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Ferrofood Review – 9 Facts to Consider

By Dr. Usmarah Hussain

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Iron is one of the most important minerals of the body required for growth and development. The body uses it for various purposes, such as synthesizing hemoglobin, a protein found in red blood cells that carries oxygen from the lungs to other body parts. Despite its significance, millions of people across the world suffer from iron deficiency, a condition that indirectly affects all parts of the body. To help such people improve their health, Standard Process has introduced a supplement called Ferofood.

With many iron supplements available in the market, Ferrofood has been claimed to have a unique formulation with some extra perks. Are these claims true, and does using Ferrofood really provide any different benefits than other similar supplements?

Read this full review for an in-depth analysis of this iron supplement.


1) What is Ferrofood?

Promoted as a supplement that helps maintain normal blood production, Ferrofood was introduced on the nutritional market in 1944. Its main benefit is based on a high iron quantity, specifically beneficial for women during pregnancy and lactation periods. Unlike other iron-based products, Ferrofood increases the help of its iron ingredient due to the proprietary blend added to its composition. This proprietary blend includes both animal and plant extracts and is reportedly claimed to make Standard Process an appreciated supplement manufacturer in the United States.

Ferrofood contains multiple nutrients obtained from animal and plant sources. Furthermore, a unique manufacturing process of deriving tissues from animal glands or organs has been used during its fabrication processes. Its manufacturer claims that this formulation exhibits a low risk of side effects such as constipation due to its organic compounds used in low dosages. It is mainly suggested for people with iron deficiencies because of factors like weight loss, menstruation, growth periods, aging, or pregnancy.

2) The Company Behind Ferrofood

The business that provides Ferrofoodto individuals is named Standard Process and was founded in 1929 by Dr. Royal Lee. Often considered to be the “Einstein of nutrition,” this world-wide appreciated CEO stated that the most significant difference between its business and similar others is its focus on the source from which they obtain the component rather than the quantity used. He also said that a small amount of whole food is able to offer the nutrients needed by the body in order to function properly.

3) Does Ferrofood Work?

Compared to early Egyptians, who utilized minerals to support their hair, our current knowledge regarding the need for iron is more sophisticated. In ancient Greece, iron was mixed with wine and used to restore the reduction of sexual function, which was age-related in most cases. However, over the centuries, the need for iron in metabolic activity and human nutrition has been further researched.

Studies showed that without it, the body couldn’t synthesize hemoglobin because blood contains a protein-iron compound that carries oxygen from the lungs to the cellular tissues.

Because of this iron requirement from the organisms, producers have developed a series of supplements that aim to fulfill the gap by offering daily amounts of this mineral. A product like this is Ferrofood. By containing 10 mg of iron per serving, this remedy focuses on avoiding problems like anemia while also encouraging healthy red-blood-cell formations. Additionally, this ingredient positively impacts canker sores, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), depression, fatigue, inability to get pregnant, and Crohn’s disease. Women often take iron-based supplementation to make up for the iron loss, which occurs during heavy menstrual periods.

Although viewed as likely safe when the usage is done in appropriate manners, iron can cause side effects like pain, diarrhea, vomiting, constipation, and nausea. While taking antibiotics, people should avoid taking this treatment due to possible interactions which may cause problems or just slow down the antibiotic intake, thus consumption being in vain.

There are online customer testimonials about Ferrofood. What is being reported includes:

  • Better than regular iron pills
  • Helps the body better retain iron
  • Helped with anemia
Pros & Cons

4) Ferrofood: Pros and Cons

Mentioned below are the pros and cons of Ferrofood that may help users decide whether to purchase it or not


  • Ferrofood was introduced on the market in 1944, thus has more than sixty years of experience in the nutritional market.
  • Almost all consumer reviews report positive results on both short and long-term usage.
  • It is often reported to cure iron deficiency.
  • It supports cellular integrity
  • It promotes the production of normal blood cells


  • Standard Process doesn’t have 24/7 client support, money-back guarantee policies, or international shipment.
  • The product can’t be used by vegans, vegetarians, or people taking antibiotics.

5) Ferrofood Warnings and Precautions

  • Standard Process doesn’t have 24/7 client support, money-back guarantee policies or international shipment
  • The product can’t be used by vegans, vegetarians, or people taking antibiotics
Where to Buy?

6) Where to Buy Ferrofood

Visit standardprocess.com to purchase Ferrofood directly from the manufacturer’s website (standardprocess.com). International customers may consider purchasing it from Amazon.


7) How Much Does Ferrofood Cost?

The price for Ferrofood has not been disclosed by its official company. At Amazon, the supplement is available at a price of $14.26 for a bottle of 40 capsules.

How To Use

8) How to Use Ferrofood

The recommended daily intake of Ferrofood is one capsule per day with water. It is important to follow the label dosage in order to avoid potential unwanted side effects. The company recommends using tablets with food which can significantly reduce the risk of side effects.


9) Our Final Take On Ferrofood

Advertised as a supplement that works as an alternative to regular iron drugs, Ferrofood should be used by people during growth or iron deficiency problems like anemia, depression, fatigue, or Crohn’s disease are present. Specifically, women during menstrual times may take this remedy to balance their iron levels.

Except for the remedy’s main ingredient, there are also two vitamins i.e. vitamins B12 and C, that facilitate iron’s bodily absorption. Despite being natural, people using antibiotics are advised not to take them because iron can interact and lead to side effects such as diarrhea, nausea, and pain.

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lori Galster

I have a rare bleeding disorder called HHT. After trying many types of iron and suffering severe digestive problems, I found ferrofood. It is a heme iron made from animal, not plant-based products. It is also a capsule that is powdered for easier absorption. Since being on ferrofood, I have cut the necessity to have iron infusions by 75%. I literally can’t live without this product.

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Best Iron Supplement After years of Searching
Have you tried this product?
Jessica R. Adams

Highest quality organic USA products. Top shelf! I use the entire line and so does my whole family. I highly recommend it.

Gwendolyn J. Pringle

After taking this for a few months, I had a blood test done checking for anemia among other things.. And my iron levels were up to normal. I will never be without !