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Brain Cell Worx Review – 6 Things You Didn’t Know

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Because of today „s fast-paced and busy life, along with your aging process, it is very likely that your brain does not work on all cylinders. New scientific and medical advances offer all the benefits of feeding your brain to reduce damage and memory loss. Whatever your age, brain cells and memory can be improved and maintained by using Brain Cell Worx. It is a food supplement made by “Worx stem cell.” Manufacturers claim that their product is the only clinically proven, laboratory tested, natural cognitive enhancer in an intraoral spray. This all-natural brain health supplement can enhance your attention and memory, promotes clearer thinking, protects brain cells and promotes overall brain health.


1) What is Brain Cell Worx?

It has been scientifically proved that the most effective way to take nutrients to ensure maximum absorption is by mouth (by spraying under the tongue). Intraoral spraying (called sublingual in some contexts) is a viable solution with an absorption rate of up to 95% compared to an intake of 10% to 20% that the capsules and pills provide. Brain Cell Worx combines advanced technology, is pure, and contains natural ingredients that are applied intra-oral (by spraying under the tongue). This method of application ensures the maximum absorption rate, making it the next best thing to intravenous administration.

It is not a proprietary blend as you can see the percentage values of each ingredient on its packaging. This supplement does not contain filler materials or flavors (sweet mint flavor is an entirely natural flavor). This powerful formula contains three unique, water soluble ingredients that are:

Ginkgo Biloba – It is a herb that has been used in medicine for thousands of years. It is clinically proved that Ginkgo biloba improves circulation and is beneficial for the treatment of cognitive decline due to brain disorders such as Parkinsonism, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia (by preventing cell death).

Alpha GPC – a form of choline is an exciting nutrient that is part of the vitamin B-complex group. Choline allows the neurotransmitters and brain cells to communicate with each other. GPC is also very useful in increasing the production of acetylcholine and phosphatidylcholine. These nutrients are essential for cognitive function, protection of neurons and better signal transmission.


2) What Are Brain Cell Worx Ingredients?

Brain Cell Worx contains the following ingredients: Brain Cell Worx includes the following ingredients: Alpha GPC (85% purity); Ginkgo Bioloba (Highest Pharmaceutical Grade Available); Resveratrol (99% purity).

Health Benefits

3) Brain Cell Worx Health Benefits

  • This supplement is in intraoral spray form to ensure maximum absorption through sublingual route.
  • It is guaranteed to activate your brain cell, improve your memory and concentration levels and improve overall brain health.


4) Precautions of Brain Cell Worx Use

  • This supplement is not recommended for pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or breastfeeding women.
  • It can cause allergy with particular protein food content and medicines like blood clotting drugs.

How To Take

5) How to Take Brain Cell Worx

Trans-resveratrol – It is a potent antioxidant that slows down the aging process. Trans-resveratrol taken by intra-oral (sprayed under the tongue) has been scientifically proven to be 250 times more potent than when taken as a pill or capsule. It stimulates the growth of new mitochondria, promotes lean muscle, provides anti-inflammatory relief and multiple benefits to the cardiovascular system and is compatible with healthy blood vessels.


6) Our Verdict on Brain Cell Worx

Brain Cell Worx benefits all individuals ranging from those with health problems and memory issues, those with busy lifestyles and serious athlete giving them a competitive edge. The intraoral route of administration is also a significant advantage since it guarantees the maximum absorption of the ingredients. Always consult your physician if you are on birth control pills, blood clotting medicines or taking another diet rich in protein.

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