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A-C Carbamide Review – 8 Things You May Not Know

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Brought out on the nutritional field in 1946, A-C Carbamide was created particularly for supporting the fluid transfer through tissues. This means that it acts as a physiological diuretic that promotes the formation and excretion of urine, thus keeping a balance for the fluid levels in the body.

The business behind this product is called Standard Process and has been on the nutritional market since 1929. With a background that has more than eighty years in the experience section, its main office is located in the United States, but utilizing some retailers it manages to sell products worldwide. A particular feature of this company is that it has separated their products into three categories lines which have an effect on certain bodily areas and functions. These three lines are: Standard Process Veterinary Formulas, Standard Process whole food supplements and MediHerb.

In addition, Standard Process states that their certified microbiologists and chemist conduct bacterial andanalytictesting on each step of the production from raw materials to the finished product, thus assuring consistent quality and safety. On the other hand, these claims haven’t been researched or approved by the FDA.

Furthermore, they advise people following the treatment to keep their bottles tightly closed due to the fact that it tends to absorb moisture.


1) What is A-C Carbamide?

Due to the fact that water and other fluids usually pass through membranes of the cells in a process called osmosis and it is of high importance for the human body because it’s composed of 60-70% water, nutritional businesses have started creating supplements that help ease or enhance osmosis. One of these is A-C Carbamide.

On the other hand, before explaining what this product does, people should understand osmosis. The rate of this process depends on concentration, temperature and electrical charges one a side of the cell membrane. This movement is continued until the concentration from the other side achieves equality. If this balance is somehow interrupted, fluid either begins to accumulate in the bodily tissues or it is released outside abnormal rates. For example, sitting for a big period of time can cause fluid buildings in the foot and ankles.

Moreover, it is regarded as a blood buffer salt due to the fact that it represents the mixture between carbon dioxide and ammonia and it is capable of neutralizing acids in urea’s presence.


2) What Are A-C Carbamide Ingredients?

A-C Carbamide contains the following ingredients: Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Proprietary Blend containing carbamide, and arrowroot flour.

3) Is A-C Carbamide Right for You?

Because of water, as well as other fluids, usually pass through cell membranes in a process called osmosis and it is a critical feature when it comes to the human body because we’re composed of water in 60-70%, nutritional companies have started developing supplements to help ease or improve osmosis. One of these supplements is A-C Carbamide

However, before explaining what this product is good for, people should understand osmosis. Its rate depends on temperature, concentration and electrical charges one either side of the cell membrane. This movement continues until the concentration on the other side becomes equal. If this balance is interrupted, fluid either begins to accumulate in the tissues of the body or is released outside at an abnormal rate. For example, sitting for an extended period may cause fluid buildings in the ankle area and foot.
Furthermore, it is viewed as a blood buffer salt because it represents the combination of ammonia and carbon dioxide and it can neutralize acids in the presence of urea.

Therefore, this supplement features a set of ingredients which aim to enhance this fluid movement. Carbamide commonly known under the name of urea represents a physiological component of the tissue fluid as well as the blood. For it to properly function, sodium chloride and carbamide to that water output in sweat glands are encouraged. Despite the fact, the liver usually manufactures that, carbamide may also be taken in a supplementation form. Unwanted side-effects don’t usually occur while taking carbamide based supplementation.

There are online customer testimonials about A-C Carbamide. What is being reported includes:

  • Helped with NPH

  • Good product with proper results

Health Benefits

4) A-C Carbamide Health Benefits

  • No A-C Carbamide side effects were reported by the consumers and most of their feedback is positive
  • It is made by one of the oldest nutritional companies which has more than eighty years of experience
  • It specifically addresses kidney problems


5) What You Need to Know Before Taking A-C Carbamide

  • No international shipping or money-back guarantee policy
  • On the official website, there is no 24/7 client assistance for unsatisfied or potential clients
  • No manufacturer claim has been approved by the FDA


6) A-C Carbamide Cost

A-C Carbamide can be found for purchase either on official Standard Process web page or other online retailers. It comes in the form of capsules deposited in bottles with either 90 or 360 in number. The normal daily intake should be three capsules per day or as directed by a professional healthcare. However, people from outside America can’t order this product from the manufacturer website, and because of this, they have to seek it on other retailers where the price varies and may get pretty expensive. Overall it has an affordable price, especially when it comes to the 360 capsules bottles.


7) A-C Carbamide Directions

All in all, A-C Carbamide contains a set of ingredients that aim to improve this fluid movement. Carbamide known as urea is a physiological component found in tissue fluid as and blood. In order for it to function, carbamide and sodium chloride so that water output from sweat glands are encouraged. Although it is usually manufactured by the liver, carbamide can also be taken in a supplementation form if the people are experiencing liver problems. Unwanted side-effects don’t usually happen while following carbamide based treatment.


8) Our Final Take On A-C Carbamide

All in all, A-C Carbamide is a product that deals with various fluid output orabsorbencyissues therefore: promoting osmotic transfer of tissues, denaturing proteins that help reduce electrical water conductivity, thus improving kidney conditions. It is usually found at affordable prices and can be taken by anyone, even vegans and vegetarians.

It is recommended to keep the bottles very tightly closed due to the fact that the capsules usually absorb moisture. Despite the fact that no side-effects were reported and most of the client testimonials found online are positive, further research is required in order to determine its effectiveness on a general term, but until then, people can take this supplement without major concerns.

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Quillan Alderman

My kidney function was getting poor. My GLOM filtration rate was down to 60%. After taking A-C Carbamide 3 times a day for just 30 days, my kidney function returned to 93%! It has not been that good in over 3 years! I believe in this product!

Title for your comment
Improved my kidney function
Have you tried this product?
Luis Saltigerald

I have urine retention and just started taking A-C Carbamide. I hope this helps and can get rid of the bag!!! I believe in natural remedies

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Have you tried this product?
Russel C. Ray

It works !!! You never know when you order something anymore. My wifes ankles are not swollen in the evening after being on them all day. Finally found a good product without side affects.

Debra Fischer

All of Standard Process Suppllements are phenomenal!! I have used them for many years for many different ailments. All their products that go into these supplements are organic grown on a farm in Wisconsin. You can tour the plant – it’s amazing. The FDA is a joke I wouldn’t take these supplements if they endorsed haven’t ever watch the television ads for all the drugs they release that can cause more side affects then the original problem or death!! It’s ridiculous. I take A-C Carbamide for my gout and it helps to keep it under control and great for the kidneys!


I sprained my ankle very badly. Four days later, my ankle was still bruised and the swelling was still increasing. My chiropractor sold me a bottle of A-C Carbamide. I tool the recommended dose and went to bed. The next morning, 90% of the swelling was gone!!!!!

Ms. Diksa

i have had chronic edema in my ankles and up to my shins, for over 20 years. My chiropractor just prescribed this and for the first time – I have ankles!

Norma. George

Can this be used for very excessive sweating like getting drenched all over body

Kathleen Egbert
Reply to  Norma. George

Do you sweat excessively all the time,  or is it episodic?  Constant excessive sweating could be caused by being in an overly sympathetic nervous state.  My excessive,  intermittent sweats are caused either by malaria or babesia.  I don’t think AC Carbamide would work in my case for sweating caused by these (and I do know the product). I never had menopausal sweats.