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SP Green Food Review – Is it Effective?

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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SP Green Food is advertised as a homeopathic remedy that supposedly provides a simple way for people to deliver phytonutrients to their diet. It can be utilized as a support in the Standard Process Purification Program, meaning that further information can be found online about other remedies that can be taken in combination for extended results.

The company that creates and sells this supplement is called Standard Process and was founded in 1929 in Milwaukee. Its establisher is Dr. Royal Lee and he is generally referred to as the “Einstein of nutrition.” His experience in this field determines him to point out the importance of the ingredient’s source compared to the amount of each used in the products. The company also developed a specializes capillary health formula called Cyruta Plus.

SP Green Food was released on the market in 2000 and focuses on providing antioxidants, sustaining normal cholesterol metabolism and a normal toxin elimination. Its components are found as a derived from five different green-vegetable sources as an economical, simple and essential nutritional approach. It is suggested for people going through stressful periods in their lives or those lacking proper nutrients in their diets because of overly processed food or fast food consumption.It is important, however, to follow the label description accordingly.


1) What is SP Green Food?

Most of the times people go by the old saying “vegetables and health go together like peas in a pound,” which means that when one is present, the other usually follows. Because of this, a dietary deficiency is a result from insufficient vegetable usage which deprives the organism of nutrients and because of this processes like biological function or antioxidant defense are often affected. With these in mind, some nutritional businesses have started creating products meant to fill these gaps. SP Green Food is one of these and concentrates on offering help to people who don’t consume enough fruits and vegetables.

Nutrition Info

2) Ingredients of SP Green Food

SP Green Food contains the following ingredients: Dried Buckwheat (leaf and juice), Dried Barley (Grass, Juice) and a Proprietary Blend containing Brussels sprout (whole plant), kale (whole plant), and alfalfa powder.

3) Does SP Green Food Work?

Most of the times people say that vegetables and health go together like peas in a pod, meaning that when one is present, the other usually follows. Therefore, a dietary deficiency often resulted from insufficient vegetable consumption deprives the body of essential nutrient and processes like proper biological function, or antioxidant protection is often affected. Because of this, some nutritional companies have started developing products meant to fill these gaps. SP Green Food is one of these and focuses on people who don’t consume sufficient fruits and vegetables on a daily basis.

Contained ingredients are the foundation of this remedy. Among these, there is buckwheat. It is, in fact, a plant. People use its leaves and flowers to make flour. This powder can be used either directly in food like pancakes, noodles or bread or as medicine. From a medicinal point of view, buckwheat has a positive effect when it comes to improving blood flow by strengthening the veins and small blood vessels. Therefore, medical conditions determined by varicose veins and poor circulations can be prevented or treated. Although it seems safe for adults, on long-term usage of buckwheat supplementation there is an increased risk of sunburn that occurs.

Barley grass has chlorophyll. Thus it is often used to support detoxification of the organism. This means that for example toxins in the liver are eliminating and there would be an improvement in the bodily functions.

There are online customer testimonials about SP Green Food. What is being reported includes the following:

  • It has good results

  • Decreased cholesterol levels

Health Benefits

4) SP Green Food Health Benefits

  • SP Green Food can be taken by vegetarians, vegans and children with no side-effects on short-term usage
  • Most of the customer feedback is positive
  • Introduced in 2000, it has more than ten years of existence on nutritional market

5) SP Green Food Warnings and Precautions

  • No free samples offered by the manufacturer
  • Standard Process doesn’t have a 24/7 client support which is important to deal with unsatisfied or potential clients at any hour
  • On long-term usage it may cause increased sunburn risks

6) How Much Does SP Green Food Cost?

Introduced on the nutritional market in 2000, SP Green Food is distributed in bottles that contain 150 capsules. Because the daily recommended dosage is of three capsules, a bottle is sufficient for approximately fifty days of treatment if all goes accordingly. Overall, it is regarded as an affordable product, but there were some complaints related to the price which for some people seems to be quite expensive. However, when bought in larger amounts, both retailers and the manufacturer offer promotions and discounts to facilitate the customer’s decision. The producers provide no money-back guarantee. Therefore people should be sure they desire to follow the treatment before making the purchase.

How To Take

7) How to Take SP Green Food

Featured ingredients are the foundation of this supplement. An example of ingredient in SP Green Food is buckwheat,a plant. People utilized its flowers and leaves to make flour. This flour can be put either directly in food such as noodles, bread or pancakes or as medicine. When it comes to medicinal effects, buckwheat possesses a positive effect in enhancing blood flow by strengthening the small blood vessels and the veins. Because of this, medical conditions caused by varicose veins or poor circulations can be treated or prevented. Despite the fact that it seems safe for adults, on long-term periods with buckwheat supplementation, an increased risk of sunburn occurs.


8) Our Verdict on SP Green Food

SP Green Food is presented as a completion to a daily diet and it should offer reliable amounts of nutrients needed by the organism. It contains ingredients like buckwheat or kale that are plant extracts helpful for digestive, cardiovascular and nervous functions. A detoxification of the body may happen after two weeks of usage if it is followed accordingly. On the other hand, there can be some side-effects on long-term utilization and it is important not exceed the daily dosage of three capsules per day. Vegans or vegetarians may also take this treatment because it doesn’t have any animal traces, yeast, or artificial flavors. The product is also free of preservatives and added colors.

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Michelle M. Michaud

I’ve had some stomach pains lately. I guess it was all about the bad dieting cause since I started taking SP Green Food, I actually feel better.