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Pituitrophin PMG Review – Is it Effective?

By Dr. Usmarah Hussain

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Pituitrophin PMG is a PMG-based supplement aiming to support the healthy functioning of the pituitary gland. Located at the base of the brain right next to the hypothalamus, the pituitary gland is also known as the master gland, as it secretes hormones that directly influence and impact almost every organ and cell of the body. The gland is only about a size of a pea or a kidney bean but can significantly influence sexual maturation, metabolism and growth, blood pressure, reproduction, and many other physical functions and processes vital for life. By providing support to the pituitary, Pituitrophin PMG by Standard Process claims to improve the quality of overall health and life quality.

Keep reading this Pituitrophin PMG review to find out more about this supplement and whether or not it is worth giving a try.


1) Pituitrophin PMG at a Glance

The pituitary gland is one of the most important glands in the human body. It is responsible for the secretion of nine hormones, including somatotrophins (human growth hormones), thyrotrophins (thyroid-stimulating hormones), corticotropins (adrenocorticotropic hormone and beta-endorphin), lactotrophins (prolactin), gonadotropins (luteinizing hormone, follicle-stimulating hormone), and melanotrophins (melanocyte-stimulating hormones). Most of these hormones are responsible for the way individuals look, their sex drive, a healthy functioning reproductive system, and their mood. The pituitary gland also secretes oxytocin and dopamine, two important hormones that affect our mood. A normal level of these two hormones will make an individual content and happy, whereas a dip may cause depressive episodes.

Unfortunately, the toxic environment we live in today can easily throw the pituitary out of order, messing with its hormone production and consequent benefits on the body. To ensure its healthy functioning, Standard Process has introduced Pituitrophin PMG, a supplement with ingredients extracted from the bovine pituitary gland that promises a healthy and well-functioning pituitary gland in users. In addition to the PMG extracts, Pituitrophin PMG also contains Calcium and Magnesium, two very important nutrients needed by the human body in order to function properly.

2) How Did Pituitrophin PMG Start?

Pituitrophin PMG is manufactured by Standard Process, a company founded in 1929. Dr. Royal Lee, a famous scientist, was the founder of the company with a vision to introduce the world to whole-food supplements for optimized nutrition. Working together with his team of highly qualified medical professionals, Dr. Royal Lee developed various dietary supplements to provide individuals all over the world with the choice of living a happy and healthy life.

The company claims that one of its goals is to release high-quality natural supplements based on whole foods and herbs for people who cannot commit to healthy dietary habits due to time constraints. Most customer testimonials available on the internet also indicate that they are satisfied with the company’s prices, supplements, and shipping policies.

Nutrition Facts

3) Pituitrophin PMG Nutrition Facts

The key ingredient added to Pituitrophin PMG is its proprietary blend which includes the following two ingredients:

  • Bovine Pituitary PMG extract, a proprietary photomorphogenic blend containing a blend of peptides and nucleotides extracted from the pituitary glands of animals
  • Calcium

In addition to the proprietary blend, other ingredients in Pituitrophin PMG include the following:

  • Calcium lactate
  • Cellulose
  • Calcium stearate.

4) Does Pituitrophin PMG Work?

PMGs are a good way to trigger the body’s natural antigenic-antibody response, which helps it repair or maintain tissue. The PMGs in Pituitrophin PMG have been extracted from the pituitary bovine gland, which tricks the body into believing that the pituitary gland needs repairing. As a result, the body quickly sends antibodies to maintain the pituitary tissue and optimize its functions.

While the primary mechanism of action that Pituitrophin PMG adopts has shown benefits, the process takes a lot of time to show results. Hence, this therapy has been classified as more of a long-term treatment. Many people who were not aware of this fact renounced the treatment because they couldn’t see results after a few days or weeks. Moreover, it is also imperative to remember that the results of taking Pituitrophin PMG may not be as prominent in people who are taking it for maintenance only.

Pituitrophin PMG also contains calcium and magnesium, two ingredients with synergistic properties. While most people relate calcium to the regulation of bones and teeth and magnesium to regulate muscles, they are not aware that both nutrients have significant roles to play when it comes to the central nervous system. Calcium helps the brain transmit signals to the body properly, whereas magnesium defends it from tiredness and depression caused by stress.

There are plenty of testimonials posted online about the effectiveness of Pituitrophin PMG. Many users have advised others to try the product before jumping to extremes if a doctor tells them their pituitary gland is not working as effectively as it should be. Others have also confirmed its benefits of tuning their endocrine system by simply taking the supplement as directed without any gaps.

Health Benefits

5) Pituitrophin PMG Health Benefits

Following are the benefits of choosing Pituitrophin PMG to support the functions of your pituitary glands:

  • It regulates a healthy intake of calcium and magnesium
  • It supports hormone levels in the body
  • It may improve the mood
  • It is easily available on the manufacturer’s website
  • It is affordable at a low monthly price
  • It is a natural alternative to other more powerful drugs available on the market

At the same time, the following downsides of the product must also be remembered:

  • Pituitrophin PMG will not show immediate results
  • No money-back guarantee
  • No free trial
  • Might lead to undesired side effects

6) Pituitrophin PMG Product Warnings

Keep the following warnings and precautions in mind before including Pituitrophin PMG in your daily routine:

  • Do not use it if you are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Always contact a doctor before using the supplement if you are already fighting any co-existing mental health issues
  • Avoid combining Pituitrophin PMG with other prescription and non-prescription medications, as there might be a risk of cross-interaction
Where to Buy?

7) Where to Buy Pituitrophin PMG

Pituitrophin PMG has been made available on the market by Standard Process since 1953. The product is currently being sold at an affordable price through healthcare professionals. It is also available online through various retailers, some of which may offer discounts and promotions. The full list of retailers and facilities offering Pituitrophin PMG is available on the company’s official website (Standardprocess.com).


8) Pituitrophin PMG Price

Pituitrophin PMG is available in plastic bottles, each containing 90 capsules. The price per bottle is approximately $39.60. However, remember that it may vary depending on which retailer you purchase it from.

Sadly, the company does not have a money-back guarantee policy, nor does it currently offer a free trial for this product. This supplement is sold in bottles containing 90 tablets; the recommended daily dosage is one tablet per meal or as directed by your health care practitioner. If the recommended daily dosage is not exceeded, a bottle of this supplement should last the average individual somewhere between one and three months of use.


9) Our Final Take On Pituitrophin PMG

Pituitrophin PMG is a natural dietary supplement designed to balance hormone levels in the body by supporting the healthy functioning of the pituitary gland. In addition, this supplement might also provide the individual with a good daily intake of Calcium and Magnesium to help the body function properly. Through these ingredients, an individual might experience various benefits, such as an elevated mood, well-regulated stress levels, and a happier lifestyle. Customer testimonials available on the internet make Pituitrophin PMG sound promising, as most users are satisfied with the results they achieved.

All in all, Pituitrophin PMG presents itself as a good alternative to most synthetic drugs available on the market nowadays, as it is natural and it rarely causes side effects.

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Hi, I have a teenaged son. He is average height and on the thinner side. Can I give him this product to help with his growth?

Title for your comment
Is it advisable for teenagers for height growth
Have you tried this product?

What is the dosage? 1 tablet a day at night?

Title for your comment
Have you tried this product?
Al Mar

Is it safe to give to kids for growth ??

Title for your comment
Is it safe for children?
Have you tried this product?

Can I use this for my 9 yr old who has been in 1% percentile growth for both weight and height? She is short (48.5 in) compared to her peers and quite underweight. Both parents are average height, 5’5″ and 5’8″ well built. Her growth has been roughly an 1 inch or less every year for last 4-5 yrs being tracked. We are hesitant of doing HGH treatment. If yes, what dosage?

Title for your comment
Is it for kids
Have you tried this product?
Chrystal Lagos
Reply to  pkvs

Colostrum has loads of HGH and is extracted from milk so will not harm the kids. I would try this first for 12 months.

Norie Lichtenstul

Will this effect my thyroid blood reading. I have Graves’ disease and I don’t want anything to effect the thyroid directly. Thx

Title for your comment
Have you tried this product?
Jessica D. Darby

I ordered two bottles but I got only one. Then I got an e-mail telling me my order was canceled. I felt very confused and call a friend to help me find one because I was going out of town. Then suddenly two days later the other bottle arrived. I\’m not impressed with this company’s costumer service.

Robert B. Allan

If a doctor ever says your pituitary gland is out wack, try this product first before jumping to extremes. I had low free testosterone due to my pituitary. It’s a long story but I’ve taken four of Standard Processes glandular PMG’s because I knew my endocrine system was out of tune, this product really helped.


I suffer from endometriosis. I was diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis whne I had surgery to removed my blood filled ovarian cyst. I’ve tried different birth control pills but they all trigger my migraines because of the estrogen in it. The the progestin-only pill (Norethidone acetate .35mg) did not stop the spread of the endometriosis. I’ve been put thru menapause while on Lupron injections; had an IUD that had me bleed and cramp everyday. My emotions have been a mess. I am taking Norethidone acetate but at the much higher dose of 10mg. It gave me real bad mood swings and general feeling of sadness and hopelessness. My chiropractor kinesiologyst prescribed pituitrophin because he said my metabolism had slowed down. Its been 5 days and I feel happy! Like my normal self! I am so happy to have found this medication. He wants me to ween off from it. Now I take 3 once daily for 2 weeks; then 2 once daily for 2 weeks than 1 until the bottle finishes. Wish me well everyone!


Within just a few days of taking Pituitrophin it stopped my constant dirarreha Ive had for twenty years. But most importantly it stopped my calf and thigh spasms Ive had for years.


Hi, my Accupuncturist had me start this to see if it would help my fertility. Unfortunately my FSH has raised into poorer levels the past 2 months and this has been the only real change I’ve made. Wondering if it could be having a negative effect if it’s something that I actually didn’t need.


I started taking this and felt amazing this first month. I started spotting mid-cycle and when I got my period I had cramps like I used to have prior to having kids. Wondered if this is because my hormones are working properly now. Also, ondering why I don’t feel the fantastic feeling I initially felt when I started on it though. I am nursing my 2 1/2 year old a few times a day still and want to know if it’s safe while breastfeeding. Thanks!

Kim Krause

I had bio-meridian testing done a while back and said I needed to take the Pituitrophin. It seemed to help. I stopped taking it for a while but have felt this loopy flighty feeling especially when i try to take a nap like i was before. I started taking it again but seems like shortly after I take it I start spotting a little. I am 45 and wonder if I am pre-menopausal. Should I keep taking it?

Reply to  Kim Krause

Kim please feel free to email me. The question you ask really can not be answered by anyone for sure , there are several factors a person would have to discuss with you. One would be, Do you have in lab work results done in supporting the need for it and how much. Pituitary often goes hand in hand with Parathyroid and Hyperthyroid. Other than working right hand to a Dr. who prescribed these for years I now have a knowledge that NO books will ever teach me with any of this… I looked death in the face before I was able to trust myself, diagnose myself , have experts back it up after several misdiagnosis. Today I am feeling great after having Two Parathyroid Tumors removed, but I assure you it did not end without a substantial amount of maintenance.