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Brain Storm Elite Review – Is it Effective?

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Brain Storm Elite is a nootropic supplement advertised to “drastically boost cognitive function by increasing memory recall abilities and focus.” Unfortunately, there is very little information online regarding the manufacturer or this overall formulation. The official website adopts a cartoon-like theme with blue-colored storms as the background and an animated font style. While this may not seem relevant, we take nootropics very seriously and would appreciate it if supplement companies such as Brain Storm Elite did the same.

Going back to the formula, Brain Storm Elite promises better focus, enhanced brain performance, increased vitality, and better long and short term memory; all these without making use of potentially dangerous ingredients such as caffeine and other similar stimulants.


1) What is Brain Storm Elite?

BrainStorm Elite is claimed to contain only natural ingredients with a proven background as powerful brain enhancers. Furthermore, these natural ingredients are claimed to be perfectly safe with no associated side effects to date.

The official website contains some interesting information as well. According to the manufacturer, BrainStorm Elite’s formula took years to develop, “and it has now been made to perfection.” The company also states that this formula has been tested on numerous different subjects with very good results, most subjects reporting significant cognitive improvements (better short and long term memory, better focus, more energy, better attention span).

Unfortunately, the full list of ingredients is not disclosed so it’s almost impossible for us to determinate if BrainStorm Elite can actually provide the claimed benefits.


2) Brain Storm Elite Ingredients

Brain Storm Elite contains the following ingredients: Panax Ginseng (400 mg),Vitamin B6 (10 mg),Vinpocetine (10 mg)

3) Does Brain Storm Elite Work?

According to the manufacturing company, BrainStorm Elite consists of natural ingredients that have not been associated with negative side effects to date. Plant extracts such as Ginseng and Vitamin B6 are known for having positive outcome effects on the brain and how efficiently it works as a systematic whole.

The official BrainStorm Elite website claims that the formula took years to develop, “and it has now been made to perfection.” The manufacturer also claims their formula has been tested on numerous different individuals, with more than encouraging results. However, no relevant documents are provided in order to support these claims.

Regarding BrainStorm Elite’s formula, the product does contain some well-known ingredients for brain supplementation. In fact, many of these ingredients are utilized in many other similar supplements as well, which means BrainStorm Elite is not that unique as the company claims. But this doesn’t mean the product can’t deliver.


4) Brain Storm Elite Claims

  • Claimed to improve focus and concentration.
  • Contains natural ingredients.
  • Some positive reviews available online.

5) Brain Storm Elite Warnings and Precautions

  • Relatively expensive supplement compared to other similar nootropics.
  • The autoship feature can be frustrating for those customers that are no interesting in buying more than one bottle of product.
  • Full list of ingredients is not disclosed.
  • No money back guarantee and no free trial.

6) Brain Storm Elite Cost

Brain Storm Elite is quite expensive compared to other similar brain supplements, with the one-month supply price ranging from $50 to $100 on autoship. Please note that if you chose to purchase Brain Storm Elite directly from the official website, any order placed there will automatically sign you up for their autoship program (one bottle each month). The autoship can only be canceled by calling their customer support department.

Brain Storm Elite can also be purchased from 3rd party retailers such as Amazon. These retailers may offer some additional discounts.

If you want more bang for your buck, we think nootropics like Procera AVH is a better alternative.


7) Brain Storm Elite Serving Size

The recommended dose is one pill every morning, taken after breakfast. BrainStorm Elite can be purchased directly from its official website or from various 3rd party retailers (such as Amazon).


8) Our Final Take On Brain Storm Elite

While the manufacturer claims that BrainStorm Elite is one of the most powerful nootropics on the market, the supplement has received mostly mixed reviews and testimonials. In fact, our research team discovered some very negative reviews of this product.

BrainStorm Elite is an expensive nootropic, it’s price ranging from $40 to $100. We have no issue with a brain supplement being expensive, as long as the company can justify the asked price by offering high quality ingredients or powerful formulations that have been researched and proven to work. Unfortunately, we feel that BrainStorm Elite’s official website does not provide enough information on the formula.

Is BrainStorm Elite a good choice? It might be. However, we advise our readers to further research into the formula before making a purchase.

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