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Fen-Cho Review – 8 Things You Need to Know

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Fen-Cho is advertised as a supplement that was created in order to provide help with natural and consisten intestinal movements by improving bowel eliminations as well as other functions. The product is offered by an experienced manufacturer of the nutritional field called Standard Process

With more than eighty years of background on the nutritional area since its establishment in 1929, Standard Process represents reliable and well-structured nutritional provider. It categorized all its products that are over three hundred by number into three major production lines which are MedHerb, Standard Process whole food supplements, and Standard Process Veterinary Products. Due to the fact that their nutritional power extends on a large variety of areas starting with veterinary supplements to herbal remedies, the company is constantly trying to keep up with the changes that may appear in the alternative medicine.

Fen-Cho uses the properties of an herbal blend composed of collinsonia root, bile salts, okra, and fenugreek seed that are utilized for variety of bodily organs and functions. The remedy’s main aspect is its support provided for the flow waste material through the intestinal tract, that helps people eliminate undigested food, hence avoiding i fatigue, irritability and bloating. Fen-Cho is most of the time suggested for people that don’t properly hydrate. The lack of hydration is the most important cause that leads to a slow-down of the intestinal activity.


1) Fen-Cho Quick Facts

By containing a blend composed of collinsonia root, fenugreek seed, okra, and bile salts, Fen-Cho is promoted as a homeopathic remedy that concentrates on normalizing levels of natural and consistent intestinal movements therefore enhancing the digestive system. Due to infrequent or difficult bowel movements which are a cause of a slow material movement through the large intestines, digestive and elimination problems currently represent a matter of concern for most of the people. Because of this, a lot of nutritional producers have created products that may offer a help with these issues.

For instance, collinsonia root, an herb from the mint family, is thought to provide a support for the gastrointestinal tract. It has the property of being an astringent for the surface tract of the mucus. Furthermore, it helps with tones frommucousmembranes that are contained by the gastrointestinal tract stimulation, thus offering a support when it comes to the gastrointestinal health. Additionally, it promotes proper flow of gastric juice. Because of this feature, following this treatment generally determines an increase in appetite.

What’s Inside?

2) What’s Inside Fen-Cho?

Fen-Cho includes the following ingredients: Sodium, Fenugreek seed, Okra, Collisonia root, and bile salts.

3) Does Fen-Cho Work?

By featuring a unique blend made out of fenugreek seed, Collinsonia root, bile salts, and okra, Fen-Cho is advertised as a product that focuses on encouraging consistent and natural intestinal movements to enhance the digestive system. Because difficult or infrequent bowel movements determined by a slow movement of materials throughout the large intestines represents a matter of concern for people nowadays, a lot of manufacturers have designed nutritional products that should offer a response to these issues.

For example, Collinsonia root which is a member of the mint family is known for supporting the gastrointestinal tract. It works as an astringent for mucous surface tract. Moreover, it may help stimulate the tones of the mucosal membranes contained by the digestive tract, thus providing a support for gastrointestinal health. By also promoting proper flow of the gastric juice, following this treatment usually, increases appetite.

A particular feature of this herb which is supported by some clinical trials is its Effectiveness when dealing with problems such as pain or discomfort in the rectum, constipation, gastritis, and Haemorrhoids Varicosis. It also directly influences women in disorders like dysmenorrheal, vicarious menstruation, leucorrhea, pruritis-vulvae due to varicosis, and prolapsed uterus. However, on long-term usage side-effects such as dizziness, stomach irritation or extreme urination may appear.

There are online consumer testimonials about Fen-Cho. What is being reported includes:

  • It’s a hemorrhoid medicine that works

  • It is effective when dealing with Restless Leg Syndrome

  • Sleeping troubles are diminished by using this remedy

Pros & Cons

4) Fen-Cho: Pros and Cons

  • Fen-Cho focuses on alleviating symptoms of specific conditions like prolapsed uterus, constipation, leucorrhea, gastritis and discomfort of the rectum
  • Introduced in 1964, the product has been through a lot of improvements based on consumer feedback


5) What You Need to Know Before Taking Fen-Cho

  • No money-back guarantee or international shipment are offered by the manufacturer, compared to others that also provide a free sample
  • The official website doesn’t feature 24/7 client support for further questioning or unsatisfied clients


6) How Much Does Fen-Cho Cost?

Although its price may vary from retailer to retailer, Fen-Cho maintains on a moderate-price. It can be purchased both from the manufacturer website as well as other offline or online retailers. It comes in the form of capsules that are in some forty per bottle. By following the label dosages, people can use a bottle for approximately twenty days of treatment. However, if bought in larger amounts, some discounts and promotions may keep at lower costs the pockets of potential clients. Because there is no international shipping offered by the manufacturer, people from outside the American territory have to look for local suppliers if they desire to follow this treatment.


7) Fen-Cho Directions

A specific feature of this plant is its positive effects in dealing with issues such as discomfort or pain of the rectum, gastritis, constipation and Haemorrhoids Varicosis. On the other hand, on long-term treatment side-effects such as stomach irritation or dizziness may kick in.

Final Thoughts

8) Final Thoughts on Fen-Cho

By focusing on problems that can appear within bowel function as well as the elimination processes, Fen-Cho is generally thought to be an alternative to medication with no side-effects on short-term usage. Particularly, people who suffer from leucorrhea, prolapsed uterus, constipation, discomfort of the rectum, and gastritis, should seek to buy this remedy. It contains a mixture of herbal extracts that possess known individual qualities and have been utilized in similar remedies for the same conditions. On the other hand, it is important to follow the treatment based on the suggested daily intake of two tablets and maintain the treatment on a short-term usage.

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Jeannette A. France

It takes a couple weeks to work as most all herbal remedies do but is well worth the wait. It will actually heal the problem, but not completely.

Carl K. Dansby

This product was recommended to me to use to help with hemorrhoids and it worked completely. I am still using the product and would recommend to other