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Max Synapse Review – 8 Things You Need to Know

By Michelle Giordano

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Given the numerous tasks we perform every day, it may be difficult to focus on a specific project, assignment, presentation or job that requires our full attention. There are products available on the market that can help us focus so that we can deliver the best results possible. Max Synapse is a supplement that promises to enhance cognitive function and increase energy. If your goal is to improve memory and sharpen your focus, read on to see if Max Synapse is right for you.


1) What is Max Synapse?

Max Synapse is a supplement manufactured by UltraMax Health, a company based in New York City. UltraMax Health does not have an official website, and they don’t appear to have any social media presence.

This supplement is a blend of seven ingredients that work to focus attention and increase energy levels. The manufacturer claims that the components of Max Synapse can also improve memory, reduce fatigue and accelerate a person’s ability to learn new tasks.

Nutrition Info

2) Ingredients of Max Synapse

The active ingredients of Max Synapse include:

  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • L-Glutamine
  • Bacopa Monnieri Leaf
  • N Acetyl-L Carnitine
  • St. John’s Wort
  • DMAE Bitartrate
  • Green Tea Extract

Ginkgo biloba is a popular herb that has a long history of medicinal use. It works by increasing blood flow, so it is considered helpful to sharpen mental cognition and for people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. St. John’s wort is another common herb. It is primarily known for its use in depression; however, it can also be used to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), allowing an individual to focus better.

L-Glutamine is a building block for protein and is naturally produced in the body. It boosts the immune system and may be helpful to prevent muscle breakdown and improve recovery time when performing strenuous exercise. DMAE bitartrate is a substance that is also made naturally in the body. It is credited with improving memory and increasing brain function.

The leaf of bacopa monnieri is a popular herb used in Ayurvedic medicine. It is known to enhance memory and ease symptoms associated with anxiety and stress.

N Acetyl-L Carnitine increases energy levels and may also help to lower blood sugar levels.

Green tea extract is full of antioxidants, which serve a host of functions, including protecting brain cells to prevent mental decline and Alzheimer’s. It is also associated with assisting your body with burning calories which can help with weight loss.

3) Does Max Synapse Work?

Many of the ingredients found in this product have been demonstrated by studies to work for its intended purpose. A study published in 2017 in the National Institutes of Health showed significant improvement in memory and cognitive processes with Ginkgo biloba. There are also many studies with regard to St. John’s wort and the treatment of ADHD. Although there are conflicting conclusions, some studies do show slight effectiveness with this herb to help people living with ADHD.

There are studies available that show L-glutamine is effective over placebo in the treatment of Alzheimer’s’ disease. On the other hand, there are no relevant studies proving the effectiveness of DMAE, however, nutritionists tend to promote this substance and its effectiveness in boosting brainpower.

Bacopa leaf is a promising herb with several placebo-controlled human studies confirming its benefits to increase blood flow and enhance memory. The benefits of green tea as a powerful antioxidant are well documented, but more clinical research is needed to prove the use of N-Acetyl L Carnitine.


4) Max Synapse Claims

  • Increase focus and concentration
  • Boost mental clarity
  • Enhance memory consolidation
  • Reduce physical and mental fatigue
  • Increased test scores
  • Improve well-being and reduce stress

5) Max Synapse Product Warnings

Max Synapse is generally considered safe, however, there are precautions related to some of its ingredients. Ginkgo biloba interacts with medications that thin the blood including aspirin, ibuprofen and warfarin. If you take any of these types of medicines, you should consult with your physician before taking this supplement. Also, a dangerous interaction exists with a group of antidepressants known as SSRIs. If you are on these drugs, you should avoid this product.

St. John’s wort also has many drug interactions including SSRIs. In addition, this herb can reduce the effect of birth control and interact with medications used to treat seizures.

L-glutamate and N-Acetyl L-Carnitine both have a safe profile, however, they have been shown in rare instances to trigger seizures and should, therefore, be avoided in people with epilepsy or a history of seizures.

The manufacturer advises consulting with your physician if you are pregnant or breastfeeding before taking this product.


6) How Much Does Max Synapse Cost?

A bottle of 60 capsules costs approximately $30. Based on the directions provided by the manufacturer, this would last the consumer 30 days. Amazon does offer discounts if you purchase a certain amount of the product.

Unfortunately, the company does not have its own website, so we were unable to find any deals offered directly from them.


7) Directions For Taking Max Synapse

The dose for this product is two capsules to be taken daily, preferably in the morning. If you are using this product for performance on a test, presentation, etc., then you can take two capsules of Max Synapse one-half to one hour before.

Bottom Line

8) Our Bottom Line

Other than on Amazon, there were few reviews available for Max Synapse. The reviews, however, on Amazon were generally positive with over 50% of reviewers giving it a five-star rating.

We like the ingredients found in this product, particularly Ginkgo and bacopa leaf, which have been used medicinally for centuries and have a proven record to help with improving mental function. Green tea extract has wonderful antioxidant properties shown to not only back some of the company’s claims but also to promote heart health and help with weight loss. Our concern was the lack of direct information about the company, UltraMax Health. Generally, the more information about a company that is available, the more likely they are to produce a higher quality product.

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