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Phosphoricum Acidum Review – 7 Things You Should Consider

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Phosphoricum Acidum can be defined as a homeopathic medicine that allows the people to maintain their concentration in the direst of times. The concentration might be lapsing due to various reasons, the main one being too over worked, and Phosphoricum Acidum allows the person to go beyond that, and maintain their focus and their concentration. Thereby, ensuring that they will be able to do the work that is most important, without having lose precious time. Phosphoricum Acidum delivers results to the users relatively quickly. It is made by Boiron, a company which is known for its integrity and high quality products. The main constituents of this homeopathic drug is natural and therefore, people do not have to worry about any negative effects, relating to the use of this homeopathic drug, since this has been used since olden times.

Nutrition Facts

1) Phosphoricum Acidum Nutrition Facts

Phosphoricum acidum contains the following ingredients: Phosphoricum Acidum (30C). Inactive Ingredients: Sucrose Lactose.

2) Does Phosphoricum Acidum Work?

Phosphoricum Acidumis available in the markets as pellets and therefore is easy to administer to any child, it easily dissolve s under the tongue making the process even easier. Whenever the person fells that he or she is lacking concentration and the mind is wandering off to someplace else, he or she can take Phosphoricum Acidum in order to regain the concentration. The main constituents of Phosphoricum Acidumis natural, and therefore people do not have worry about any side effects relating the use of this product. Furthermore, Boiron, s a company which is well known for their integrity and quality of the products they manufacture, and the people have no reason at all to be backwards when using the product.


3) What Phosphoricum Acidum Does?

  • The main constituents are natural and therefore people do not have to worry about any negative effects.
  • The effects come relatively quick and therefore has the ability to be used in the direst times.
  • The price of the product is really cheap when in comparison to the benefits gained.
  • Can be given to anyone above the age of 2.


4) Precautions of Phosphoricum Acidum Use

  • Unsuitable for lactose intolerant people.


5) How Much Does Phosphoricum Acidum Cost?

The homeopathic medicine, Phosphoricum Acidumcan be found in the market at a very reasonable price, it is only $ 5.93 for a bottle of Phosphoricum Acidum30c which contains 80 pellets, or is $ 0.07 per pellet. Therefore, a bottle of Phosphoricum Acidumcan be used for a very long time and is really handy to have in every household to solve those problems of losing concentration when doing something important. The price of the Phosphoricum Acidum is really worth it, when compared to the benefits gained by it.


6) Phosphoricum Acidum Serving Size

Phosphoricum Acidum, is especially engineered to solve the problem of the lapse of concentration within a person who has worked tirelessly to achieve a certain target. The lapse of concentration can be very damaging to one’s schedule, especially it is filled with work, and they may lose efficiency and result in the loss of precious time, which in turn could have been used for something else. Also the lapse of concentration being the result of over working will mean that you will not be able to carry on with the work and therefore by using Phosphoricum Acidum you will not only save precious time, but also will gain time to continue with the work. However, people should be aware that this is a temporary relief from the tiresomeness draining all the concentration preventing rom doing all the work, and must get proper rest afterwards. If the condition persists for longer than 3 days, it is advised to consult a physician regarding the matter. The main constituents of the product is Phosphoricum Acidum 3 X to 30 X / 3 C to 30 C pus, and it also includes other inactive ingredients such as lactose and sucrose, which are basically forms of sugar. This homeopathic medicine can be administered by dissolving under the tongue 3 times a day or as required, and is especially designed to bring back the concentration lost due to the over working.

Bottom Line

7) The Bottom Line – “Does it Work?”

This homeopathic medicine provides quick results for whoever is suffering with lack of concentration due to being overworked, the main constituents being natural makes it very safe, and therefore is really worth having in every household.

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