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Kalms Stress Review – 8 Things To Look For

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Kalms Stress is a product designed to alleviate stress, anxiety and the effects caused by them. Manufactured by Lanes Health, a UK-based supplier of natural remedies, this supplement claims to also provide good rest its customers, further reducing stress and its effect by increasing the quality of sleep and rest people can get.

Lanes Health is a company that deals with herbal supplements for stress, sleep disorders and minor health conditions. The company was founded in 1930 by Gilbert Lane.

Aimed at people that need an extra boost in dealing with their hectic lifestyles, Kalms Stress is designed to allow the human mind to process through stress by providing it with rest and calm, with help from the natural ingredients contained.


1) Kalms Stress at a Glance

Valerian, the main ingredient of the supplement, has reputed use as a sedative and anxiolytic. It has, however, been known to sometimes cause headaches, excitability and ataxia, all of which have the potential to worsen the stress levels experienced by an individual rather than ameliorate them. Consumption by people taking benzodiazepines, barbiturates, opiates or alcohol is unrecommended, as it might prolong or amplify the effects.

Gentian is known to stimulate appetite and have gastric, tonic and antipyretic effects, but reports of it diminishing stress are few and isolated. It has little known negative side-effects, so consumption is unlikely to be harmful.

Hops are used in similar ways to Valerian, having known effects against stress, anxiety and insomnia. It’s consumption is allowed by all ages, but caution is advised with regards to allergies.

While most of the ingredients in Kalms Stress Tablets have the potential to alleviate stress and its consequences, the effectiveness of the pills themselves have yet to be proven.

What’s Inside?

2) What’s Inside Kalms Stress?

Gentian Extract, Valerian Extract, Sucrose, Hops Powder BHP

3) Is Kalms Stress Right for You?

Kalms Stress is an herbal blend that is stated to help the mind be able to reduce the anxiety and stress that it is dealing with. This product also claims to help the user get a good night’s sleep, as they figure that less stress makes for a calmer person. Like many herbal remedies, Kalms Stress claims its combination of herbs is unique, but not much insight is provided in this sense, so there’s no real way of telling how it differs from existing supplements on the market.

The high of Valerian Extract is supposedly the strong point of the above ingredients, but since no type of testing has been done, and no free trials are offered, the only conclusion one can come to is that you need to use the product to see its effects, or wait for someone to do it for you, before you can purchase. Also, Kalms Stress shouldn’t be taken by pregnant or nursing women. Also, a person should avoid taking the product if taken before driving a vehicle or operate any complex machinery, but then again, the product is only supposed to make you feel better at night, not during the day.

The maximum recommended amount of Kalms Stress pills taken per day should not be any higher than six, or side-effects might occur, so you’d normally take tow at a time, three times per day. It is advised you consult your doctor if you are taking any prescription medicine beforehand.


4) What Kalms Stress Does?

  • product is entirely natural, resulting in a reduced chance of negative side-effects.
  • aside from the initial claims, product might also improve memory capabilities.
  • product is inexpensive (approximately 10$ for a 100 tablet bottle).
  • online purchase possible.


5) Kalms Stress Product Warnings

  • product claims are not supported by trials or testimonials.
  • no possibility of a free trial.
  • there is a large supply of similar products that have the same effects with a wider range of testimonials.


6) Kalms Stress Cost

With an average cost of $9 or more, depending on your location, Kalms Stress relief can be purchased in a 200 tablet bottle from various retailers. However, you won’t have access to it immediately if not purchased from local retailers and you will have to pay an extra shipping fee. Buying it online might end up being more expensive, overall. Still, a good 200 tablet bottle can last you 1 or 2 months depending on whether or not you will take the maximum recommended amount daily.


7) Directions For Taking Kalms Stress

The recommended dose of Kalms Stress is two pills taken thrice a day. Going above this amount is discouraged as it might incur negative side-effects.

Bottom Line

8) The Bottom Line – “Does it Work?”

While Kalms Stress promises results that are highly sought-after in today’s busy environment, caution is advised when dealing with supplements that promise a stress-free life. While the herbal extracts contained in Kalms Stress have the capacity of alleviating some of the symptoms of stress and fatigue, there is little proof whether these tablets actually work or not. Regardless, there have been reports of people using this product and experiencing reduced anxiety and a greater capacity to focus on their jobs and tasks.

As with all supplements, it is advised that people conduct their own research before making a purchase decision, in order to understand the effects of various products and choose the one best suited for their needs.

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Julia McEvillya

Kalms give me migraine so unfortunately increase my stress levels.. Both day and night tablets have this effect..


Kalms Tablets are very good for stress, but unfortunately they do cause me migraine headaches.