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Memory Maintenance Review – 6 Reasons To Consider

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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What if you could be confident enough that your brain is working on all cylinders, making your life better day by day? And what if you could focus for hours at a time on the important task you need to get done today? This is the promise of supplements like Memory Maintenance. It is dietary brain enhancement formula formulated by Spring Forward  who claims that their product is 100% vegetarian safe and non-GMO and contains 100 mg of brain-supporting phosphatidylserine from sunflowers (167 mg of sunflower complex) and 20 mg of organic blueberry powder with antioxidant polyphenols. It is advertised to improve clarity and focus, enhance mood, reduce stress, increase cognitive functions and provide long-term neuronal protection against damage caused by free radicals.


1) Memory Maintenance at a Glance

Maintenance memory is a high quality and efficient cognitive enhancer that gives you the support you need to function at peak performance every day. It boosts the focus of the mind so that those who are involved in workouts will concentrate more on the exercises and attain better results. In addition, the manufacturers also state that it can enhance user „s memory and prevents forgetfulness. Besides blueberry powder as an antioxidant, it contains phosphatidylserine as its active ingredient.

Phosphatidylserine (PS) is a phospholipid which is the main component of all cell membranes in plants and animals. In humans, nerve cells depend on a healthy membrane function for normal neurotransmitter metabolism and the transmission of nerve signals. Studies have shown that PS stimulates the production of acetylcholine synthesis and the release of dopamine – both neurotransmitters are important and essential for maintaining memory and cognitive function.

Phosphatidylserine is the scientifically validated nutrient for the health of the brain, and in numerous clinical trials, it is found to be effective in improving attention, memory, and cognition, and to relieve stress and improve mood. Phosphatidylserine acts as a natural detergent, keeping the substances soluble in fat and cell membranes fluid. It also appears to work by increasing the metabolism of glucose in the brain and increasing the number of neurotransmitter receptor sites. So do not wait until your memory starts to fade. Start protecting your brain now with Memory Maintenance, a safe and effective brain booster.

Nutrition Info

2) Ingredients of Memory Maintenance

Memory Maintenance contains the following ingredients: Memory Maintenance includes the following ingredients: Sunflower Phosphatidylserine Complex (Helianthus annuus) (seed) (standardized to 60% phosphatidylserine), Organic Blueberry Powder, Dicalcium phosphate, cellulose, magnesium stearate (vegetable source), silica.


3) Memory Maintenance Claims

  • Improve clarity and focus, increase cognitive functions and provide long-term neuronal protection.
  • Enhances mood and help reduce anxiety and stress levels.
  • It provides a daily source of PS, as well as polyphenols from organic blueberry, both of which have been studied for their role in brain health. ƒ


4) Precautions of Memory Maintenance Use

  • While there are clinical studies for each ingredient included, none have been conducted on the entire Memory Maintenance formula i.e. the combination of phosphatidylserine and blueberry.

Suggested Use

5) Suggested Use

By increasing neurotransmitter receptor sites and metabolism of glucose in the brain, phosphatidylserine helps give your brain the nutrition it requires, which increases clarity, concentration, and cognitive function. PS can also contribute to reducing the feeling of stress or anxiety by improving your natural dopamine levels.


6) Our Verdict on Memory Maintenance

Memory Maintenance contains phosphatidylserine, which can help stimulate acetylcholine production and the synthesis/release of dopamine; both are essential to memory and healthy cognitive function. As you can tell, there are many significant advantages to adding this supplement to your dietary routine. The supplement gives you everything that your brain needs to think of its finest. It contains a fair amount of both active ingredients (phosphatidylserine + blueberry) and thus seems to fulfill its claims.

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