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Neurogum Review – Is it Effective?

By Dr. Usmarah Hussain

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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We all love our coffees and teas. After all, it is the only thing that keeps us going through the day without falling back. Having too much coffee obviously messes with your body in ways you do not like, like jitteriness, but you fail to stop as you need the constant flow of energy to get done with the day.

So is there something else that you can use to maintain your energy levels but with a bit more convenience? Enter: Neurogum Energy & Focus

Invented by two athletes with qualifications in chemistry, economics, and neuroscience, Neuro Gum promises to boost energy while honing focus without any uncomfortable side effects of coffee. The supplement has also been advertised as a nootropic that can help users keep things balanced out. Intrigued? Before you grab a pack of Neuro Gum for yourself, read this review to find out more about it.


1) Quick Overview

Neurogum Energy & Focus is a nootropic-infused formula that claims to improve focus, energy, and cognitive performance. With a powerful blend of ingredients, such as B vitamins, L-theanine, and caffeine, this gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan-friendly supplement can help you stay focused and alert with the crashes and jitters typically associated with regular energy-boosting products.

Available in the form of gum, Neurogum can be a great choice for people wishing to improve their cognitive performance without any additional side effects. It is much easier to use and has been regarded as “coffee in pocket” which can be conveniently consumed without any preparation needed. Available in different flavors, the supplement can be an effective, safe, and delicious way to get an edge in day-to-day life.

2) Who Makes Neurogum?

Neurogum is a product of a company called Neuro, a startup established by Kent and Ryan, two friends with degrees in chemistry, economics, and neuroscience. Ryan and Kent challenged their bodies and minds and aimed to live life to the fullest by looking for a product that would keep them going. However, their search ultimately failed as they were unable to find anything that could help them accomplish more healthily and effectively. Because they didn’t want to consume any mysterious energy drinks or supplements while training, studying, or simply going out. What they wanted was something that would provide them with clean energy and was easier to carry around everywhere. With these aims in mind, Kent and Ryan launched Neurogum Energy & Focus.

Long after the introduction of Neurogum in the market, both founders are constantly focused on improving it. So far, they have gone through approximately 39 iterations and have modified the ingredients, textures, and formulations to make sure that they are providing the best product in the market. Neurogum Energy & Focus has sold more than 50 million pieces without any negative backlash. The founders of the product continue to manufacture and supply the caffeine gum using high-quality ingredients made exclusively in FDA-approved labs.


3) Neurogum Ingredients

Neurogum Energy & Focus contains the following ingredients in its composition:

  • Caffeine: Caffeine can help you experience energy while improving focus. The gum contains 40 mg of this ingredient which is equivalent to about the same amount that a small cup of coffee will provide you. However, the caffeine in Neurogum is likely to get absorbed more quickly to release more immediate benefits.
  • Vitamin B6: B vitamins are a common ingredient of many energy drinks as they are directly involved in boosting energy and stamina. Vitamin B6, in particular, helps convert proteins, carbohydrates, and fats into glucose which the body can readily use to generate energy. This type of energy is likely to stay for longer time durations.
  • Vitamin B12: Vitamin B12 in Neurogum also helps the body convert food into energy while keeping the energy levels stable throughout the day. Hence, it can prevent the crashes that many people experience while solely relying on coffee to energize themselves.
  • L-Theanine: L-theanine comes from green tea and is known to have mood-boosting effects. It has also been known to relieve stress, induce calmness, and even help sleep.

4) What Does Neurogum Do?

So with the ingredients list of Neurogum Energy & Focus in mind, the question is, does the supplement really work? While the exact level of benefits may vary from one person to another, there is a fair chance that it may deliver what it claims.

With both L-theanine and caffeine in their composition, it should not be surprising to experience an improvement in cognitive function due to its regular use. Studies have been repeatedly suggesting how this combination can improve task switching, reaction times, cognitive function, and accuracy. This combination works so effectively because both ingredients work synergistically to improve attention and focus while reducing anxiety in the meantime.

The presence of caffeine provides the kick in energy levels and focus that we seek from our usual cup of coffee but only without any preparations. The addition of L-theanine promotes the production of GABA which keeps the mind balanced and relaxed. So with the combination of caffeine and l-theanine, users are likely to experience and enjoy clean energy that comes without any jitters or crashes.

Health Benefits

5) Neurogum Health Benefits

Following are the benefits of adding Neurogum to your daily routine.

  • Natural Flavors: For people who are not a fan of coffee yet need it to function well, Neurogum can be a good alternative. It is available in different flavors and can provide similar results without leaving any unwanted taste in the mouth.
  • Clean, Balanced Energy: While coffee can help people stay energized and focused, too much of it leads to side effects, such as shakiness, nervousness, irritability, headaches, and difficulty sleeping. Neurogum, on the other hand, is unlikely to cause these side effects as it uses natural caffeine, which makes it a clean source of energy. Moreover, it allows you to be in full control of how much caffeine you drink and the energy you get throughout the day.
  • Sugar-Free Energy: Most of the energy drinks out there do pump up the body with stamina, energy, and focus, but most of them are loaded with sugar which may not be the best source to get these benefits. Additionally, too much sugar mostly leads to a sugar crash. However, with Neurogum, these side effects or crashes are least likely as the supplement is free from sugar.
  • Much more than a coffee: Neurogum is much more than just caffeinated gum. It also acts as a nootropic agent designed to give users a physical and mental boost. The product also calms down the body, reduces stress, and nourishes the body with vitamins it needs to stay energized throughout the day.
Adverse Effects

6) Potential Neurogum Adverse Effects

Neurogum does not contain any ingredients known to trigger any side effects. The addition of caffeine may induce problems, like insomnia, jitters, and anxiety, in some people, but because of its controlled dose, these effects are unlikely.

People sensitive to caffeine may consider halving the daily dose to gauge their tolerance. However, there is nothing much to worry about as adding L-theanine acts as a buffer that reduces the likelihood of these side effects.

Where to Buy?

7) Where to Buy Neurogum

The best place to get your hands on Neurogum is its official website (getneuro.com). However, there are plenty of other platforms selling the gum, such as Amazon, Walmart, CVS pharmacy, and eBay.


8) How Much Does Neurogum Cost?

The price of Neurogum varies depending on the size of the bag you purchase. Discounts are available if you subscribe to the auto-shipping program available at the official website. The price breakdown for the product is available below:

  • Six-pack: Available for $24 when paid one time or for $21.60 per month for subscribers
  • Twelve-pack: Available for $42 when paid one time or for $37.80 per month for subscribers
  • Bulk Bag (180 pieces): Available for $45 when paid one time or for $40.50 per month for subscribers
How To Take

9) How to Take Neurogum

Neurogum can be perfect to take when you need a cognitive boost and energy. The recommended dose is one to two pieces of gum per day. For best results, try taking it on an empty stomach first thing in the morning or around the afternoon. Try chewing each piece of gum slowly for at least 10 to 15 minutes. Do not use more than 4 pieces of gum per day, as it may lead to unwanted side effects.

Bottom Line

10) The Bottom Line – “Does it Work?”

If you are looking for a simple but quick way to boost your energy while loading up on nootropics, Neurogum can be a good option to include in your daily diet. This nootropic-infused gum is not only within budget but also on par with other nootropic blends in terms of the cognitive benefits it delivers. However, keep in mind that it may not be suitable to use as a primary nootropic but it is perfect as something that energizes your body and boosts cognition at the same time.

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