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Schessler Tissue Salts Insomnia Review – Is it Effective?

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Schessler Tissue Salts Insomnia is a dietary supplement offered by Martin & Pleasance designed to help with restless sleep caused by muscle cramps, sciatica or inflammation. The company behind this supplement was founded over a century ago and mostly focuses on homeopathic medicine. They claim to use traditional manufacturing processes.
This formula is said to be suitable for everyone, even for infants. According to the manufacturer, supplementation with this it can prevent restless sleep and insomnia. Schessler Tissue Salts Insomnia is a dilute formula being a homeopathic product.


1) What Are Schessler Tissue Salts Insomnia Ingredients?

Schessler Tissue Salts Insomnia includes the following ingredients: Ferric Pyrophosphate, Potassium Phosphate, Magnesium Phosphate, and Lactose.

Other sleep supplements like ReDormin use hops and valerian in their formula.

2) Does Schessler Tissue Salts Insomnia Work?

Schessler Tissue Salts Insomnia includes equal amounts (6X) of the ingredients listed above. It is said to be beneficial in case of insomnia or restless sleep.

It is uncommon for minerals to be used in the management of inflammations, muscle cramps associated with insomnia. No scientific evidence suggests these ingredients can improve the quality of sleep in any notable way. However, the unproven ingredients are not the biggest concern surrounding this formula. Homeopathy, in general, is considered quackery by the medical community. Homeopathic formulas such as Schessler Tissue Salts Insomnia are very dilute. This particular product has a dilution of 3C, which means only one part in one million parts of the formula is likely to contain molecules of the originally dissolved minerals.

The whole theory is based on the water having a “memory” being able to remember all the substances which were dissolved in it and act as the full-strength ingredients. Moreover, they claim that the potency of a formula increases with dilution, an idea that contradicts pharmacological science, which shows that higher doses of an ingredient exert stronger effects. Scientists strongly disapprove their thoughts. They state that the mechanisms of action of homeopathic products are implausible as they contradict the universally accepted laws of nature.

The manufacturer recommends chewing four tablets daily as a maintenance dose. In the case of acute conditions, increase to 6 tablets daily, one every half an hour.


3) Schessler Tissue Salts Insomnia Price

Schessler Tissue Salts Insomnia is an inexpensive product. Each bottle contains 125 tablets which should be enough for approximately one month of treatment.

It can be purchased directly from the manufacturer or numerous other retailers. It is easy and convenient to buy the product from an online source. The price may be lower, and you may also be offered money-back guarantees. The delivering price should vary depending on your location.


4) Conclusion

Despite all the scientific data, homeopathy remains a popular form of alternative medicine. Even though such dilute formulas should offer no effect at all, many people report significant improvements in their health.

Unfortunately, we could not find enough positive testimonials online about Schessler Tissue Salts Insomnia for them to be taken into consideration.

Please note that homeopathy can be potentially dangerous. It is a high risk to take an unproven product in the treatment of a serious medical condition. According to the available evidence, highly diluted homeopathic products should not offer any result above placebo.

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