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Calm CP Review – Is it Effective?

By Dr. Usmarah Hussain

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Sleep is an extremely important part of life and plays a significant role in determining the overall health of an individual. Unfortunately, many people continue to struggle with it on a daily basis, given the daily stressors and worries of life. Calm CP claims to help these people reduce their anxiety and stress levels while restoring proper communication within the brain. Manufactured by NeuroScience, it has been designed in a way to actively reduce cortisol levels while supporting its receptor sensitization in the brain. This allows users to calm themselves and get proper sleep at night.

Can Calm CP really work to bust the high-stress levels and relax the brain? Let’s find out more about the product, its working, ingredients, and benefits before giving out the verdict.


1) Calm CP Quick Facts

The nervous system forms the foundation of the human body. It constantly communicates with all other systems and circuits to maintain harmonious coordination and connects everything. When this system gets out of order, it can effectively disturb every other area of the body, giving rise to multiple problems which can only be sorted if their underlying neurological deficit is addressed. Based on this concept, Calm CP has been introduced to the world to help the brain cope with the daily stressors of life and keep it in a healthy state to improve the overall health status. According to the official website, this product can be an appropriate fit for people with:

  • Consistently interrupted sleep
  • New or increasing levels of abdominal fat
  • Difficulty falling back asleep
  • High stress levels, whether they are sustained or acute

As per the manufacturing company, Calm CP pills work by decreasing the cortisol levels that majorly contribute to elevated stress in the body. Once the cortisol levels drop, people can better calm down and sleep at night while gaining reasonable control over their blood sugar. The company also claims this product contains pure ingredients that most people can tolerate without significant side effects.

2) The Company Behind Calm CP

Established in the Saint Croix River Valley near Osceola, Wisconsin, NeuroScience is a popular supplement-producing company established in the early 2000s. This privately-owned company offers various proprietary blends of amino acids curated to help users gain important precursors for their nervous system called neurotransmitters. After working persistently for more than two decades, NeuroScience is now known as a top brand that delivers premium products with botanicals, amino acids, minerals, and vitamins to thousands of healthcare providers.

The company uses high-quality ingredients whose efficacy is supported by scientific research and peer-reviewed journals. All of these raw ingredients are sourced through trustable vendors and passed through different standardization processes to ensure their potency and purity. NeuroScience is also in a close partnership with several manufacturers to have better control over their ingredient specifications and ensure that they match its high standards from the very beginning of the manufacturing process. The company also performs regular audits to persistently maintain these qualities and standards. Each finished product is tested via third parties to check and confirm its efficacy. Through these strict principles and rules, NeuroScience promises to make every product, including Calm CP, worth the customer’s money.


3) Details on Calm CP Ingredients and Uses

Calm CP tablets contain the following ingredients in their core composition:

  • Banaba Leaf Extract: Banaba leaf extract works by inhibiting a certain enzyme that reduces the conversion of cortisone (inactive state) to cortisol. This reduces the overall cortisol levels which, in turn, lowers stress levels.

  • Phosphatidylserine: Phosphatidylserine interacts with different cell membranes to reduce hypothalamic signaling and regulate the stress response.

  • Glycine: Glycine is an important neurotransmitter that crosses the blood-brain barrier to reach the brain. Inside the brain, it binds with certain receptors that regulate sleep and promote it.

  • Taurine: This neuroprotective amino acid provides protection to the brain from free radicals. It also mimics the effects of GABA, another neurotransmitter that promotes calm and sleeps in the body.

4) Does Calm CP Work?

To understand if Calm CP works, it is important to understand the role of stress and cortisol in the body. As a response to high-stress levels, the brain directs the adrenals, the two tiny glands sitting on the top of the kidneys, to manufacture and release catecholamines along with stress hormones. In some people, especially the ones exposed to prolonged stress, this response gets altered and disturbed, causing an aberrant increase in this brain signal. As a result, the adrenals keep producing and releasing these stress-causing hormones regardless of whether they are needed or not. As a result, both cortisol and catecholamines flood out in the body and lead to different issues, such as inhibition of insulin and its action which leads to blood sugar irregularities. Moreover, these hormones promote fat accumulation while disturbing sleep patterns.

A randomized clinical trial studying the effects of Calm CP on people with high-stress levels has found that the supplement is capable of reversing these effects. The researchers found that taking it twice daily for at least four days reduces the mean daily cortisol levels by 17 percent which can lead to an overall improvement in body weight, sleep patterns, and restlessness.


5) Calm CP Benefits & Results

According to NeuroScience, the company behind Calm CP, taking this supplement can:

  • Lower the total daily cortisol levels to decrease stress
  • Manage blood glucose levels well
  • Promote a more restful sleep at night
  • Allow the body to spend more time in the recovery phase during sleep to improve the overall health

According to the company, up to 71 percent of people who took part in Calm CP trials reported that they would take this supplement again due to its beneficial effects.


6) Calm CP Warnings and Precautions

  • If you are pregnant or nursing, consult your healthcare provider before using Calm CP
  • The supplement may cause an allergic reaction to soy in hypersensitive patients
  • Some users may develop dizziness with the use of this product
Where to Buy?

7) Where to Buy Calm CP

The best place to buy Calm CP tablets is from their official website (neuroscienceinc.com). You can also find it on Amazon at a reasonable price.


8) How Much Does Calm CP Cost?

The price for one bottle of Calm CP containing 60 capsules is $59.50. Keep in mind that this price may vary depending on the platform you buy it from.

Final Thoughts

9) Final Thoughts on Calm CP

Calm CP is a cortisol-focused calming support formula that maintains healthy cortisol levels and supports its receptor sensitivity to manage stress. This product may be appealing to those who are looking for a natural way to support and reduce their symptoms of anxiety, depression, stress, insomnia, and fatigue. The company manufacturing it has performed a clinical trial that supports its effectiveness. Moreover, there are several online reviews that report positive results and experiences with the supplement. Overall, Calm CP can be a product worth trying.

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