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Brain Vitale Review – Is it Effective?

By Robert Rivera

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Brain Vitale is marketed as a multi-benefit nootropic formulated for optimal brain function, mood, and memory, but that’s not the best part.

The best part is how they went out of their way to establish themselves as a premium nootropic, and they did it by showing their formula contains the most popular brain ingredients in the market.

We have six key ingredients, all of which are potent nootropics on their own, but does Brain Vitale know how to synergize them? Read our Brain Vitale review to find out.


1) Brain Vitale at a Glance

  • Six key ingredients, all of which are major nootropic ingredients
  • Caffeine source if Neurofactor, a non-jittery version of caffeine
  • Transparent formulation
  • You can’t buy anything on their website or see the prices unless you register

2) The Company Behind Brain Vitale

Designs for Health is a company founded in 1989 which offers nutritional products exclusively to health care professionals and their patients through a referral system.

The company operates FDA inspected facilities to ensure products comply to standards and regulations set forth by various regulators. Their primary mission is to deliver superior quality nutritional supplements, as well as to educate healthcare practitioners as to their best therapeutic use.

Some of their best products are:

  • 5-HTP Supreme for sleep
  • 7-Keto for those on a ketogenic diet
  • Allicillin, a garlic supplement
  • BioFizz IMMUNE for immunity
  • DopaBoost

Contact Information:

  • Phone: (860) 623-6314

You need to register to chat with an agent (which is actually terrible)

What’s Inside?

3) What’s Inside Brain Vitale?

Judging from how the formula is structured, we can safely assume that Brain Vitale works primarily by enhancing brain energy, which leads to better brain function.

  • Acetyl L-Carnitine

Acetyl-L-Carnitine leads the charge by triggering processes that gives you an advantage when learning something new.

  • Citicoline (Cognizin)
  • Alpha GPC (CholineAid, from soy lecithin)

Citicoline and Alpha GPC are two of the most potent choline enhancers in the market. More choline production = better brain function in general. These two also double as protective ingredients against age-related neurological disorders.

  • Coffee fruit concentrate (NeuroFactor)
  • Phosphatidylserine
  • Ginkgo biloba (standardized to contain 24% ginkgoflavonglycosides & 6% terpene lactones)

The coffee fruit concentrate can provide energy without causing jitters, while phosphatidylserine and ginkgo biloba are simply bonafide brain health and memory enhancers.

We also have to mention that each ingredient appears to be dosed with synergy and overall potency in mind, which is always a good thing when it comes to supplements in general.

4) Does Brain Vitale Work?

We think Brain Vitale works, especially when it comes to memory retention and protection against age-related brain disorders. In fact, the formula is definitely one of the best in terms of overall optimal brain boosting.

Pros & Cons

5) Brain Vitale: Pros and Cons

  • Consumer testimonials report effectiveness in areas such as memory improvement and anxiety relief
  • Premium ingredients in good doses
  • No wheat, yeast, gluten, eggs, dairy, corn, artificial colors, flavors, sugars or preservatives
  • Mild side effect if the formula is taken in the evening, especially because of its brain energy benefit
  • You can’t see how much it costs nor can you make a purchase until you register first

6) What You Need to Know Before Taking Brain Vitale

  • Precautions mentioned for certain categories of patients (pregnant and lactating women, people on blood thinning medication, etc.)
Where to Buy?

7) Where to Buy Brain Vitale

You can buy it on their website or through Amazon. Personally, we think you’re better off buying it in Amazon if leaving user information is not right up your alley.


8) Brain Vitale Price

We’re not sure how much it would cost on their website since we’re not willing to leave personal information to know something that’s supposed to be made public anyway.

If we base the price on Amazon:

  • One bottle (30 servings): $79.45; with subscription, $75.48
  • One bottle (60 servings): $141.45; with subscription, $134.38

9) Brain Vitale Directions

As a dietary supplement, take two capsules per day with meals, or as directed by your health care practitioner.

Final Thoughts

10) Final Thoughts on Brain Vitale

Brain Vitale positions itself as a premium nootropic by using six of the best brain ingredients in the industry.

Because of their potent formulation, the brain health and brain function benefits associated with their formula is plausible or at least reasonably true. Notably, the use of both Cognizin and Alpha GPC in one blend tells us the people behind Brain Vitale know what they’re doing.

There’s not a bad thing we can say about Brain Vitale’s formula, but we do have to make a comment on the way they share information and help customers.

For you to know how much a product costs and buy on their website, you must first register. This is also the same requirement with their customer service.

That’s pretty bad, especially now that we’re in an age where we want to prevent companies from knowing too much about their consumers.

We think that’s backwards and truly in contrast with how well-researched Brain Vitale is. Luckily, you can always buy Brain Vitale from other stores.

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Fabulous results. No longer affraid of exams, no longer sleeping in class… This stuff turned me into the rolemodel student. Gotta love it.


since started this product… I sleep better, have much less anxiety, and believe it has changed my life in a very good way. My doctor recommended it for me.


Have been taking Brain Vitale for a little over 2 months (2 capsules/day). Recently began having dizziness to the point of not being able to bend over well or lie down to sleep. Could there be any connection or is my dizziness caused by something else?