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NeuroMax Review – 6 Things To Look For

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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NeuroMax is a dietary supplement containing ingredients combined to support brain and cognitive function. Its formula contains well-studied ingredients that have been shown to be effective in cognitive and neuronal function. This nootropic can be purchased directly from the manufacturer’s website or from several retailers. The company behind this supplement is “VitaStrength.” The company also produces a variety of supplements that leads the brain supplement market. The company claims to have scientific expertise who manufactures superior products using all natural ingredients. They say their products can solve most of their customers’ needs.


1) What is NeuroMax?

This supplement is formulated from most of the popular and active ingredients to improve memory and cognitive enhancement.

Phosphatidylserine – Although a natural human amino acid, phosphatidylserine (PS) doesn’t have many scientific data that support its use as a supplemental form. It has only minor effects on cognitive impairment, which makes the PS slightly effective at doses of 300 mg relative to the 100 mg amount of Neuro-Max.

Choline – It is used primarily for the treatment of age-related diseases and joint problems. As for its effect on cognition and memory, there is no concrete evidence to support the increased vitality of the brain. However, choline plays a critical role in overall cellular health, allowing you to work well with other additional ingredients.

Bacopa monnieri – Recalling new information is often difficult for people, but Bacopa monnieri has scientific data that support its use as a memory enhancer. Research suggests that people better remember the new information with the use of this potent herb extract.

Ashwagandha – Although scientists are always looking for the “key mechanism” of this herb, Ashwagandha appears promising with strong memory-building functions and antidepressants properties. Because it slightly reduces stress and physical pain, it gives the user the opportunity to focus on cognitive abilities rather than external problems.

Ginkgo biloba – This traditional herb extract is known for its mood enhancing properties. It seems to improve the function of memory, even for patients with dementia, while increasing blood flow. This stimulating effect of blood circulation suggests that all cells are sufficiently oxygenated to improve overall functioning.

What’s Inside?

2) What’s Inside NeuroMax?

NeuroMax contains the following ingredients: NeuroMax includes the following ingredients: Ginkgo Biloba, Phosphatidylserine, N-Acetyl-Carnitine, St. John’s Wort, L-Glutamine, DMAE, Bacopa Monniera, Vinpocetine, Huperzine-A.

Pros & Cons

3) NeuroMax: Pros and Cons

  • Supplement is readily available on manufacturer’s website and several retail stores
  • Individual ingredients in this formula have undergone research and have been listed and explained in detail
  • Contains no common artificial colors and allergens


4) Precautions of NeuroMax Use

  • Whole product has not undergone clinical tests and money back guarantee has not been clearly defined.
  • It may cause a headache, stomach upset and diarrhea due to some stimulant herbal ingredients.

How To Use

5) How to Use NeuroMax

Ginkgo Biloba and phosphatidylserine are backed up with several clinical studies showing that they can improve brain and nerve function. Ginkgo Biloba, in particular, increases blood flow and oxygen to the brain. Studies also indicate that choline and vinpocetine in this formula improve cognition and memory as well as improve blood and nutrient supply to the brain. Bacopa and Ashwagandha herbal extracts are ancient Ayurvedic herbs with adaptogenic and cognitive enhancing properties.

Final Thoughts

6) Final Thoughts on NeuroMax

Neuro-Max has a right mix of ingredients, is cheap and manufactured by a reliable company. Almost all reviews are positive on the official website as well as on Amazon. Some people have used it for years and cite a clearer mind, plus additional motivation for everyday tasks. Each individual has a different metabolism that makes this supplement more or less useful for each buyer. There are no miracle herbal blends to repair mental deterioration permanently, but using this combination of natural supplements may be a solution to your needs.

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