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Genius Mushrooms Review – 12 Facts You Need to Know

By Dr. Usmarah Hussain

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Mushrooms are a fascinating way to energize your body and nourish your brain. But what is the best way to get all the goodness these medicinal fungi offer? Consider adding a mushroom supplement to your daily life.

Genius Mushrooms is a natural nootropic blend and a potent immune booster that utilizes three of the most common medicinal mushrooms. It claims to be different from the usual nootropic formulas that use a stack of ingredients and chemicals to deliver the promised benefits. Manufactured by the famous Genius Brand, it is one of the best-selling mushroom supplements in the U.S.

Does this product really live up to its hype? Is it a good idea to give this mushroom blend a try? This Genius Mushrooms review will analyze the critical aspects of this supplement, including its benefits, ingredients, the manufacturing company, and price range.


1) What is Genius Mushrooms?

Genius Mushrooms is a popular organic complex featuring three potent types of mushrooms among its principal ingredients. It acts as a nootropic formula with additional benefits like improved energy and immunity. According to the official website, this supplement is claimed to be an alternative to coffee as it energizes the mind and body without any crashes or jitters.

Manufactured by the Genius Brand, daily consumption of Genius Mushrooms has been associated with improved cognition, better resilience, heightened concentration and focus, and easier memory retention and recollection. It is advertised as a completely organic and non-GMO product exclusively manufactured in the United States with no compromise on quality.

2) The Company Behind Genius Mushrooms

The Genius Brand is a popular American supplement manufacturer with considerable growth over the past few years. The company was founded in 2006 in San Diego, California with a mission to promote activeness and pursuit of excellence in everyday life.
Today, The Genius Brand is known for producing a wide range of organic health supplements for weight loss, brain support, beauty, energy, and muscle growth.

Some of their best sellers include Genius Consciousness, Genius Mushrooms, Genius Joy, Genius Creatine, Genius Mindfulness, and Genius Burn.


3) Genius Mushrooms Ingredients

The primary ingredients added to this supplement include a triad of the following three mushrooms:

  • Organic Reishi: Known as the herb of spiritual potency, the reishi mushroom is a potent stress reliever and immune modulator that enhances mental clarity.
  • Organic Lion’s Mane: This ingredient is a potent nootropic used commonly to enhance cognition, regulate neural regeneration, and stimulate the growth of brain cells.
  • Organic Cordyceps: As a famous pro-vitality and antiaging ingredient, the cordyceps mushroom boosts energy, gives mental clarity, and improves physical and mental endurance.

4) Is Genius Mushrooms Right for You?

Genius Mushrooms can be a good choice for you if you:

  • Want to energize your mind and body
  • Wish to improve your concentration and focus
  • Desire a better response to stress
  • Need a more efficient immune system to protect your body



5) Genius Mushrooms Claims

Regular use of Genius Mushrooms can help you achieve the following benefits:

  • Immunity Boost: All three types of mushrooms in this supplement work together to enhance immunity and protect the body against infections.
  • Greater Memory & Focus: Both reishi and lion’s mane regenerate brain tissue, boost cognition, and assist in healthy nerve activity.
  • High Energy Levels: The high vitamin, nutrient, and mineral content in lion’s mane and cordyceps mushrooms boosts energy levels and makes it easier to perform day-to-day tasks efficiently.
  • Mood Regulation: Reishi mushroom helps relax the body and unwind it from the effects of stress.
Side Effects

6) Genius Mushrooms Side Effects

Genius Mushrooms has been advertised as a natural supplement that uses organically-sourced ingredients. Hence, the risk of side effects with this product is minimal. That said, there is a small chance of developing minor discomforts like stomachache, constipation, or diarrhea. However, these side effects are mild and tend to go away on their own.


7) Genius Mushrooms Product Warnings

Despite being a natural product, certain precautions must be kept in mind before using Genius Mushrooms. Make sure you do not have any allergies or intolerances to any of the ingredients in this product. If you are not sure, it is strongly recommended to speak to a doctor before using it.

Pregnant and nursing women and people with coexisting medical conditions must also have a second opinion from a doctor before using Genius Mushrooms.

Where to Purchase?

8) Where to Purchase Genius Mushrooms

Genius Mushrooms is readily available for purchase on its company’s official website (thegeniusbrand.com). It is also up for grabs on other e-stores including Amazon, Walmart, and CVS.


9) Genius Mushrooms Price

The cost for Genius Mushrooms varies, depending on the platform offering it. The best prices can be enjoyed by ordering through the company’s website at the rate of $21.99 per bottle.

Ordering from the company’s website also provides an additional perk of a money-back policy extending up to 90 days.


10) Directions For Taking Genius Mushrooms

The best time to use Genius Mushrooms is 20 minutes before a meal. Swallow three capsules with 8 oz of water or break it down to one capsule three times a day. According to the official website, the supplement offers acute as well as long-term benefits that tend to become more pronounced with time.

Genius Mushrooms can be easily added to any diet plan, including vegan, keto, and paleo diets, without disturbing them.

11) What Users Are Saying

"I've been using this product for almost 30 days, I was hoping it would benefit me in some specific ways, but the one thing I found was that my sleep immediately was notably better. That was not even on my radar for this product. It doesn't help me fall asleep, but the quality of sleep I get is improved. I haven't slept this well for years." [Read full review]


"I have been taking Genius Mushrooms for about 16 days and have noticed a change in my mental abilities. I'm able to walk into another room and know what I'm there for. There seems to be an improvement in my recall. I can't say I've felt an increase in energy." [Read full review]

---Mary D.

"I didn't notice much of an energy boost or increased mental focus. It could be a good product, but it didn't seem to do anything." [Read full review]

---Christopher Johnson

Bottom Line

12) The Bottom Line – “Does it Work?”

Genius Mushrooms by The Genius Brand is a nootropic, antiaging formula that uses a blend of three organic mushrooms to deliver the said benefits. All three ingredients included in these pills are evidence-based and proven to improve cognition, energize the mind and body, and enhance resilience. The company manufacturing this product is well-known with multiple positive reviews from customers. The price is highly competitive and comparable to its alternative products.

In short, Genius Mushrooms can be a good solution to strengthen the mind and body together.

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