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Primal Mind Fuel Review – Is it Effective?

By Dr. Usmarah Hussain

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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The human brain is a tiny, delicate, and convoluted organ that requires daily nutrition to function optimally. Unfortunately, stress can negatively affect this vital organ’s functioning, resulting in a lower cognition and focus. While an adequate diet is the best way to enhance brain health, no one has the time and energy to invest in healthy dietary habits. So is there an alternative to make your brain healthy and sharp? Nootropics like Primal Mind Fuel can be an option to consider.

For people who regularly experience mental fuzz or a lack of experience, Primal Mind Fuel can improve their focus and enhance their energy levels. But before you consider adding it to your daily life, give this review a read to know more about it.


1) What is Primal Mind Fuel?

Primal Mind Fuel is a natural nootropic supplement that has been getting a lot of limelight from the supplement industry. It is just a regular nootropic pill that has attracted many customers due to its blend of 11 ingredients that aim to promote the “flow state.”

Regular use of Primal Mind Fuel has been shown to improve mood, motivation, productivity, and attention. The formula is free from dairy, soy, or gluten, making it suitable for people with different dietary preferences and food sensitivities. The product is wholly manufactured in the U.S. in a GMP-certified manufacturing plant, making it authentic.

2) The Company Behind Primal Mind Fuel

Primal Mind Fuel is manufactured by Primal Harvest, a company established in 2017 by Max and Michael who were in search of natural solutions for better health and well-being. The founders believed that a holistic way was the best approach to feeling better and staying healthy. Based on these holistic experiences, they aimed to create products that combined the best ingredients that natured offered, and in this quest, they succeeded in launching Primal Harvest, a company that now offers a range of natural products with high-quality science-backed ingredients.


3) Primal Mind Fuel Ingredients

Primal Mind Fuel includes the following ingredients that may potentially lead to its nootropic effects:

  • B Vitamins: By directly affecting energy levels, cellular metabolism, and cognitive functions, the B vitamins in Primal Mind Fuel are essential for maintaining cognitive health and well-being. The supplement has the following types of B vitamins in its composition:

  • Cyanocobalamin, or vitamin B12, plays a role in the synthesis of DNA and red blood cells. The vitamin also helps in the growth of the brain and nerve cells while fighting mental fatigue.

  • Pyridoxine, or vitamin B6, aims to reduce anxiety while boosting metabolism and mood. Additionally, it also enhances the immunological system.
  • Thiamine or vitamin B6 helps the body derive energy from carbs and use it to power the brain. It also reduces the risk of acquiring Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Anhydrous Caffeine: Extracted from the coffee plant, caffeine is a moderate-level stimulant that helps balance energy and improves response speed. Its anhydrous form comes from the dehydrated coffee extract, which works on the CNS and the brain to fully activate it. The ingredient also plays a role in reducing fatigue and increasing energy.

  • Bacopa: With a high antioxidant content, bacopa can considerably increase cognitive function while minimizing stress, anxiety, and even the symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).
  • Rosea Rhodiola: This ingredient is one of the most important ingredients of Primal Mind Fuel with stimulating effects. Its roots can relieve stress, whereas several of its active ingredients, such as rosavin and salidroside, can manage anxiety, depression, and weariness.
  • Theobromine: Also known as xantheose, theobromine is a bitter alkaloid component found in many natural plants, such as cacao beans, coffee beans, and tea plants. Its presence makes Primal Mind Fuel a good memory supporter.

4) Does Primal Mind Fuel Work?

Primal Mind Fuel seems like a good product that can naturally support a person’s cognitive wellness, memory, and mental performance. At the same time, some also consider it as an anti-stress formula that makes a user less vulnerable to stress and its long-term side effects. The product has a good presence on the internet, with extended reviews from customers who have had first-hand experience with Primal Mind Fuel. The reviews depict how most of them had excellent experiences and were highly satisfied with what the product delivered.

Many customers using Primal Mind Fuel have reported feeling more drive and energy using which they were able to bring out good performances. Some also mentioned that they had better focus and an easier time remembering things and focusing on their tasks. Most people also

The performance had felt better than before, and they had an easier time remembering things and staying focused on their daily tasks. Most say that even after some time with the Primal Harvest Mind Fuel, they would continue to take it. They would like to continue to perform as brought about by taking it and are therefore very satisfied with the product.

In short, Primal Mind Fuel can be a good choice of supplement for healthy adults who are looking forward to boosting performance and energy. This includes people who must perform a lot in their lives and must count on their cognition and memory. All adults, from young to old, may find it beneficial.

Health Benefits

5) Primal Mind Fuel Health Benefits

Primal Mind Fuel claims to help people in the following ways:

  • Enhances alertness and efficiency: High-stress levels can negatively affect a person’s memory, focus, and decision-making, leaving the mind inactive. With time, it also starts lowering productivity in academics or employment. For such people, this supplement claims to act as a mind fuel to keep the cognitive system operational and functioning.
  • Boosts memory and concentration: A person’s learning relies on memory since it helps store and recall the information they acquired. All cognitive processes, such as memory, reasoning, learning, perception, decision-making, and problem-solving, ultimately rely on memory. When their memory suffers, their productivity is also likely to go down. To keep the memory intact and enhanced, Primal Mind Fuel can help.
  • Resists the impact of stress: Stress can affect the body in different ways, such as impairing performance, mental and physical tiredness, behavioral issues, personality changes, and a decline in excitement. These effects collectively interfere with a person’s work, personal, or school life. Primal Mind Fuel can help all such people deal with stressful circumstances by boosting their tolerance to stress or lowering their sensitivity to it.
  • Boosts productivity: Because of ingredients like Bacopa and Huperzine A, people using this supplement may experience an increase in their productivity. These ingredients can enhance the blood flow to the brain and make them focus better while avoiding daily distractions.
  • Increases mental clarity: The combination of ingredients in Primal Mind Fuel can also boost a user’s mental clarity, making them remember knowledge and recall it without any brain fog.
Side Effects

6) Primal Mind Fuel Side Effects

Because of the natural mix of ingredients found in Primal Mind Fuel, no serious side effects are likely associated with its use. However, keep in mind that the product is manufactured in a manufacturing plant that also processes soy, wheat, peanuts, and tree nuts. The facility also holds a GMP certification and FDA approval.

Remember that Primal Mind Fuel is intended for people with good health and no pre-existing problems. If you already suffer from medical issues, try talking to your doctor before using the supplement.


7) Primal Mind Fuel Warnings and Precautions

Primal Mind Fuel is not suitable for people for those with pre-existing migraines, heart conditions, hypertension, or pregnant or lactating women.

Where to Purchase?

8) Where to Purchase Primal Mind Fuel

Primal Mind Fuel is available for purchase at its official website (primalharvest.com). It is also available on other platforms, such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Etsy; however, it is best to stick to the official website as it offers authentic products at possible discounts.


9) How Much Does Primal Mind Fuel Cost?

Primal Mind Fuel is priced differently according to the number of bottles you purchase at a time.

  • One bottle of Primal Mind Fuel is available for $33.95
  • Two bottles of Primal Mind Fuel are available for $31.95 each
  • Three bottles of Primal Mind Fuel are available for $29.95 each
  • Four bottles of Primal Mind Fuel are available for $27.95 each

While the product already seems reasonable enough, the company is offering an additional discount of $6.79 if you avail prescription. A subscription also gives users free shipping in addition to providing them with the product at a flat rate of $27.16.


10) Directions For Taking Primal Mind Fuel

Per the official directions, take one capsule of Primal Mind Fuel daily with a glass of water, preferably after breakfast or lunch. To reduce the risk of digestive side effects and enhance absorption, take it after you have eaten your food.

Bottom Line

11) The Bottom Line – “Does it Work?”

Primal Mind Fuel seems like a good nootropic with a comprehensive ingredients list, each of them in appropriate doses to trigger the claimed side effects. The oral supplement is easy to use and priced nominally, making it affordable for long-term use. It comes from a reputable company and is manufactured in a GMP-certified and FDA-approved facility with minimal possibility of side effects. Moreover, there are plenty of customer reviews that back its claims.

Overall, Primal Mind Fuel can be an excellent addition to your daily routine if you are looking for a supplement to enhance your concentration, focus, and overall brain health.

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