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Natural Calm Sports Bath Review – Is it Effective?

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Natural Calm Sports Bath is a product meant to help you relax your mind and muscles while talking a warm, soothing bath. Containing sea salt minerals, this product has top quality ingredients that are safe to ingest so you don’t have to worry about possible side effects of accidentally swallowing water during your bath, or that the ingredients are chemical-based and could cause rashes and allergies. Designed for adult use, Natural Calm Sports Bath is a product that can help you relieve stress in one of the most relaxing settings and in the comfort of your own house.

Natural Vitality is the US-based manufacturer for this product. They function under the premise that American consumers do not pay the right amount of attention to their diets, and that carefully-selected supplements can greatly improve the quality of life for such people. This company has been receiving several awards in the past few years.


1) Natural Calm Sports Bath at a Glance

Natural Calm Sports Bath is a natural product designed for use in during baths. It contains magnesium and mineral sea salt, both of which are also meant for consumption as food, making this product safe to accidentally ingest during a bath. The product is meant to help people attain mental and physical relaxation; it acts by being absorbed through the skin during baths, providing you with nourishment all over your body so that you can relax and relieve stress.

Magnesium is an essential mineral that has many positive uses for the human body. As an oral supplement it can relieve stress, help in some forms of anxiety, and attenuate Restless Leg Syndrome. It also helps in preventing and treating eclampsia and is often used as anti-contraction medication. Magnesium, together with calcium, is known for the effects it has on muscle contraction and relaxation, and there are numerous reports of athletes using magnesium to help relieve muscle cramps that result from over-exertion.

Get the most out of this relaxing magnesium bath product by taking Natural Calm Magnesium.

Nutrition Info

2) Ingredients of Natural Calm Sports Bath

Natural Calm Sports Bath contains the following ingredients: Magnesium and Redmond Real Salt.

3) Is Natural Calm Sports Bath Right for You?

Natural Calm Sports Bath is a product intended for use in the bathtub. It consists of mineral sea salt and magnesium, both of the ingredients being selected to be safe for accidental ingestion. The product’s means of action is through a form of osmosis, being absorbed through the skin during the bath. This allows the minerals contained in the product to act directly on the body, facilitating the product’s muscle-relaxant effect.

Sea salt has been promoted as a healthier alternative to conventional salt due to the higher content of minerals. While these claims have never been fully proven, sea salt has been used in various forms of treatment for conditions such as arthritis and physical trauma. They are also very popular for their exfoliation properties, being widely used in beauty products. In combination with magnesium, sea salt minerals are said to benefit the human body by promoting physical relaxation greatly. Magnesium is often used for treating muscle contractions and is considered an effective prevention method for eclampsia. Magnesium is also known for its use as a stress reliever due to its mild sedative effect and potential use as an anxiolytic.

The recommended use for Natural Calm Sports Bath is one cup of the product in a warm bath.

People that have tried this product report the following:

  • It helped me relax and de-stress myself after a horrible week

  • It always helps me relieve muscle pains after a tough work-out

  • It gives a pleasant scent to the bathroom while I’m bathing


4) Natural Calm Sports Bath Claims

  • Provides a relaxing, soothing means of relieving stress.
  • Product claims supported by medical evidence.
  • Reputable manufacturer that has received several awards for their products.
  • You can purchase this product directly from the manufacturer.
  • Affordable product: a jar costs $10-15 and is sufficient for 3-4 baths.
  • Ingredients are not toxic if ingested.

5) What You Need to Know Before Taking Natural Calm Sports Bath

  • No information available regarding return policies.
  • Shipping can be expensive for orders under $49.

6) Natural Calm Sports Bath Price

Natural Calm Sports Bath is affordable, easy to use the product. A jar of this bath salt product can last for 3-4 baths, which for most customers means roughly a month of use. You can easily order this product directly from the manufacturer’s website, or from any of their affiliated retailers who are also listed on the website.

Unfortunately, there is no information available regarding return policies or money-back guarantees. You can easily contact the manufacturer to receive this information, through their website.


7) Directions For Taking Natural Calm Sports Bath

For best results, you should pour one cup of Natural Calm Sports Bath into a warm bath.

Final Thoughts

8) Final Thoughts on Natural Calm Sports Bath

At the end of a stressful week, the only thing that can soothe most people is a warm, relaxing bath. Natural Vitality presents you with a means of improving the experience, with the help of Natural Calm Sports Bath, a product that helps you relieve stress in a natural way.

Customers that have tried Natural Calm Sports Bath report great effects after trying the product. Most of them claim that they felt more at ease, less stressed and that they would feel better for a whole week after taking a bath with Natural Calm Sports Bath. Some used the product for its muscle-relaxant properties, reporting that it helped them recover from hard work-outs or strenuous physical exertion.

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Ana O.

After a long day at work, Natural Calm Sports Bath and a bubble bath is all I want. It really helps me to relax, to forget about the stress during the day and my skin is smoother and hydrated after I use this product. I recommend it to all of you!