbances and jitters.

Evo is not recommended for patients with a known conditions (epilepsy, hypotension, bi-polar disorder, etc.), and particularly those under prescription medication, OTC drugs (including blood thinners), MAO inhibitors, or anti-psychotics.

Evo reviews are mostly available on the official page of the formula. We could find some testimonials on other sources, but unfortunately, these were not supportive of the formula, most claiming that this is merely a Placebo with no other benefit than the mild energy boosting effect.


4) Evo Claims

  • A lot of information about the formula’s benefits is available on the official page
  • The product benefits of a large discount and several other offers for orders of multiple bottles

5) What You Need to Know Before Taking Evo

  • There is no indication of the formula’s side effects
  • We were unable to find a complete list of ingredients
  • The marketing campaign for the formula is rather aggressive but unsuported by clear evidence of the formula’s potency
  • Some consumers claim the ineffectiveness of the product and even its placebo-like effect.

6) Evo Price

Evo formula is sold directly through the official site in bottles of thirty capsules that provide the necessary supply for a month when used in the suggested dosage. The formula does not come at a low price. In fact, the basic price is very high, but currently, there are several offers available that make this supplement a more affordable alternative.

The product seems to come with a money-back-guarantee, but it is not clear whether the refund is available for a 30 or a 90 days period. The return policy refers to the first order and excludes shipping and handling taxes, and a $5 restocking fee Customers should carefully read all the terms and conditions before ordering this formula. No free trial is available at this time.

How To Use

7) How to Use Evo

Evo’s suggested use is 1 capsule per day. The manufacturer recommends a regular use for at least two weeks to start experiencing the real benefits of the formula.


8) Our Verdict on Evo

Evo is a brain formula advertised as a very potent, fast-acting, all natural, and doctor formulated supplement. Its benefits are numerous as the product targets to maximize several brain areas including focus, concentration, memory and recall, and mental clarity. The formula was created in 2006 by a scientist whose name is not disclosed, in the attempt to help “a close family member” suffering from cognitive problems. Later on, several other researchers were added and developed this cutting edge formula which was released in 2012 in a limited supply.
However, the official page advertises this product as a very popular supplement, we were unable to find conclusive Evo reviews, particularly positive ones that could validate the manufacturer’s quality and high potency claims.

In our opinion, the main disadvantage remains the fact that there is no list of active substances provided by the manufacturer. More so, when trying to access any of the links on the official site, we are immediately sent to the product’s ordering page, which becomes rather disturbing at some point.

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John McC

Oh my! I tired this stuff for about three weeks and the only thing I noticed was that I was falling asleep at my desk in the afternoon and at 5 o’clock I couldn’t wait to get home so I could close my eyes and rest. No energy boost, no jumping out of bed in the morning, no help in the long and short term memory area. The 30 day, 100% satisfaction guarantee is a farce. I decided to return the product, called the company, and was told by the rep and her supervisor that I had to have the product back to them in 30 days in order for the guarantee to be valid, not inform them within 30 days. I called 28 days after I placed the order and was told I didn’t have enough time to get it back to them to fall within the 30 day trial period so my request for reimbursement was denied. I read the guarantee on the ad to them verbatim but was told to look someplace else where the guarantee was more specific. So, I’m out $100.00 because I was somewhat convinced that the stuff might work and if it didn’t, I’d get my money back, “no questions asked.” Well there was one question asked, “Why are you returning the product.” Then after that they were truthful in that they didn’t ask me any more questions . . . they told me that because the product was not back to them within 30 days after placing the order they would not refund my money. Needless to say, I hung up on the supervisor tired, I forgot his name, was $100.00 poorer, and extremely frustrated. Oh, he was helpful in the sense that he did say that he would help me return the three unused bottles but that I would not receive any refund for them. DO NOT BUY THIS STUFF!

Vivienne J.

Evo is a great memory boosting supplement which has helped me get through my finals much easier than before. I was able to learn new information much faster, concentrate better, and recall what I had much easier. This did not happen when I tried other products. I love the formula!

Adam Simon

I tried the formula out of curiosity and I must say I am not sorry for doing so. This is a very good energy boosting supplement and has helped me feel more alert and sharp at work. It effects also last the whole day, making me more efficient. I think the formula is worth the money and I will continue to buy it.