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Bad Dream Sprinkles Review – 8 Things You Didn’t Know

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Bad Dream Sprinkles is a homeopathic remedy manufactured by Native Remedies, a company based in the U.S. that offers a large variety of dietary supplements for various health issues. Bad Dream Sprinkles is a natural formulation specially developed for children that claims to support healthy sleep patterns, reduce night terrors and nightmares and the associated anxiety. The formula includes traditional homeopathic remedies meant to relieve these symptoms and promote emotional and physical balance. Bad Dream Sprinkles comes in and easy to take formula of sweet granules that children will easily ingest.

Bad Dream Sprinkles is advertised as a nonaddictive natural remedy, safe for children over 6 months of age. Use during pregnancy and breastfeeding is not recommended as safety during this period has not been established. Bad Dream Sprinkles is an average priced-supplement and available directly on the manufacturer’s website. They offer an unconditional 1-year money-back guarantee on orders up to $200, less shipping fees.


1) Bad Dream Sprinkles Quick Facts

Bad Dream Sprinkles is a homeopathic remedy meant for children that have frequent night terrors and nightmares. The formula contains several herbal extracts and natural tissue salts like Nat sulph, a biochemic tissue salt that is recommended for children with anxiety or fearful children. One of the main ingredients of Bad Dream Sprinkles is Chamomilla, known for its effectiveness in treating insomnia. The herb is recommended for irritable and fretful children or new-born and infants during period of dentition. Chamomile is one of the most efficient remedies known for nightmares and night terrors.


2) What Are Bad Dream Sprinkles Ingredients?

Bad Dream Sprinkles includes the following ingredients:Aconitum nap (30C), Chamomile, Sucrose, Passion flower, Kali phos (6C), Nat sulph (6C).

3) Does Bad Dream Sprinkles Work and it is Safe?

Bad Dream Sprinkles is a homeopathic remedy for children suffering from anxiety caused by many night terror and nightmares. The formulation contains several calming herbal extracts and homeopathic ingredients. One of the key ingredients in the formulation is Chamomilla, a diluted Chamomile extract that is a herb used for thousands of years for its many healing properties. Recent studies showed the herb to possess antispasmodic, antibacterial, and anti-allergenic properties. Chamomile is best known for its Effectiveness in treating insomnia and anxiety and as the sole certain remedy for nightmares.

Another key ingredient in the Bad Dream Sprinkles formulation is Passion flower extract, a plant traditionally used as a remedy for stress and anxiety. It has been found to contain flavonoid constituents, substances with sedative properties that can induce sleep; Chamomile can also be effective in reducing restlessness, anxiety, or nervousness.

Bad Dream Sprinkles comes in the form of small sweet fine granules, that should be administered directly in the mouth when needed and can be repeated in 10-15 minutes if necessary. The remedy is recommended for children over six months and should not be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Bad Dream Sprinkles is claimed to show immediate and excellent results. The manufacturer doesn’t mention any potential side effects of Bad Dream Sprinkles. While homeopathic remedies are considered safe due to their small concentrations in active ingredients, it is best to consult with a physician before administering Bad Dream Sprinkles to your child.

Testimonials for the product are available on the Native Remedies website, and users state that:

  • Everyone is much happier the next day.

  • I could not believe how well they worked.

Health Benefits

4) Bad Dream Sprinkles Health Benefits

  • Safe natural ingredients
  • No side-effects
  • Proven effectiveness for some ingredients
  • Easily administered
  • Affordable price
  • Available for purchase directly from the manufacturer
  • 1-year money-back guarantee


5) Bad Dream Sprinkles Product Warnings

  • Not registered with the FDA
  • Some ingredients may cause allergic reactions or interact with certain medication
  • No evidence to support manufacturer claims


6) Bad Dream Sprinkles Cost

Bad Dream Sprinkles is an averagely-priced supplement. One bottle contains 20g of fine granules and contains approximately 100 doses depending on the amount taken. The product can be bought directly from the Native Remedies website; they offer discounts and also have a “Buy 2 get one free” offer.

The supplement can also be purchased from other online resellers that may offer different discounts, free shipping, and even free bottles for larger orders. Native Remedies provides for all its products a 1-year money-back guarantee policy, stating that any product returned within a one-year time frame will be fully refunded (except shipping costs).


7) Bad Dream Sprinkles Serving Size

Bad Dream Sprinkles is made of small pleasant-tasting fine granules that are to be administered directly in the mouth when needed. The supplement is safe for use in children over 6 months and should be avoided during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Bad Dream Sprinkles is advertised as fast-working with excellent results. While homeopathic remedies are generally considered safe and there are no mentioned side-effects for Bad Dream Sprinkles, studies have showed that Chamomile and Passion Flower can sometimes cause mild side-effects or interact with certain types of prescription medication. One bottle contains 20g of fine granules and contains approximately 100 doses depending on the amount taken.

Does it Work

8) Bottom Line – Does It Really Work?

Bad Dream Sprinkles is a homeopathic remedy meant for children and it is advertised to promote healthy sleeping patterns, reduce night terrors, nightmares and the associated anxiety. The manufacturer, Native Remedies is one of the leading supplement manufacturers in the business, delivering quality supplements for many years. Bad Dream Sprinkles is a promising remedy, although the manufacturer hasn’t provided any conclusive evidence to its effectiveness as yet. The user reviews and testimonials we were able to find for the product are mostly positive, confirming that Bad Dream Sprinkles lives up to its claims. However, parents should consult a pediatrician before administering this or any other dietary supplement to their child.

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Noreen Laidlaw

these bad dream sprinkles are a lifesaver… i started my 3-year old son on them 2 months back when his nightmares happened every night a..it helps him sleep more calmly and he may still have some bad nights, but overall it works.

Ted G

Our daughter bused to wake up distressed from nightmares and we decided to give her these. After a couple of weeks her nightmares seemed to lessen and now she doesn\’t seem to have them anymore. Will definitely keep using the granules!