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Clear Migraine Review – Is it Effective?

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Clear Migraine is an incredible herbal formulated pain reliever. It is composed of active homeopathic compounds that are supposed to give its users a relief from pain associated with migraines. It is a Chinese blend of natural herbs that aims to help the body restore itself to its pain fighting capability.
Clear Migraine was developed by Clear Products based in San Diego in the United States of America. They implement high-level standards to make sure that their products are the best and friendly to the body. They also manufacture Clear Immune Support and Clear Headache.
The company says that Clear Migraine clears Migraine and its related problems. You will not suffer side effects or develop addiction tendency by using this product! Awesome, yes? They further state their claim that outcome varies from patient to patient. It is mostly recommended for people with Persistent Migraines.


1) What is Clear Migraine?

With over 20 known ingredients, Clear migraine is a unique blend of Ancient Chinese Traditional. It is a medicine that aims to help restore health and create a balance in your entire body. The herb extracts are supposed to strengthen, and replenish you immunity to harmonize in your body. People say that it is effective for migraine, tension and cluster headaches, congestion due to sinusitis, and stomach discomforts. There are no known side effects, however; there is a caution against taking this product when you are on prescription medicines for other pains not related to migraine and if you are on anticoagulants.
It is Aspirin free with no habit-forming properties. They are sold in the form of capsules which are easy to swallow. It does not cause drowsiness.

Nutrition Info

2) Ingredients of Clear Migraine

Clear Migraine contains the following ingredients: Aconitum Napellus 3x, Belladonna 6x, Bryonia 6x, Cimicifuga Racemose 3x, Hypericum 3x, Iris Versicolor 6x, Kali Bichromicum 3x, Natrum Muriaticum 6x, Sanguinaria 3x, Spigellia 6x. Other Ingredients: Corydalis Tuber, Angelica Sinensis Root, Ligustici Root, Peony Root, Peuraria Root, Angelica Dahurica Root, Chrysanthemum Flower, Gastrodia Tuber, Rehmannia Root, Siler Root, Ginger Root, Lycium Fruit, Tangerine Peel, Licorice Root.

If you prefer a simpler formula, we recommend reading our MigreLief Review. It only contains three key ingredients including Puracol Feverfew, a supplement known to reduce migraine symptoms.

3) What Does Clear Migraine Do?

Clear Migraine is herbal extract that is effective in combating migraines or symptoms that are related to it. Its effectiveness may be attributed to some of its key ingredients some of which are Aconite 3X, Belladonna6X, Cimicfuga3X etc. Clear Migraine is ideal for people suffering from a tension headache, migraine, and cluster headaches. To be more effective in getting rid of migraines, it is recommended that it be taken daily for 2 to 3 months. Other uses of this product are to cure headaches as a result of sinusitis. People who suffer from persistent t pain not related to migraines should not use this product without a doctor’s opinion. It is said that if you taking anticoagulants you should not use this product as you may suffer bleeding. Nursing and mothers should not use Clear Migraine.

It is expected that using this product does not cause dependency or drowsiness because it does not have Aspirin. Do not take more than 12 capsules in a day with 3 capsules to be taken after every 3 to 4 hours.


4) Clear Migraine Claims


  • It is said to be aspirin-free.
  • Contains Ancient Chinese homeopathic that have proved to be effective.
  • The capsule are Based on Vegetables.
  • Can be used by people chronic health issues.
  • No cases of drowsiness or addiction.
  • Easy to swallow capsules.


5) What You Need to Know Before Taking Clear Migraine

  • Some of the claimed therapeutic principles are not scientifically proven.
  • Taking 3 capsules every 3 hours is tiresome and one can forget.
  • It is not clear when to stop using this product.
  • It is a temporary solution.

6) Clear Migraine Cost

Clear Product pricing found on different product pages lies in between $15 – $16. Orders can be placed directly via the manufacturer’s website or on any online retail platform that offers therapeutic products.
Depending on where you buy it, shipping charges may apply. You may get free shipping if you buy a given number of products or spend a certain amount of money.

Suggested Use

7) Suggested Use

Other important information as indicated on the packaging states that for complete relief, one needs to take this product for two-three months.

Bottom Line

8) The Bottom Line – “Does it Work?”

With the increasing number of people suffering from persistent headaches and migraines, it is recommended that you use Clear Migraine! It uses the Ancient Chinese homeopathic formula to give you the perfect cure for migraines in an easy to swallow capsule. With no side effects or dependency problem, clear Migraine gives you comfort when you need it the most. Though many reviews will indicate that it is effective but for a few hours before you take on the next dosage. It has other therapeutic properties such as reducing muscle spasms, reducing swellings, and improving blood circulation. Stay away from foods or drinks that contain tyramine such as alcohol, chocolate, coffee, tobacco, junk, and packaged foods. Mixing them with this product could be dangerous to your health.

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