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Mega-Stress Complex Review – Is it Effective?

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Mega-Stress Complex is a product developed by the company Nature’s Plus. They have over 35 years of experience in natural supplements and have earned quite some recognition as one of the best manufacturers of natural health products. They are based in the US and provide extensive information on their company and products on their website.

Nature’s Plus is also the same company behind the anti-aging supplement Source Of Life Liquid Red.
The supplement, as the name suggests, is meant to alleviate stress for people suffering from it. Whether it’s from a busy work schedule, emotional events taking place, or due to illness, stress affects almost everyone at some point throughout an individual’s life, and not dealing with it can lead to severe consequences.

They might even have repercussions on one’s health. Through the combination of ingredients that it provides, Mega-Stress Complex claims to rid people of their stress issues, helping them lead happier, more enjoyable lives.


1) Quick Overview

Mega-Stress Complex is a formulation made of a mix of amino acids, vitamins, herbal extracts, and minerals, which are supposed to work together to alleviate stress.

Some of the ingredients contained by this product have been medically proven to help alleviate stress, such as GABA, an amino acid that regulates neurotransmission, Valerian which has a mild sedative and anxiolytic effect and Vitamin C, known to boost the body’s immune system and aid it in dealing with stressful conditions.

Unfortunately, other ingredients listed as Mega-Stress Complex components have no attested value as supplements, only being useful in the cases where the body is already suffering from a deficiency of the specific nutrient.

Among them are Vitamin B12, Pantothenic Acid, and Riboflavin, which can harm the body if excessive amounts are ingested.

Caution is advised when taking supplements rich in various vitamins, as excessive consumption can lead to hypervitaminosis. In these potentially lethal conditions, some organs might fail to perform properly due to an incapacity of breaking down all the nutrients found in the blood.


2) What Are Mega-Stress Complex Ingredients?

Mega-Stress Complex contains: GABA and PABA, Vitamin C, Valerian, Inositol, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Zinc, Niacin, Magnesium, Vitamin B6, Calcium Folate, Vitamin B12, Pantothenic Acid, Calcium, Stearic acid, microcrystalline cellulose, rose hips (Rosa canina fruit), isolated soy protein, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, silica, magnesium stearate, rice bran, pharmaceutical glaze.

3) Is Mega-Stress Complex Right for You?

Mega-Stress Complex is marketed as a product that can boost your immune system and reduce stress considerably. It supposedly does this by replacing the various water-soluble vitamins that can be taken out of the body when a person suffers from anxiety.

The vitamin C found in it has been proven to help boost the immune system.

There is no other information provided though about how this combination of ingredients can combat stress successfully. If that information is out there in independent studies or clinical trials, then we urge the company t to provide us with the details of those findings.

This product shouldn’t be used by anyone using various prescription medications. The website states that the PABA in it can interfere with sulfa drugs.

Some individuals also have an allergic reaction to the Niacin, so they should pay attention to any side effects, including redness, rash, or difficulty breathing.

4) Mega-Stress Complex Benefits & Results

  • Affordable product, roughly $10 for a one-month supply;
  • Contains no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives;
  • It is suitable for vegetarians;
  • Manufacturer has a trusted name in the field of health supplements.

5) What You Need to Know Before Taking Mega-Stress Complex

  • No research made available regarding testing on the product;
  • Some of the ingredients do not seem to support the product claims;
  • No information available regarding refunds;
  • Ordering directly from the manufacturer not possible.

6) How Much Does Mega-Stress Complex Cost?

Mega-Stress Complex is considerably inexpensive. If you order online, depending on the supplier, it is possible to get the coupon emailed to you that offers 20% off your order. To get it, you have to provide your name, address, and email. You also have to complete a 2-minute survey.

Shipping costs on Mega-Stress Complex depend on the location. When filling out the order form, there is a place for the zip code to be entered. This will calculate the cost, and then a person can choose to complete the order.


7) Mega-Stress Complex Serving Size

The advised dose for Mega-Stress Complex is one tablet each day, possibly less in teenagers’ cases. There is no mention of counter-indications for the product, but consulting a doctor before beginning taking the product might be advised for most people, to prevent any adverse consequences of consumption.

Bottom Line

8) Our Bottom Line

Dealing with stress is something everyone has to do at one point or another.

For those feeling overwhelmed by the amounts of stress they have to deal with, Mega-Stress Complex tries to come to the rescue and provide them with a much-needed boost. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee whether the product works or not, given the small amount of information regarding clinical trials.

Some people have used the product and reported feeling lower stress levels, suggesting that the product claims might be valid.

If you’re considering this product, we advise you to conduct your research regarding testimonials, shipping possibilities, and refund options if the supplement doesn’t perform as advertised for you.

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