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Healthy Origins Vitamin D3 Review – Is it Effective?

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Vitamin D3 is a single vitamin nutritional supplement marketed as beneficial for maintaining healthy teeth and bones. The formula is developed by an experienced and highly popular manufacturer of dietary supplements called Healthy Origins.

The company markets a wide range of products based on customized blends and assure customers of their complete dedication to high quality.

The range of products is claimed to offer a proper support for all the major systems in the body. Some formulations are specifically designed to address the needs of men, while others aim to help women in achieving optimal health levels.

A line of antioxidants, anti-aging products, hair, nails and skin formulations, and supplements designed to increase energy and vitality are also available including the special DHEA supplement 7 KETO.

Vitamin D3 is offered in several different quantities and provides various concentrations of vitamin D3, to suit the particular needs of its consumers. The maximum amount of vitamin D3 ensured in a single dose is 10,000 IU, a very high concentration, suitable for those with severe deficiencies in this nutrient. The manufacturer does not mention if this supplement is designed for both adults and children, but most probably, the products providing higher doses than 1,200 IU per day are not suitable for people under 18 years old.

Vitamin D3 was shown through clinical trial to be essential in proper absorption of calcium and other important nutrients. Healthy Origin’s supplement comes in a softgel form (formulated in a base of cold pressed olive oil) to increase absorption rates of the key nutrient.


1) Vitamin D3 Quick Facts

Vitamin D3 is based on the beneficial properties of vitamin D3.

This is one of the two bio-available forms of vitamin D. However, vitamin D3 is the one that our bodies naturally produce in response to sun exposure. This form is also found in foods like fish, cod liver oil, fortified cereals and eggs. However, food sources are rather limited and without proper sun exposure (especially during cold seasons), a deficiency in this nutrient can easily install. Such an imbalance may lead to various health concerns including low bone density (that increases the risk of fracture particularly in the elderly), low immunity, poor hair growth, and increased risk of cancer.

This nutrient is oil soluble, which has led to the conclusion that a rich diet in fats may increase its absorption. However, existing research has shown that it is rather large meals that promote increased absorption rates of supplemental vitamin D, than oil based foods. Side effects have been associated mostly with ingesting excessive amounts and include: nausea, weakness, headache loss of appetite and weight loss, metallic taste and dry mouth. Doses larger than 4,000 IU per day taken for longer periods may increase Calcium levels in the blood which could lead to serious long-term damage. Vitamin D supplements were also shown to interact with other medication, including some antacids that contain Aluminum, Calcipotriene, Digoxin (Lanoxin), Verapamil, and water pills also known as Thiazide diuretics.

The recommended doses vary widely according to the specific needs of the user. However, in case of healthy individuals, the recommended daily allowances are 400 -600 IU for children under 18 years old, 600 IU for adults up to 70 years old and 800IU for adults over the age of 70.


2) Vitamin D3 Ingredients

Vitamin D3 contains the following ingredients: Vitamin D3 (from Lanolin – as Cholecalciferol), pure cold preserved oil, gelatin, glycerin, and water.

3) What Does Vitamin D3 Do?

Vitamin D3 is based on a single active substance and includes one of the two active forms of vitamin D, namely Cholecalciferol. This substance can be obtained from two sources: sunlight or food. Food sources containing a significant amount of this nutrient are limited (fish, fish oils, and eggs). Sunlight is also an unreliable source, particularly in the cold season when sun exposure decreases considerably. This makes vitamin D supplementation essential for preventing a deficiency. The substance is as important for children as it is for adults. In children, it is needed for healthy teeth, bone growth, bone formation, and prevention of specific affections affecting these structures (rickets). In adults, vitamin D3 is responsible for maintaining healthy calcium and phosphorus levels and offers protection against common diseases: muscle weakness, various types of cancers, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis.

The side effects usually associated with supplemental intake are numerous and include dry mouth, metallic taste, irregular heartbeat, bone pain, weight and height loss, nausea, constipation, increased thirst, or allergic reactions. Immediate cessation and specialized help are highly advised. The daily recommended doses vary with age (children, adults, and the elderly), and the purpose of the supplementation (deficiency, cardiovascular disease, cognition, diabetes, fracture prevention, etc.). A lot of controversy regarding these daily values has arisen in the late years, due to improper dieting and increased use of sun blocking protection creams (which also reduces absorption of Cholecalciferol). Many specialists have started recommending higher doses particularly for the prevention of health conditions.

There are testimonials posted online about Vitamin D3. What is being said includes the following:

  • The formula contains high Vitamin D supplement which is easy to use and seems to provide the necessary amount needed for me.

  • It is evident there is little or no vitamin D in these capsules. Taking vitamin D keeps my psoriasis at bay, and after switching from a different brand to these, my psoriasis returned

  • It is hard to get Vitamin D3 with single doses over 1000 IU, so for this reason alone I am very pleased with this product.

4) Vitamin D3 Benefits & Results

  • Relatively low price for a month’s supply
  • The producer offers a large variety of options for this formula in terms of quantity (number of capsules) and concentrations
  • A relatively high number of consumers support the effectiveness of this formula
  • The manufacturer offers discounts for larger volumes purchased (for 2,3 or 12 bottles)

5) Precautions of Vitamin D3 Use

  • Vitamin D3 is not clinically researched
  • Shipping charges for international orders are not disclosed
  • There are no drug interactions or side-effects mentioned by the manufacturer (although the key ingredient has been shown to cause adverse reactions and toxicity)
  • No money-back guarantee is provided
  • No free trial is available

6) Vitamin D3 Cost

The formula offered by Healthy Origins is sold in bottles that contain from a month’s supply up to a year’s supply (namely the 360 soft gels bottle). A month’s supply is sold for a low price, which varies depending on the amount of active substance provided. The formula is available for online purchasing directly from the manufacturer, and also from a relatively high number of retailers. The producer ensures international delivery but discloses the shipping charges only for US orders. For larger US orders (that exceed $100) Healthy Origins ensures free shipping. No other information is provided about the delivery terms and conditions (including the time of delivery). There seems to be no money-back guarantee or a free trial available.


7) Vitamin D3 Serving Size

The producer of Vitamin D3 does not indicate any special precaution for their supplement. However, those who are considering using the product should first make sure that the amount of active substance is suitable for their particular needs.


8) Conclusion

Vitamin D3 offers several options for people who want to restore and maintain proper levels of this key nutrient. The active compound is the subject of numerous clinical trials that have determined its effectiveness in preventing serious conditions in both adults and children. Vitamin D based supplement are particularly recommended for people who live in northern countries (where sunlight exposure is limited), people with darker skins (who require longer periods of sunlight exposure for synthesizing adequate levels), and particularly during cold season. A proper diet is, however, essential to prevent the occurrence of vitamin deficits.

Although, there is no evidence of a scientific trial involving Vitamin D3, consumers seem to support its benefits and appreciate the fact that the manufacturer also offers several high concentration versions (unavailable at other producers). Considering all the aspects listed above, we may conclude that this formula is a high quality product that comes at an affordable price. However, it is very important to get the consent of a healthcare professional before deciding on the dosage.

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Monica Lewis

I was diagnosed with a vitamin D deficiency after I went to my doctor accusing headaches, muscle weakness, sudden weight gain and restlessness. I was recommended high amounts of vitamin D, because my symptoms were pretty severe. Healthy Origins provides some of the highest amounts of this vitamin, so I purchased the 10,000IU bottle. I noticed that the symptoms started to disappear one by one and after a couple of months my doctor confirmed that I was no longer deficient in vitamin D. He recommended to continue the treatment, but lower the dose, so I will probably buy the 1,000 IU bottle to provide the recommended daily amounts and maintain healthy levels of vitamin D and calcium in my body.

Erin L.

I bought this supplement because I know this manufacturer only develops high quality products based on the best sourced ingredients. I was found with a deficiency in vitamin D and the doctor has agreed that this would be a suitable product. After a couple of weeks I started to feel a little better, my muscle cramps disappeared and I no longer had that permanent fatigue sensation. This proves that the supplement is effective and was properly absorbed!