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Calcium Lactate Powder Review – 8 Reasons Why

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Calcium Lactate Powder is advertised as a dietary supplement capable of supporting calcium and magnesium absorption in the human body. Among its main promoted features, the generally noticeable ones support normal enzyme synthesis and functioning, maintaining healthy cell membranes by increasing their permeability and determining beneficial bone remodeling and density.

The manufacturers of this remedy are called Standard Process, a company established on American territory in 1929. Their remedies are categorized into three major lines: MedHerb, Standard Process Veterinary Formulas, and Standard Process whole food supplements.

They also claim that their manufacturing processes and labeling system are according to GMP certifications, but the Food and Drug Administration has verified none of these statements.

Based on the positive effects of calcium on the human body, Calcium Lactate Powder is also thought to support the immune system. Because calcium is of high importance for normal bodily processes, adequate calcium levels have become a matter of concern for people with incomplete and harsh daily dieting.

Mixed with physical activities, this calcium intake can reduce risks of osteoporosis for people who are more than twenty years of age.

Standard Process used for this remedy soluble calcium lactate forms that are extracted from a non-dairy source.


1) Calcium Lactate Powder Quick Facts

Relying on a combination of Calcium and Magnesium, Calcium Lactate Powder should provide the required daily amounts of these components for people who usually have poor diets.

Its most important functions are maintaining a normal enzyme synthesis, supporting blood coagulation, and enhancing the membranes’ permeability, thus improving functions directly linked to cell membranes.

One of the remedies’ ingredients is calcium. The body utilizes this for various reasons, of which the most reliable are its role in heartbeat regulation and muscle contraction and the support provided to the skeletal system.

Also, some clinical studies conducted by specialized researchers in the past decades revealed that this mineral has beneficial effects for the central nervous system and blood clotting. Because of this, Calcium deficiencies generally lead to significant health diseases and issues such as osteoarthritis.

Thus, it is of high importance to diagnose the possible lacks in due time and try to treat them with supplementation or by changing the diet.


2) What Are Calcium Lactate Powder Ingredients?

Calcium Lactate Powder includes the following ingredients: Calcium and Magnesium.

3) Does Calcium Lactate Powder Work?

Proceeding from a mixture between Magnesium and Calcium, Calcium Lactate Powder should offer the required daily intake of these ingredients for people who have poor diets.

Its core functions are based on maintaining a proper enzyme synthesis, supporting coagulation of the blood, and increasing membrane permeability, thus improving cell membranes’ functions.

One of the two remedies’ components is calcium. The body uses it for a wide array of reasons. The most important is its role in regulating heartbeat and muscle contraction and the skeletal system’s support.

Additionally, some studies conducted in the past decade showed that this mineral possesses beneficial effects on the central nervous system and blood clotting.

Due to this feature, Calcium deficiencies usually lead to serious health issues and diseases like osteoarthritis. That is why it is essential to diagnose the lack in due time and treat it with supplementation if not by changing it.

In comparison with Calcium carbonate, this particular form of calcium is easily absorbed by the body. Thus its benefits are superior to other types like carbonate or ascorbate.

However, exceeding daily recommended intakes of calcium is in itself a concerning matter. People tend to exaggerate when they realize they have a deficiency, which is why some drawbacks like belching or gas may immediately kick in.

There are online consumer testimonials about Calcium Lactate Powder. What is being reported includes the following:

  • Excellent to take to fall asleep;
  • Works well for muscle aches and stiffness.

4) Calcium Lactate Powder Claims

  • Compared to other forms of Calcium intake like ascorbate and carbonate, Calcium lactate is more easily absorbed by the body;
  • The manufacturers had a broad experience on the nutritional market since their beginning in 1929;
  • Calcium Lactate Powder has been on the market for more than twelve years.

5) Calcium Lactate Powder Product Warnings

  • No free sample;
  • None of the manufacturers’ claims have been FDA approved, even though they claim to be following GMP certification.

6) How Much Does Calcium Lactate Powder Cost?

Introduced on the market in 2000, Calcium Lactate Powder comes in a powder that can easily be mixed with water and other drinks like tea.

The standard bottles contain twelve ounces, which are the equivalent of three hundred and forty grams. Because of this, a bottle is usually sufficient for approximately thirty days of treatment.

People may purchase this product on average prices on both the Standard Process website and other offline and online retailers. However, it is essential to keep in mind that the manufacturer doesn’t offer international shipment.

Thus if you’re outside the United States, you may want to browse your local online retailers.

How To Use

7) How to Use Calcium Lactate Powder

Compared to Calcium carbonate, this specific form of calcium is more easily absorbed by the body. Hence its benefits are usually superior to forms such as carbonate or ascorbate.

But at the same time, exceeding daily recommended levels of calcium is in itself a matter of concern. People tend to exaggerate when they notice that they have a deficiency, and some drawbacks like gas or belching may suddenly kick in.


8) Our Final Take On Calcium Lactate Powder

Concern related to Calcium deficiencies from last decades determined manufacturers to design some supplementation forms that can fill these gaps.

A remedy that tries to do this is Calcium Lactate Powder, which uses an excellent absorbable form of calcium that comes as a powder people can mix with drinks like water or tea.

The supplement focuses on improving the muscular and skeletal system, thus representing an alternative to medication usually recommended for osteoporosis.

The manufacturers also state that they are using the suggested Magnesium and Calcium intakes. Still, customers should properly follow label dosages to avoid excess, which leads to gas, belching, or even more severe issues.

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Kathryn N. Wilson

My physician suggested this product after I had cancer surgery and a knee replacement… It works.

Steven A. Smith

My chiropractor recommended calcium lactate for muscle aches and stiffness in our hips during and after long walks and hiking. We take it daily and have only a little, if any, discomfort anymore.