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ASF Anti-Stress Factors Review – 8 Essential Things to Know

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Stress is taking over our daily lives more and more, being a real epidemic that we do not realize. If stress is not managed correctly, it can lead to long-term relationships with family and friends, work, and health. Fortunately, several supplements can increase stress resistance and reduce its adverse effects on the body.

Keep reading if you want to find out how ASF Anti-Stress Factors may support your body fighting against everyday life stressors.


1) What is ASF Anti-Stress Factors?

A.S.F. Anti-Stress Factors Solaray is a combination of amino acids, vitamins, and nutrients that were specially created to treat symptoms of stress, anxiety, elevate mood, promote a more restful and peaceful night sleep, and support a better concentration.

it is beneficial for increasing stress resistance and reducing its negative action on the body.

2) The Company Behind ASF Anti-Stress Factors

The company behind this supplement is Solaray, a company with its headquarters in New Jersey, that started making supplements in 1973. The company is currently offering supplements in the categories of amino acids, antioxidants, green foods, and digestive health.

Nutrition Facts

3) ASF Anti-Stress Factors Nutrition Facts

A.S.F. Anti-Stress Factors Solaray contains common ingredients, but the company claims their mixture is superior, and it can offer some great benefits for the consumers.

The main ingredient in this product’s formulation is Riboflavin. Its essential role comes from the involvement in the production of antibodies, the building of red blood cells, the production of antibodies, and the regulation of growth and reproduction.

Thiamin (better known as Vitamin B-1) plays a major role in converting carbohydrates into ready energy for the body to use. Vitamin B-1 is also highly essential to the proper functioning of the heart, the nervous system, and the muscles.

The formula also contains Guaranteed Potency extracts of Valerian, Passion Flower, Siberian Gingseng, and Chamomile, substances usually utilized by herbalists for their calming and mildly sedative properties.

4) What Does ASF Anti-Stress Factors Do?

A.S.F. Anti-Stress Factors Solaray helps induce relaxation and well-being and contributes to reducing stress and anxiety.

It is still good to keep in mind that dietary supplements do not replace a healthy lifestyle.

Health Benefits

5) ASF Anti-Stress Factors Health Benefits

This supplement seems designed to help provide nutritive support during periods of stress. It incorporates several minerals, vitamins, and other substances that are alleged depleted within the body when it is overtaxed and suffering the repercussions of being burnt out.

Where to Buy?

6) Where to Buy ASF Anti-Stress Factors?

A.S.F. Anti-Stress Factors Solaray can be bought directly from the manufacturer’s site.


7) How Much Does ASF Anti-Stress Factors Cost?

A.S.F. Anti-Stress Factors Solaray is offered in a bottle of 60 capsules for the price of $14.95. One bottle should be enough for one month of treatment.

All orders shipped within the U.S.A. are free shipping if the cost of the order is over $99. For all U.S.A. orders less than $99, the price is a flat rate of $6.95. For orders outside of the U.S.A., the cost will be calculated based on the actual location for the delivery of A.S.F. Anti-Stress Factors Solaray.


8) Conclusion

A.S.F. Anti-Stress Factors Solaray looks like a good solution if you seek to help your body fight against daily stress factors. However, we do not feel like this formula is superior to other similar formulas available on the market at this moment.

Furthermore, A.S.F. Anti-Stress Factors Solaray claims to be a mood elevator as well. Still, it lacks one key ingredient: the mineral form of Lithium, which has been shown to help ease mood swings and encourage peace of mind.

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S. Jeni

It is a good product and I am happy it is a natural supplement. I don’t enjoy taking drugs or something else.


It was recommended by a friend. I have so much stress at work and it really helped me to relax and work better. I even gave it to my children and it has great benefits for them at school.