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Parotid PMG Review – 8 Reasons To Consider

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Parotid PMG is a dietary supplement intending to aid the parotid gland. Standard Process is the company currently manufacturing this product. The parotid gland is the largest salivary gland in the human body. Its role is to begin the digestion by facilitating mastication. The gland can be found wrapped around the mandibular ramus. The parotid gland can suffer from a number of infections, some of them treatable only with surgery, such as some stones. Other diseases of the parotid gland, such as parotitis can be simply treated through medication. The gland can also develop tumors.

Standard Process is a company that claims to show its commitment to the world by utilizing environmentally safe practices when farming and manufacturing the whole foods and herbs used in their supplements. Also, the company claims to care about its customers and employees by taking into consideration both their physical and emotional state. Standard Process was founded in 1929 by Dr. Royal Lee, a world renowned scientist for the research made on protomorphogens.

Parotid also contains protomorphogens extracted from the bovine parotid gland. According to research made on protomorphogens, they can aid cell health and promote tissue wellness depending on the organ they were extracted from. Thus, PMGs extracted from the bovine parotid gland can promote and maintain the overall health of the cells in the human parotid gland.


1) Parotid PMG at a Glance

Parotid PMG contains calcium lactate and magnesium extracts. Calcium is one of the most important nutrients needed by the human body. Most individuals know that calcium supports a healthy bone development. However, this is not its main property. Calcium’s ability to support a healthy functioning of the nervous system is mainly left aside. Calcium lactate has the same properties as simple calcium, but it is more easily absorbed by the body. Few people know that Calcium and Magnesium are synergistic nutrients and that taking them separately tends to lead no results at all. Taking them together, however, might just lead you to the desirable results. Magnesium is also a very important nutrient. People working in stressful conditions might benefit from a higher Magnesium intake. Stress tends to consume Magnesium in high proportions from the body, thus leaving the individual feeling anxious, tired and even depressed in cases of severe Magnesium deficiency.

What’s Inside?

2) What’s Inside Parotid PMG?

Parotid PMG contains the following ingredients: Proprietary Blend (Bovine parotid PMG extract, calcium lactate, and magnesium citrate), Cellulose, and calcium stearate

3) Does Parotid PMG Work and it is Safe?

Parotid PMG features an extract of the bovine parotid gland, patented and called Parotid PMG. Additionally, the formula is enriched with an extract of nucleoprotein-mineral molecules, known under the brand name Protomorphogen. This extract has antigenic properties, meaning it helps with cellular growth, proliferation, and function. This extract is one mechanism of working for the product being reviewed. When the tissue is damaged, the formula works to quickly regenerate cells and prevent infections or further damage to the organ.

Additionally, the manufacturer claims the formula enhances Calcium absorption. This is important because Calcium is essential to the proper functioning of the nervous cell and transmission of impulses, hence ensuring a much-needed sensitivity for most organs. Unlike other forms of Calcium, the one used to create this product – Calcium lactate, is water soluble and hence has enhanced action potential. Also, the Calcium used is extracted from vegetable sources, and not dairy products, which contributes to an elevated absorbency level of the Mineral.

Another mineral featured by the product is Magnesium, used particularly for its role in maintaining metabolic health. It is involved in the synthesis process of more 300 enzymes and helps maintain nerve and muscle health. It works to support optimum Calcium levels, and, often, Magnesium deficiencies are accompanied by Calcium deficiencies, due to their synergistic role.

The formula received a limited number of consumer testimonials, most of which however tend to have a positive tone. What is being said includes:

  • Great, clean, whole product

  • Much too expensive and inefficient as compared to competitor formulas

  • I feel more energetic

  • Great deal


4) Parotid PMG Claims

  • Supports a healthy functioning of the parotid gland
  • Maintains the overall health of the parotid cells
  • Supplies individuals with Calcium and Magnesium, thus effectively eliminating the risk of a deficiency caused by low levels of these nutrients
  • Sold at an affordable price
  • Designed to last for about one month of usage if the recommended dosage is not exceeded
  • Available on the manufacturer’s website


5) Precautions of Parotid PMG Use

  • Might take a long time to see results
  • No free trial offer
  • No money-back guarantee
  • Might have unpleasant side effects


6) Parotid PMG Cost

Parotid PMG is available in bottles of 90 capsules. At a recommended daily dose of one capsule before each meal, the formula should be enough for approximately one month of use. The price of the formula is moderate to affordable, similar to what competitors sell their products of the same ingredients for. The product is available for purchase with various online and offline retailers, but not from the manufacturer’s website. No details about a money back guarantee or refund policy are disclosed on the official website. Also, certain promotional offers or discounted prices may be available with some retailers.

How To Use

7) How to Use Parotid PMG

Bovine extracted PMGs are a rather new concept in medicine. Most individuals dont even know about PMGs. In the late 1940s, Dr. Royal Lee, aided by a team of medical researchers, has put together a book making public to the world his theory. Although he believes that many others before him have been experimenting with PMGs and have known about their beneficial effects on the human body, he was the first to publish his study, making it available for the whole world.


8) Our Verdict on Parotid PMG

Parotid PMG is designed to aid and support a healthy functioning parotid gland. This supplement is addressed to all individuals and presents low risks of side effects. Because it also contains Calcium and Magnesium, the supplement might also supply the daily intake of these nutrients needed by the body whilst also supporting the parotid gland. Customer testimonials offer promising results after usage and most individuals seemed satisfied. Overall, Parotid PMG seems like a natural and healthier way to prevent parotid gland related issues than most drugs available on the market today. Standard Process offers this supplement at an affordable price and makes it available for individuals all over the world.

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I have recently been given Parotid PMG. I have noticed a change in my body’s ability to produce saliva. I had been experiencing dry mouth along with poor digestion/slow elimination/ constipation. I am happy to report all areas of concern have significantly improved!

Title for your comment
Very pleased with Parotid PMG
Have you tried this product?

I have taken a variety of Standard Process supplements and I know for a fact that they work very, very well. My IBS was terrible and is what caused me to seek out my wellness doctor. My gut is in amazing shape after 2 years and I’m just pleased to be taking supplements which have no adverse side effects. At 70 yo I have never felt better. My wellness doctor is amazing and we partner together to make good changes in the nutritional wellness of my body.

Marshall C. Kelly

Some years ago the doctors diagnosed me with a buildup of manganese in my pancreas and recommended this product saying that it might help chelate the manganese out of my pancreas. A few months later I felt better. I don’t know if this product made me feel better or the other drugs I was taking but after I started taking it, I felt better.

Kathy Seblink

I just started taking this supplement and cannot find any side effects listed anywhere. All I see is there may be side effects. What might they be?

Iulian (Editor)
Reply to  Kathy Seblink

Researchers still know very little about the potential effects or dangers of ingesting raw bovine parotid gland. This practice does probably result in side effects, although none are known at this time. On the other hand, magnesium can cause mild side effects for some people, which may include diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, and other effects. Calcium can also sometimes cause impromptu gas or belching.


I love this product believe it or not I’m taking this BC I have neck spasms and within 15-30 min they are completely gone!!!! Without this I have neck spasms. There’s no side effects for me other than you tend to go to the restroom but most supplements do that it’s eating your fruits and veggies and herbs etc in pill form.


I take many Standard Process supplements and find wonder results. Avoided taking prescription meds and even a surgery through their help.