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Herbal Sleep Review – Is it Effective?

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Herbal Sleep is promoted as a way to get the rest you want without compromising how you feel the day after. This product is claimed to ensure a person can fall asleep, they will be able to stay sleeping, and they don’t wake up feeling groggy the following morning.

Nature’s Sunshine Products is the name of the company that offers Herbal Sleep. This company offers many different nootropics like Mind-Max.

While they do state that they are based in the USA they don’t provide a physical location on their website. To get into contact with them you can set call the toll-free number, chat online, or fill out the form offered and someone will get back to you via email.

Orders for Herbal Sleep can be placed over the phone or online. They have a secure site in place and check the security of it every day. There is no information offered on the website about a refund policy that the company may have in place for this product. It is recommended for customers to call them and ask about it before buying this supplement.

Nutrition Info

1) Ingredients of Herbal Sleep

Herbal Sleep includes the following ingredients: Valerian Root, Hops, and Passion Flower.

2) Does Herbal Sleep Work?

Herbal sleep offers a blend of various herbs to assist with someone being calmer, reducing stress, and helping them to get a better night of sleep. When the body and the mind are relaxed it is easier to fall asleep and a person will wake up less often throughout the night. According to the website this product offers support for the nervous system as well.

All ingredients have been identified as mild sedatives with a calming effect. Before you take those claims at face value though you need to realize that those are only claims. There is no real data out there that verifies they can work as stated.

The website for Herbal Sleep isn’t offering any information either about this. They do talk about the value of the herbs but not about the testing they have done. They need to show the date that pertains to the formula they are using that verifies it is effective.

This herbal medicine sleep product is claimed to be safe enough to take daily as it is nonhabit forming. The recommended dose is two capsules each night up to 1 hour before bed. It is stated to help with calming the mind and body so that a person can rest. Due to the chances of drowsiness occurring it isn’t recommended for someone to use Herbal Sleep and then to operate machinery or drive a vehicle.


3) Herbal Sleep Price

Each bottle of Herbal Sleep contains 100 capsules. Based on the daily recommended dose of 2 per day, that is enough for about six weeks. Each bottle retails for $16.75. Customers that sign up for the auto shipment program will be able to get a saving of 5% each month. The maximum savings with this program is $15 per customer per month. The auto-shipment program can be canceled at any time.

If you want a more robust sleep formula that also has melatonin, one of the best ingredients for sleep support, we recommend checking out our Luna Natural Sleep Aid Review.

The shipping fees for Herbal Sleep depend on the amount of the product that is purchased. At this time shipping is only offered for delivery in the USA. Orders that are up to $99 will incur $7.50 for shipping. Orders up to $200 will be $11, orders up to $300 will be $16, orders up to $400 will be $18, and orders over $500 will be $20.

Bottom Line

4) Our Bottom Line

We are still in the testing phase with Herbal Sleep from Nature’s Sunshine Products and will update with our results very soon. But until then, please share your personal experience below with us and support our entire community.

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Works for me too. I like it!


An average herbal supplement. It works though…