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Coffea Crudum Review – 4 Things You Need to Know

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Coffea Crudum (also known as the green coffee bean) is often promoted as a source of helping the body to calm and to relax. 1-800-Homeopathy offers this product. The company has a wealth of experience in producing and selling various supplements and natural remedies. They are located in the United States, with headquarters in Virginia.
This ingredient is likely to appeal to those who frequently find themselves feeling on edge and anxious for no reason. While drinking roasted coffee beans only support this feeling, it is believed that green coffee extracts may calm the mind and body. Taking this into consideration, we find Coffea Crudum an intriguing possible solution for those who suffer from insomnia, sleep disorders, stress or anxiety.

What’s Inside?

1) What’s Inside Coffea Crudum?

Coffea Crudum includes the following ingredients: Green coffee beans.

2) Does Coffea Crudum Work?

Just like black tea is made by processing green tea leaves from their original state, Coffea Crudum is made by roasting green coffee beans. Based on researchers, this process alters the chemical makeup of the plant, causing it to lose some of its antioxidant properties.

Scientists and nutritionists are now exploring the potential benefits of green tea. However, in the past few years, many researchers have become interested in exploring the benefits of green coffee beans as well.

Some recent studies have shown that green coffee beans may also support a lower blood pressure, making it an effective treatment for health problems such as hypertension. But the most interesting and intriguing possible uses for the green coffee bean is as a treatment for insomnia and other sleep disorders. While consumers are using the regular coffee to remain awake and alert, green coffee can treat the symptoms of insomnia and promote a more relaxed and calm body. Again, it all comes down to the processing of it, the level of caffeine, and any extras such as sugar that may be included in it.

1-800-Homeopathy offers Coffea Crudum in the form of pills. The recommended dose is two tablets to be taken about one hour before bedtime. The manufacturer also claims this product can help treating headaches, but we were unable to find any relevant clinical trial on their website to support this particular statement.


3) Coffea Crudum Cost

A bottle of Coffea Crudum contains 160 tablets, and it should be enough for three months of treatment at a recommended dosage of two tablets per day.

This is an incredibly cheap product. Shipping is only offered within the USA, but you should be able to find similar products at various offline retailers as well.


4) Our Final Take On Coffea Crudum

Some consumers may still be reticent about their opinions of this product. Using coffee beans to fight insomnia and other sleep disorders may be confusing for some. While this ingredient has its benefits, it has its limits too.

We recommend our readers to further research the benefits and the possible side effects of this ingredient before making a purchase. There are other possible choices out there that may be more effective and less risky. For instance, a supplement containing the natural form of the mineral lithium is recommended for those who are experiencing mild mood swings, hormonal fluctuations or mild to moderate sleep disorders.

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