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Cataplex A Review – 8 Essential Things to Know

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Cataplex A is advertised as a vitamin supplement designed to support tissue health, the nervous and the immune system and to provide antioxidants necessary to counteracting the potentially harmful effects of free radicals.

The product is manufactured by Standard Process, a company with a vast market experience of more than 80 years. The company is based in the United States and currently manufactures and markets more than 300 products including veterinary formulas, whole food supplements, and herbal supplements. The company claims to adhere to the Food and Drug Administration’s Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirements.

Cataplex A contains a proprietary blend of carrot root and bovine liver designed to provide Vitamin A as active ingredients. The formula is recommended to adults.


1) Quick Overview

Cataplex A features Vitamin A as core ingredient.Vitamin A is necessary for the repairment and maintenance of the epithelial tissue, which is the tissue of skin and membranes. Vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin, making it able to nourish the epithelial tissue made of fat cells. By strengthening the skin and mucous membranes, Vitamin A contributes to strengthening the body’s ability to fight potential infections and viruses which can access our organism through the skin and these mucous membranes (eyes, nose, throat, etc).

Vitamin A contains carotenes, which account for its powerful anti-oxidant properties. Vitamin A hence becomes an important element in fighting free radical damage and oxidative stress which may cause a variety of health problems. Several animal studies were able to indicate that dietary vitamin A may improve learning and memory and can ameliorate age related cognitive decline.
Additionally, this vitamin is known to be involved in the development of lymphocytes, or the immune system cells. Further research is conducted to investigate its potential benefits on certain types of cancer, certain viral infections and even AIDS.


2) What Are Cataplex A Ingredients?

Cataplex A includes the following ingredients: Vitamin A, Proprietary Blend: Carrot (root), calcium lactate, defatted wheat (germ), bovine kidney, oat flour, nutritional yeast, rice (bran), magnesium citrate, alfalfa flour, mixed tocopherols (soy), ascorbic acid, and soybean lecithin, Honey, Arabic gum, Alginic acid, pea starch, beta-carotene (Blakeslea Trispora), and calcium Stearate.

3) What Does Cataplex A Do?

Featuring Vitamin A as a core ingredient, Cataplex A can help with the maintenance or repair of epithelial tissues. The epithelial tissue is, in fact, the tissue of the membranes and the skin. Because Vitamin A is soluble in fat, it can provide nourishment for the epithelial tissue that is made of fat cells. Therefore, Vitamin A contributes to the strengthening of the mucous membranes and the skins, thus strengthening the body’s ability to fight against potential viruses or infections that usually access our organism through mucous membranes and skin.

Additionally, the beneficial effects of this vitamin expand on lymphocytes development. Thus it is directly linked to immune system cells. Potential properties on some types of cancer, AIDS, and certain viral infections are still discussed by scientists.

Evidence revealed that Vitamin A contains carotenes, which account for its anti-oxidant qualities. Hence, this vitamin is an essential element when it comes to oxidative stress or fighting the damage done by free radicals and, by doing this, health problems tend to appear less often. Several studies, done on animals indicate ameliorating age-related cognitive impairment and decline as well as learning and memory enhancement. However, research done on humans is needed.

There are online testimonials about Cataplex A. What is being reported the following:

  • After three months of usage, my sight and hearing has improved

  • I feel like I can learn things better and faster after taking this supplement for approximately two weeks

  • My skin seems healthier, although besides this there was nothing new since the beginning of this treatment

Pros & Cons

4) Cataplex A: Pros and Cons

  • The daily dose is able to provide the daily recommended value of Vitamin A;
  • Affordable price (roughly $13 for 45 days’ supply);
  • The product has been introduced on the market in 1934.


5) Precautions of Cataplex A Use

  • Large doses of Vitamin A may damage the liver;
  • The formula is not covered by a money back guarantee;
  • There are no consumer reviews available online.


6) Cataplex A Price

Like other similar products from Standard Process, Cataplex Ai is only found for purchase by bottles that have 90 tables. This means that considering the normal intake of two tablets per meal, a bottle is usually sufficient for a month and a half of treatment. The price of the supplement varies depending on the retailer and can even be bought cheaper than on the manufacturer website. However, by ordering directly from the manufacturer, you have the guarantee that you are getting exactly the product you wanted. For further questioning, there is an online number that can be used by either potential or unsatisfied customers.

How To Take

7) How to Take Cataplex A

The daily serving is 2 tablets of Cataplex A. The manufacturer warns that excess intake of vitamin A can cause liver damage and advises patients to discuss dosages with their healthcare professional. No reviews could be identified online.


8) Our Final Take On Cataplex A

Cataplex A is a vitamin supplement based on the numerous benefits of Vitamin A. The product is advertised to benefit the nervous system, the immune system, eyes and vision, as well as skin tissue. Although the formula was introduced on the market in 1934, there are no consumer reviews posted online to this date, which makes it difficult for us to evaluate the formula’s effectiveness regarding its advertised benefits.
Vitamin supplementation should be taken at the recommendation of a healthcare provider. We advise you discuss your options with your physician and decide if Cataplex A is right for you.

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Jean S. Lanford

Standard Process has by far the best products offered in the industry. I just wish more distributors would put the brand up for sale so I could purchase all my needs.

Tammy R. Way

I’m quite satisfied with this product. I’ve purchased it because I kept feeling stressed because of my new job, but taking these capsules on a regular basis helped with my problems and I feel more energized now