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ReDormin Review – 10 Points To Consider

By Dr. Usmarah Hussain

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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ReDormin is a popular dietary supplement that features a combination of herbal extracts to relieve sleeplessness and insomnia. Unlike other competitors, its formulation comprises two chief ingredients with powerful sleep-stimulating and regulating effects. As claimed by the company, the formula is suitable for teenagers over 12 years old and adults who suffer from sleeping problems and want to improve their sleeping patterns, regulate sleep patterns, and enjoy the benefits of uninterrupted, less agitated sleep.

What makes ReDormin different from its competitors? Is it affordable in the long run, and do user reviews recommend purchasing it? Find out all these details in this ReDormin review below


1) What is ReDormin?

ReDormin is a plant-based dietary supplement that uses two powerful ingredients of nature to regulate the sleep cycle and induce restful sleep at night. With ingredients like valerian root and hops, the supplement claims to cut down stress levels and reduce racing thoughts, leading to a positive effect on mental health. When the body is relaxed, it becomes easier for the mind to doze off and get a good night’s sleep.

As per the official website, ReDormin Forte is completely free from allergens, including gluten, wheat, yeast, and lactose. It is also vegan-friendly as it does not contain any animal extracts. The product can be safely taken by anyone over the age of 12 years. The company advises using it consistently for at least two weeks to notice the benefits.

2) The Company Behind ReDormin

ReDormin Forte is manufactured by a company called SFI Health – Home of Flordis. Based in Australia, the company aims to change people’s perspectives about natural healthcare for good. It is wholeheartedly dedicated to providing a range of well-researched medications and empowering its customers to take control of their health. SFI Health has been releasing various healthcare supplements since 2000 and aims to make natural medicine more accessible to everyone and ensure high product credibility through clinical evidence.

The company selects each ingredient very carefully and passes it through various quality checks before adding it to the final product formulation. It also pays attention to the cultivation, harvest, and extraction of their natural ingredient to ensure that the final product delivers the finest quality results. All formulations are well-researched, backed by science, created by experts, and distributed globally with high tolerability and good outcomes.

Nutrition Info

3) Ingredients of ReDormin

To understand if ReDormin is the right choice for you, it is imperative to explore its ingredients list. This sleep supplement primarily includes two active ingredients:

  • Valerian: Valerian is commonly used as an alternative medicine to reduce the severity of sleeping disorders. The plant may be used on its own or in combination with other substances for enhanced effects. Numerous clinical trials involving the Valerian extract have been conducted, confirming its excellent anti-anxiety and sedative properties, making it a potent remedy against insomnia.
    Other uses of this herb include its ability to reduce menopausal-related pains (headaches, hot flushes, or breast pain), psychological stress, stomach distress, nervous asthma, excitability, and migraines. Alternative medicine practitioners also recommend Valerian products to fight depression, ADHD, epilepsy, mild tremors, and chronic fatigue syndrome.
  • Hops: Hops is another popular remedy recommended against sleeping problems. Humulus lupus, as it is known to the scientific community, has been used as a natural anti-anxiety remedy for hundreds of years. The plant also possesses excellent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and can alleviate PMS symptoms, prevent the formation of cancerous tumors, protect against infections (including in HIV patients), promote weight loss, and protect the cardiovascular system. It is generally safe for adults when consumed in moderate doses. Minor side effects have been reported in the form of stomach distress, vomiting, and diarrhea.

4) Does ReDormin Work and is it Safe?

There are plenty of online testimonials about ReDormin that confirm its ability to deliver what it promises. Users report improvement in sleepless nights with minimal side effects. However, the reviews mention that it may take a few weeks for the supplement to fully deliver the benefits.

Health Benefits

5) ReDormin Health Benefits

As claimed by the official company, the following are the benefits of choosing ReDormin over other supplements:

  • The specific combination of active ingredients used in ReDormin has been clinically researched
  • The monthly price (1 bottle of 30 tablets) is moderate and can be afforded by most people
  • The manufacturer is a reputable company that manufactures several clinically researched supplements

6) ReDormin Warnings and Precautions

Keep the following pointers in mind before you invest any money in purchasing the ReDormin Forte sleep supplement:

  • There is no free trial offered by the company
  • There is no indication of the dosage of its active ingredients
  • The product may not be suitable for people with certain co-existing medical issues
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women must use it with caution
  • Valerian, one of the active ingredients in ReDormin, may interact with other medications (sedative drugs, including traditional antidepressants) and alcohol. The combination of these substances and the herb may result in increased side effects and unwanted reactions.
Where to Buy?

7) Where to Buy ReDormin

The best place to purchase ReDormin Forte is its company’s official website (flordis.com). It is also available at many other online stores; however, the company recommends practicing caution while choosing a platform to ensure that you get authentic products. For people living outside Australia, the company provides a list of distributors on its official website through which you can source this product.


8) ReDormin Cost

ReDormin is sold in 30 tablets packaging, which is the equivalent of a month’s supply. The price per pack is $45.95, which is a bit towards the pricier end. The formula does not seem to come with a money-back guarantee or a free trial sample. Moreover, the company is not offering discounts or bulk deals to make the product cost-effective in the long run.

How To Take

9) How to Take ReDormin

The suggested dose for ReDormin is 2 tablets daily before bedtime. The formula is recommended for adults and adolescents over 12 years old.


10) Our Final Take On ReDormin

ReDormin formula is claimed as a unique supplement that stands out due to the specific combination of ingredients clinically proven to improve sleep quality and relieve insomnia. The potency and safety of this supplement are also allegedly supported by the huge sales of the formula- over 300 million doses sold worldwide since 1996 when the formula was first released.

While the formula is claimed not to cause drowsiness, as with most sleep supplements, the manufacturer does not recommend its administration before driving a car or operating machinery. ReDormin is also claimed to lack allergens like gluten and lactose, making it suitable for a wider variety of people. However, due to insufficient and sometimes inconclusive research and scientific evidence, it is advisable to always consult a specialized practitioner before using this product.

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Joanna F.

I particularly enjoy this formula because it has a gradual effect and it really helps me sleep better. I also feel less anxious during the day, which makes me think that this is a complex and effective formula. Love it!

Michael F.

Since taking ReDormin I am able to get a full night rest (approximately 7 hours of continuous sleep), something that I have not been able to enjoy for several years now. I wake up completely rested and I have not experienced a single side effect so far. I will definitely purchase another month’s dose after I finish my first!

Reply to  Michael F.

Leave a comment……I totally agree. I have never had such a restful and peaceful sleep . I would recommend this anytime.

Lindiwe Mhlanga

I ditched my effective sleeping pill for Redormin. I have been taking it for 10 days and I do not see any change in the quality of my sleep. I take forever to fall asleep and get up several times at night. I doubled the dose once and I got some 5 hours of sleep. I also want to know if there are any side effects of overdosing and long term use of this product.

Pathiswa Sharmaine

I had been struggling to sleep for three months due to a severe stress and anxiety. Tried so many herbal products to fall asleep because I am afraid to be addicted. Consulted and sleeping pills was recommended and I stopped them in a short period of time because did not want to be addicted. Tried ReDormin by drinking 2 last week but I did not fall asleep. The next day I drank 4 and I slept 4 hours and I decided to take six on the third day and I felt good because I slept for nearly six hours which is good for me. My concern, is there an overdose or addiction in this pill since its plant or herbal. Thanks Patty


I like the product it has helped me sleep. Taken 2 tablets for the past 3 night. Told it takes 2 weeks to normalise sleep patterns. I feel a bit moody though!

Sandie Jonischkeit
Reply to  Liz

I’ve been taking this for three nights now and I alsl feel moody abd a little bit down


I take this only when I can’t sleep… and just 1 tablet causes me to sleep well but keeps me drowsy and ineffective for the rest of the day. I feel drugged… and i am a very busy person and feel incapacitated for a whole day… it’s a good relaxant but for ppl like me, who need to drive, it’s not good… unless I go for a holiday…


I’ve just used this last night and had only 1 tablet as an experiment and I was not only able to get to sleep quickly, but also slept like a baby. I woke up this morning extremely relaxed and without stress. However, I am not sure whether I should drive to work or not… Effective product.