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Neprinol AFD Review – 9 Things You Should Know Before You Buy

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Fibrin is a crucial protein in blood clotting and scar tissue formation. Still, an excess of fibrin which may happen with age, may cause increased blood viscosity or thickness and predispose the body to clot formation and organ damage.

Neprinol AFD is advertised as a dietary supplement that contains a blend of systemic enzymes specially formulated to maintain healthy fibrin levels and support healthy circulatory, digestive, and immune functions.

Keep reading this article if you would like to know the ingredients in Neprinol AFD, their uses, and how you stand to benefit from taking this supplement.


1) Quick Overview

Neprinol AFD is a blend of several enzymes and magnesium that provides many benefits to the immune and circulatory systems. It contains ingredients like fibrinolytic enzymes, Coenzyme Q-10, and Magnesium that control blood fibrin levels, strengthen the immune system, improve circulation, and support better energy levels.

These enzymes in Neprinol AFD support healthy blood viscosity by acting like plasmin, a natural blood thinner, and support healthy fibrin levels, improving overall circulation.


2) Details on Neprinol AFD Ingredients and Uses

Neprinol AFD contains

  • Serrapeptase and Nattokinase – These are potent fibrinolytic enzymes that support healthy fibrin levels in the blood, normal blood and mucus viscosity, improve healing from physical stress, and support cardiovascular health.

  • Lipase – Lipase helps break down fats and convert them into fatty acids that the body can use for energy.

  • Protease, Papain, and Bromelain – These enzymes support a healthy immune system by promoting healing and fighting inflammation and improve circulation by reducing blood viscosity.

  • Amla – Amla is rich in antioxidants, including Vitamin C, which help fight inflammation and protect the body from free radical damage.

  • Rutin – This flavonoid helps maintain healthy connective tissues, capillaries, and blood vessels, supports blood circulation and enhances the action of Vitamin C.

  • Coenzyme Q10 – This compound is stored in the mitochondria of cells which is known as the powerhouse because of its energy-producing functions. Coenzyme Q10 not only supports energy production in the body but also prevents organ damage due to inflammation of blood vessels, reduces signs of aging, and improves overall body health.

  • Magnesium – Magnesium is an essential mineral that regulates biochemical functions and processes in the body, including blood pressure regulation, energy production, and protein synthesis.

Health Benefits

3) Neprinol AFD Health Benefits

Neprinol AFD has multiple benefits and

  • Supports normal immune function

  • Reduces blood viscosity and prevents the formation of clots

  • Improves inflammatory response

  • Supports healthy circulation and increased oxygen delivery to cells, tissues, and organs

  • Improves healing of cells and tissues

  • Supports bone, joint, and heart health

Adverse Effects

4) Potential Neprinol AFD Adverse Effects

Taking Neprinol AFD may cause stomach discomfort, nausea, and increased susceptibility to bleeds.


5) What You Need to Know Before Taking Neprinol AFD

People taking anticoagulant medication or having blood clotting disorders are advised to consult with their physicians before taking Neprinol AFD.

Where to Buy?

6) Where to Buy Neprinol AFD?

You can buy Neprinol AFD from the manufacturer’s website or online retailers like Amazon and iHerb.


7) How Much Does Neprinol AFD Cost?

It costs $55.00 for 90 capsules of Neprinol AFD, but you might be able to save more by purchasing larger quantities.

How To Use

8) How to Use Neprinol AFD

For maintenance, take two to three capsules per day, four to six capsules per day for increased support, and nine Capsules per day for therapeutic dosing with eight ounces of water on an empty stomach.


9) Our Verdict on Neprinol AFD

Neprinol AFD is an enzyme-based dietary health product designed to support vascular health and the immune system. It contains ingredients that are effective in maintaining healthy fibrin levels and managing immune and circulatory functions.

Although no specific research has been linked to the use of Neprinol AFD, it contains science-backed ingredients and may help relieve you of circulatory and inflammatory problems; however, results may vary by user.

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Douglas Mathieu

I’m a 39-yo male, usually in great health. Suddenly got a DVT one day (probably from scar tissue from an old calf tear that came out in the days following a run). Had the DVT for about a week; it was preventing me from standing for more than 10 seconds without pain. I don’t have a doctor and haven’t been to the hospital in over a decade; always had better luck treating myself, so I started looking online for some kind of natural solution.

Got Neprinol off Amazon and took the recommended (high) dose of 6 capsules per day (2 capsules at a time, three times per day). Within 24 hours I got a pulmonary embolism, which is of course what I was hoping to avoid. After a few days of extreme cramping on my left side, I decided to go to the hospital where the embolism was confirmed. Took about a month to recover, which I did with regular prescribed blood thinners (Eliquis).

The reason I write this here is because there are a lot of people on the internet saying it’s impossible to throw a blood clot from taking serrapeptase. Well it happened to me. Also I don’t appreciate that Neprinol AFD does not actually list exactly how much Nattokinase, Serrapeptase, and Lipase it contains as individual ingredients. How am I supposed to find out what amount of these ingredients caused my embolism?

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Almost killed me.
Have you tried this product?

Can this product be used by nursing mothers?

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Neprinol and breast feeding
Have you tried this product?
Lionel H. Simmon

I\’m old. So I find it absolutely normal that I have cardiovascular issues. Before trying this product I always felt cold and even in the summer I had to wear long-sleeve shirts and long pants. After using it I can actually enjoy a day out at the beach in beach-wear clothes!

Mario A. Torres

I didn’t have big problems but I had to do something about my cold hands and feet. So I asked a friend and she recommended this product to me. Since then I feel a lot better and my hands and feet don’t bother me anymore. I would recommend it to others as well.


This Product is absolutly remarkable for me it is the last key to optimal health the effect is dynamic but you have to have the other ingredients in place to get this effect.