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Lifeplus Vitamin-C-Plus Review – Is it Effective?

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Vitamin-C-Plus formula is a multi-benefit nutritional supplement designed to support the overall health, including normal collagen formation, optimal energy levels, healthy immune function and increased resistance to stress resulting in reduced tiredness and fatigue.

The company that created the formula is Lifeplus, a manufacturer with an experience of 20 years in developing health products for the support of the general well-being.

The company offers a wide range of supplements classified according to specific criteria such as: targeted health issues (The Targeted Nutrition Line), season (Autumn Special and Winter Special lines) or age and sex (For Him, Her and Little Ones).

All the company’s products are claimed to be adjusted constantly to comply with the latest medical discoveries such as the coffee alternative Real NRG.

Vitamin-C-Plus is marketed to provide a concentrate and high quality of active substance. The official page mentions only a few of the important benefits of this nutrient, but specifies that there are still numerous unmentioned proven benefits. The product is offered as a supplement based on the therapeutic action of the essential antioxidant vitamin C. A synergistic blend of flavonoids has been included to increase the antioxidant and cardiovascular defense of the organism. Additionally, Vitamin-C-Plus features amounts of Iron, vitamin E, Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, and Potassium.

The supplement is offered for healthy adults who want to enjoy the numerous benefits provided by a highly concentrated and safe formula.


1) What is Lifeplus Vitamin-C-Plus?

Vitamin-C-Plus dietary formula is vitamin-based. The product’s benefits are the direct result of the properties associated with the main nutrient, Ascorbic acid. This is a water-soluble nutrient present in a large variety of natural raw dietary foods, especially fruits and vegetables including: broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cantaloupe, oranges, papaya, strawberries, and kiwi. Humans are among the few species unable to manufacture their own vitamin C supplies and need a proper diet to ensure its synthesis. The main function of this substance is to protect the organs and systems from harmful factors like free radicals. Medical literature emphasizes its fundamental benefits in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, cancers, joint and bones disease, Alzheimer’s disease, asthma, cataracts and scurvy (vitamin C deficiency that affects gums and skin). This nutrient seems to have increased antioxidant potency when combined with vitamin E and vice versa.

The formulation features 1000 mg of active substance per serving, equivalent to 1667% of the daily recommended value. This may seem like a high amount as the tolerated upper limit was set at 2000 mg per day. However the body has the ability to eliminate all excess amounts when necessary.
Excess doses of supplemental Vitamin C may cause symptoms like: accumulations of uric acid in the urine, diarrhea, and over absorption of iron. However, there are not enough studies to determine the generalized side-effects on the general health.


2) Lifeplus Vitamin-C-Plus Ingredients

Vitamin-C-Plus contains the following ingredients: Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid), Lemon Bioflavonoids Whole Fruit, Stearic Acid, Hesperidin, Rutin, Polyvinylpoly pyrrolidone, Calcium L-Ascorbate, Acerola (Malpighia punicifolia L) fruit extract, Silica, PhytoZymeŸ proprietary blend (Bromelain, Papain, Alfalfa, parsley, and vegetable and fruit concentrates from blueberry, carrots, broccoli, spinach, cauliflower, kale, asparagus, beet, chili pepper, green bean, pea, sweet potato, cucumber, pumpkin, snow pea, tomato, watercress, zucchini, lima beans, mushroom, banana, cantaloupe, cranberry, guava, lemon, mango, orange, papaya, peach, pineapple and grapefruit), and cayenne fruit (spice pod).

3) Does Lifeplus Vitamin-C-Plus Work?

Vitamin-C-Plus contains Vitamin C and synergistic bioflavonoids extracted from lemon, acerola, and red peppers.

Vitamin C is one of the most popular supplements in the, world, and it is used in many other formulas. It has numerous positive qualities. It is an essential nutrient for humans and certain other animal species.

The North American Dietary Reference Intake recommends 90 milligrams per day and no more than 2 grams (2,000 milligrams) per day. Many species of animals can produce vitamin C on their own, but humans to not have that ability.

Ascorbic acid is well known for its antioxidant activity, acting as a reducing agent to reverse oxidation in liquids and preventing cellular damage due to free radicals. Studies also show that vitamin C is used quickly during infections and it is found in high concentrations in immune cells. It is not certain how vitamin C interacts with the immune system but it has been hypothesized to modulate the activities of white blood cells, the production of cytokines and lymphocytes, and the number of cell adhesion molecules in monocytes. Vitamin C is necessary for the body to form and maintain collagen, which is the primary substance of skin and connective tissues that hold our bodies together. More information regarding the Effectiveness of this compound can be found on LifePlus’ official website.

There is a longstanding belief among the mainstream medical community that vitamin C causes kidney stones, which is based on little science. Although recent studies have found a relationship, a clear link between excess ascorbic acid intake and kidney stone formation has not generally been established.

Health Benefits

4) Lifeplus Vitamin-C-Plus Health Benefits

  • The manufacturer is experienced and has a good reputation
  • The manufacturer offers additional benefits for ASAP members (and every client is given this option)
  • All the manufacturer’s supplements come with a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Vitamin-C-Plus is advertised as gluten free and not animal tested
  • A month’s supply comes at a relatively low price

5) Lifeplus Vitamin-C-Plus Warnings and Precautions

  • There are no reviews from consumers available for online consultation
  • No free trial offer is mentioned

6) Lifeplus Vitamin-C-Plus Price

One bottle of Vitamin-C-Plus contains 300 tablets which should be enough for five months. This is an inexpensive supplement.

As all LifePlus products, it can only be acquired directly from the manufacturer. Contacting the company via their website is the most convenient way to get in touch with one of their business partners. Shipping and processing charges are not listed.


7) Lifeplus Vitamin-C-Plus Serving Size

The suggested dose for Vitamin-C-Plus is 2 capsules per day. This particular supplement is not recommended for those who are under the doctor’s supervision, people taking prescription medication or pregnant and nursing women. Side effects are not known.

Does it Work

8) Bottom Line – Does It Really Work?

Vitamin-C-Plus is a classic single vitamin based formula advertised to feature one of the most popular and bioavailable nutrients in the spectrum of vitamins. This product is available for online purchasing on the manufacturer’s site. A full list of the countries where it can be delivered is also provided. The values of additional taxes are not disclosed (only registered users can see them).

Although the manufacturer offers a detailed description of their product in terms of composition and claimed benefits, there is no indication that trials involving the product were ever conducted. Vitamin-C-Plus may contain traces of fish, shellfish, soy and dairy products, so precaution is recommended in case of allergic people. For safety reasons and particularly because this product includes a high concentration of active substance, it is best to consult a healthcare specialist before using it.

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This supplement is one of the many Lifeplus products that I have used and I must say I feel I have a lot more energy. I am happy to have bought it and I am confident in the multiple benefits of all the products offered by this producer.

Joyce Saunders

The product is a great immune booster. I used to be very sensitive during the autumn/winter period and get the flu no matter how much I tried to prevent it. This year I decided to try something stronger, and seeing that this product contains a high amount of vitamin C, I thought it would be a good alternative. And it turned out it really is effective!