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Green Coffee Review – Is it Effective?

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Green Coffee is a formula, containing a natural extracts of unroasted coffee beans. Designed to support the weight loss process, the Alfa Vitamins manufactured product is trying to help people in a safe and healthy way. It provides the energy support necessary for people who have an intense exercise program. Moreover, this natural supplement supports the body’s detoxification process, containing antioxidants which are generally destroyed by roasting, grinding and boiling.

Unlike other weight loss products, Green Coffee contains no chemical ingredients, so it is safe for people of all ages, except children. Also, pregnant women or those who are breast-feeding and people suffering from kidney or liver disorders should ask a doctor before starting to take these pills. People allergic to caffeine should stay away from this product, even if the green coffee contains a smaller quantity of caffeine than roasted coffee.

Green Coffee has the manufacturer’s guarantee. Producing natural supplements for over 13 years, the American company is also developing in its own laboratories creams, powders and pills for all kind of needs. Each product offered by Alfa Vitamins is tested by a team of 12 specialists before being commercialized. The manufacturer’s name and reputation represents a warranty for every product that leaves the laboratory.


1) Green Coffee at a Glance

Even if it has been cultivated for hundreds of years, the positive effects of Coffee (except the energy boost generated) have been discovered recently. The researchers found that it is responsible for weight loss process, due to the content of chlorogenic acid, a substance that supports fat burning. Also, green coffee is known to contain a lot of antioxidants, substances that fight free radicals which we assimilate from food or result from unhealthy lifestyle habits. It lengthens the lifespan of cells and protects you from the negative effects of your stressful lifestyle.

There are no testimonials on the Alfa Vitamins’ website regarding the formula, so we don’t know if and what negative side reactions can occur. Also, the manufacturer does not offer access to a free trial, so you cannot test the product before purchase.


2) Details on Green Coffee Ingredients and Uses

Green Coffee contains the following ingredients: Green Coffe Bean Extract, Flour (Wheat), Gelatin from capsule, and Magnesium Stearate.

If you prefer a weight loss supplement that uses herbal extracts, but without any stimulatory compounds, we think Xyngular is worth a try.

3) What Does Green Coffee Do?

Green Coffee is a natural solution for people who try to lose weight. Green coffee (unroasted coffee) has all the benefits of usual coffee, while also preserving the natural qualities of the plant that are typically damaged by roasting, grinding, and boiling the bean.

The Alfa Vitamin specialists state that green coffee has a smaller amount of caffeine than the roasted bean. Even so, use by those with health conditions that prohibit the consumption of caffeine is not recommended.

Studies about the miracle ingredient have shown that it is very effective in weight loss. It seems that the substance to which these properties are owned is the chlorogenic acid, a component that works as a fat burner while providing more energy. Also, the green coffee extract is a source of antioxidants that fight toxins from the body and keep it healthy. The developers recommend one capsule daily.

Many weight loss supplements are containing green coffee, but this one has the advantage of being considered “natural.” The lack of other ingredients that could harm the body makes Green Coffee a safer dietary supplement. That does not mean that you don’t have to ask a doctor before starting to take these pills. This is necessary, considering that there are no testimonials on the manufacturer’s website because we don’t know if this product can cause adverse side effects or not.

Health Benefits

4) Green Coffee Health Benefits

  • Containing unroasted coffee bean extract, it preserves the benefits of the natural plant;
  • Contains a smaller quantity of caffeine than the roasted coffee;
  • The manufacturer has been producing dietary supplements for over 13 years;
  • If you order the product directly from the manufacturer’s website, the shipping is free.

5) Green Coffee Product Warnings

  • Contains caffeine, so it is no recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women, people suffering from kidney and liver disorders;
  • There is no money back guarantee, so you have to take the risk of notbeing satisfied with the product after buying it.

6) Green Coffee Cost

Compared to other weight loss products, this supplement has an affordable price. Moreover, the fact that it is a natural product does not increase its value, which is the case for most other supplements. Purchasing the large pack, which contains 100 pills, is the greatest value; for one person, it is enough for more than three months. If you live in U.S.A. or Puerto Rico, ordering directly from the manufacturer’s website yields free shipping as well. An important disadvantage, on the other hand, is the lack of free trials. Also, you should remember that the manufacturer will not refund your money–even if you are not satisfied with the product.


7) Green Coffee Serving Size

The recommended dose of Green Coffee is of one pill per day for adults, as a dietary supplement. Also, for rapid and visible results, it is recommended to combine this supplement with a radical change in your life (a low calories diet and a strict program of exercises). People sensitive to caffeine in general should consume this supplement with caution.


8) Our Verdict on Green Coffee

Green Coffee may work as an addition to a lifestyle change, one that includes healthy dieting habits and an exercise program. The formula may prove an efficient weight loss product as results from recent research on Green Coffee, but it also has various disadvantages. Caffeine is not for everyone and this is the main problem that Green Coffee has. The lack of testimonials and free trials, along with the fact that Alfa Vitamins will not give your money back if you are not satisfied with the product decreases the popularity of this formulation.

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My sister takes another weight loss supplements but I bought Green Coffee because it is natural. She really lost weight but she also spends a lot of money and does not eat much. I managed to lose weight eating healthy and I am proud of it.


I drink coffee in the morning and this is not compatible with taking Green Coffee. I took it for two weeks but I stopped it because it gave me a state of agitation.

Maria J.

I have been taking Green Coffee for over two months and I can say that its effects are visible. I lost quite a lot and already have to change my clothes because my old ones are too large for me now. I recommend it!