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Gastrex Review – Is it Effective?

By Dr. Usmarah Hussain

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Promoted as a base for digestion as well as stimulant for gastrointestinal cleansing, Gastrex is a natural product available at affordable rates. It was released in the nutritional field in 1959 and has been helping people improve their digestive health ever since. Compared to similar supplements, its components haven’t been disassociated into compounds totally isolated. Instead, the nutrients present in its composition have been processed to be delivered intact, complete and with full nourishment.
Manufactured by a renowned company called Standard Process, should you invest in purchasing Gastrex or is it just another hoax? Keep reading this review to find out.


1) Gastrex Quick Facts

Manufactured by Standard Process, Gastrex represents a product specifically designed for people with gastrointestinal or digestive issues that desire a natural approach instead of using a prescribed medication. It takes help from several natural ingredients, such as okra, fiber, and vitamins B and C, to strengthen the gut health while clearing it from any unwanted toxins. Available as pills, the supplement is easy to use and can be incorporated into daily life without any inconvenience.

2) Who Makes Gastrex?

Gastrex is produced by a company called Standard Process, which was founded on American grounds in 1929 by Dr. Royal Lee. As one of the most respected nutritionists in the world, Dr. Lee is commonly referred to as the “Einstein of nutrition” because of the knowledge of natural supplementation he has shown to own on several occasions. He points out the relevance of the food source by arguing that even a small amount of whole food offers nutritional support.
Since 1929, Standard Process has been dedicated to manufacturing nutritional supplements using the whole food philosophy of Dr. Lee. His ultimate goal was to provide people with nutrients just as they are found in nature without contaminating them or reducing their efficacy. Based on this philosophy, Standard Process is committed to harvesting the natural ingredients from their own organic farms and preparing them in a way that safeguards their nutritional value. The company has always been striving to deliver excellence and to change lives through its whole food supplements.
Today, Standard Process continues to elevate its commitment by investing in areas, like advanced technologies, nutrition innovation centers, and valuable relationships to help themselves advance in the field of nutritional science. The business currently manufactures and distributes around three hundred different products targeting bone, muscle, and joint health, cognition, digestive health, blood sugar, and more.


3) Gastrex Ingredients

Each capsule of Gastrex include the following primary ingredients:

  • Okra is a good source of folic acid which have been associated with prevention of heart attacks and strokes. Moreover, okra also includes high amounts of fiber and mucilage that keep the intestinal tract healthy.
  • Vitamin C helps improve the gut barrier function and supports it to absorb nutrients while protecting it from certain toxins. Additionally, this vitamin also plays a role in balancing the good and bad bacteria inside the gut.
  • Vitamin B6 maintains a stronger immune system to guard the gut and the body against infections of different types.
  • Spanish moss is a natural prebiotic which directly impacts the composition of the gut microbiota and balances it.
  • Alginic Acid protects the digestive tract from the harmful effects of gastroesophageal reflux disease.
  • Oats contain beta-glucan and certain antioxidants called avenanthramides which regulate blood sugar and cholesterol, prevent skin irritation, and manage constipation.
Health Benefits

4) Gastrex Health Benefits

The daily use of Gastrex as expected can provide you with the following benefits:

  • It supports the body’s normal tissue repair function
  • It supports the cleansing of gut by eliminating waste material
  • It improves gut health in general
Adverse Effects

5) Potential Gastrex Effects

Looking at the composition of Gastrex, it seems that the supplement is free from any chemicals, synthetics, or fillers that may potentially damage your health. Because most of the ingredients are natural, they are unlikely to cause any major side effects inside the body. Hence, the use of Gastrex is most likely to be safe.

However, a small number of people using the supplement for the first time may experience nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea for the initial few days.


6) What You Need to Know Before Taking Gastrex

As mentioned on the official website, Gastrex does not contain any milk or soy. However, it may not be safe for people with other types of food allergies, such as gluten or shellfish. Moreover, pregnant and lactating women are also not advised to use it without consulting with a doctor first.

Keep in mind that Gastrex is not a cure or permanent remedy for any digestive issues. It is also not meant to be consumed by anyone below the age of 18 years. If you are unsure about using the product or have any safety concerns, get in touch with a doctor.

Where to Buy?

7) Where to Buy Gastrex

Gastrex is available for purchase on the official website of the company (standardprocess.com). You can also purchase it from eBay and Amazon. Keep in mind that the official website does not offer international shipping or a money-back guarantee.


8) Gastrex Price

The price for Gastrex is extremely affordable and the customers only have to pay $28 per bottle. Keep in mind that each bottle of this supplement contains 90 capsules which are enough to last for 45 days provided a single person is using them.

Note that the price may vary depending on where you purchase the supplement from.

How To Use

9) How to Use Gastrex

The daily recommended amount for Gastrex is two capsules. Swallow them whole with a full glass of water approximately 15 minutes before the meal. You can also consider taking these capsules just before bedtime or as directed by a doctor.

Bottom Line

10) Our Bottom Line

Gastrex is a natural supplement that targets to improve overall gut health by detoxifying it from harmful chemicals and improving its tissue health. It contains natural ingredients like okra, vitamin C, alginic acid, and Spanish moss, each of which benefits the gut in one way or another. Available as capsules, Gastrex is extremely convenient and easy to take and is available on different platforms for purchase. The price is extremely affordable which means most people can consider using it in the long run without worrying about their budget.

Overall, Gastrex seems like a good remedy to improve gut health naturally and at an affordable price.

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Peter A. Altman

I took Gastrex the first time with skepticism at the advice of a naturepath. I’ve used it several times since and found it to work amazingly well.

Richard L. Collazo

I have gotten good results with this product


Gastrex seems to dry my nose and face out

Shirley Spillane

Is Gastrex 4600 90 capsules (standard process) Gluten Free???

Iulian (Editor)


According to our research Gastrex 4600, 90 capsules, made by Standard Process is NOT gluten-free.

I.M. Sheppard

it seemed to work in the beginning by eliminating stool just a few times a day, but now I am passing stool 6-10 times a day in smaller amounts than before.

Betsy Biber

I would actually give this product a 5 star review. The star chart won’t let me add more stars. Anyway, I use this product to protect my stomach so that I can have tea or coffee in the morning. It works perfectly. If I don’t have stomach protection after 2 days of coffee my stomach will be damaged enough to need 3 plus weeks of healing before I am comfortable again. I haven’t had an ulcer in years as a result of this product. It works far better than anything else I’ve tried including prescription acid blockers. I can’t recommend it enough.

Bill osborne
Reply to  Betsy Biber

Hello Betsy- just a question – I am taking pantoprazole 40 mg for acid issues – wanting to take gastrex – not sure if I should take both at the same time

Reply to  Bill osborne

This goes to Bill. I was taking 40 mg of pantoprazole also. I was told not to take both. I was directed to stop the pantoprazole and take Gastrex with Okra Pepsin E3. Hope that helps you out.

Kristel delima
Reply to  Kat

Please don’t go off of pantoprazole cold turkey; just from experience. Go to 20mg every other day for a week; then 20 mg for the entire week; then 20mg every other day. On the days you don’t take it, take Gastrex. Then the next week you will be off the pantoprazole all together. Please change your diet to include non-acidic foods. Makes no sense to continue to harm our gut. Take the time to heal. Been healing for 6 months now. It’s well worth the process

Reply to  Bill osborne

My chiro/nutritionist/holistic doc says to wean off of the Pantoprazole 40mg by cutting away 1/4 a week. So 3/4 week one. 1/2 week two. 1/4 week 3. But to take Gastrex before I eat while also weaning. Also taking Hi-Pep afterward. It seems to be helping. Early on and still in the 1/2 pill phase but I’ve done this before without anything like Gastrex/Hi pep and I can tell a big difference and feel peace this is going to work finally to get me off of PPI’s and heal my severe GERD. It’s very hard to find resources for this and fear will cause people to resort back to what they feel is safer (PPIs) but don’t let that win! You can do it! Time heals!

Reply to  Alicia

Do you take with all your meals?

Reply to  Bill osborne

I take pantoprazole 40 mg for acid issues along with a few others and Gastrex, all at the same time without any issues. When I have a bad attack I open the caps of 2 or 3 gastrex with a swig of water and down it and within 10 to 15 seconds the pain is gone. Love this product.