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Nisha – Insomnia Support Review – Is it Effective?

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Nisha – Insomnia Support formula is a supplement created to assist with body and mind relaxation, reduce the negative effects of daily stress and facilitate a good night’s rest. It is designed for people overwhelmed by daily problems, which carry out multi-tasking activities and have problems resting in the nighttime.

The formula is an Nisarga Herbs dietary supplement from the TheraVeda line. The manufacturer, an Indian company, claims that an innovative, patent-pending technology has been used to create this line, a technology which combines super-critical and water-soluble extracts, then binds them back to the whole plant.

The result is that of targeted potency and concentration extracts and products which benefit of the holistic properties of the entire herb. According to the manufacturer this is an indisputable advantage over other herbal supplement available on the market.


1) Nisha – Insomnia Support Quick Facts

Nisha – Insomnia Support is an herbal mixture based on two core ingredients.Bacopa monniera (Brahmi) is used as a natural help in relieving stress and anxiety related symptoms while also promoting a restful sleep. Experiments on animals have shown it acts by helping the brain restore the enzymes that are responsible for clearing away stress hormones. Studies have revealed some side effects such as: gastrointestinal problems, dryness, fatigue and irregular heartbeats

Jatamansi is in fact the Himalayan equivalent of Valerian. The difference is that Jatamansi does not have the sedative effects of the Valerian herb, but rather possess only its calming properties. Research has shown this herb protects the brain against the negative effects of poor circulation and increases production of serotonin (an anti-depressant chemical). No side effects have been discovered so far.

Lacking any ingredients with sedative effects, Nisha – Insomnia Support formula is not prohibited while driving or operating machinery.


2) What Are Nisha – Insomnia Support Ingredients?

Nisha – Insomnia Support contains the following ingredients: Bacopa monniera (Brahmi Ghan), Nardostachys jatamansi (root) (Jatamansi Ghan), Excipients.

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Pros & Cons

3) Nisha – Insomnia Support: Pros and Cons

  • Natural herbal formulation
  • Reduced number of side effects for the main ingredients
  • The supplement does not have a sedative effect, making it a safe product to take before driving or operating machinery.

4) Nisha – Insomnia Support Product Warnings

  • The supplement is not FDA approved
  • No free trial offer or quality money-back guarantee
  • No relevant clinical trials or research on the core ingredients or on the product.
How To Take

5) How to Take Nisha – Insomnia Support

The recommended dose is one capsule with a glass of water 30 minutes before bedtime.

Bottom Line

6) Our Bottom Line

Nisha – Insomnia Support is advertised as a viable solution against excess, unwanted thoughts caused by stress, in order to ensure a deep and peaceful sleep throughout the night.

The argument for such a product is that sleep deprivation or agitated sleep nights have negative long-term consequences; therefore, it should be prevented. The main ingredients contained by the supplement are two Ayurvedic herbs used to ensure a calm and peaceful state of the mind, releasing it from excess thoughts, thus ensuring the proper environment for a restful sleep. The manufacturer however brings no evidence towards supporting the benefit claims.

The product is supposed to have no sedative effect; therefore, it does not cause drowsiness. However, for precautionary reasons we recommend you get medical advice prior to starting treatment.

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