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BioActive Nutrition Vitamin C Review – 8 Things You Should Know

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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BioActive Vitamin C is advertised as being a dietary supplement whose main goal is to enhance immunity during the cold season in order to prevent apparition of flues or colds. The formula manufactured by BioActive Nutrients is recommended for everybody who desires an immunity boost by regulating the amounts of this vitamin within the body. As compared to other similar products, this supplement can be consumed by children too, but it should be kept away from the reach of small children (under age 5).

The manufacturer and main distributor of this formula, BioActive Nutrients, was founded by Guy Evans in the mid 90’s. The place considered base of the company is found in NIW Wisconsin. The manufacturer states that among the main focus of its business is to provide nutrients required by people on a daily basis in order to improve overall health. They currently sell more than one hundred different products which target either specific bodily regions or overall health.

BioActive Vitamin Cis based on an essential vitamin and additional enhancers that are a mineral and an herbal extracts. In addition to enhancing protection against common cold and flues, this treatment may also come in handy for people that have major lacks of the core ingredient in their daily diets.


1) Vitamin C at a Glance

Advertised as a product meant to enhance immunity and hence providing protection against some common viruses and bacteria, BioActive Vitamin C is recommended for all those who desire to improve the levels of Vitamin C in their bodies. Despite the fact that scientists recommend absorption of this component directly from foods, due to either stressful lives or personal life decisions, there are some who prefer to obtain it in a supplementation form.

Among the main therapeutic utilization of this vitamin we may include the common cold, skin infections, acne, gum diseases, stomach ulcers, bronchitis, tuberculosis and bladder infections. Some research studies point out that this ingredient has a wide spectrum of beneficial effects, with some more still in need to be discovered. For example, it has been speculated that vitamin C has an impact on mental functioning and can even help ease symptoms of dementia or other age-related memory disorders. The inclusion of sodium in this formula is meant to enhance the vitamin absorption while also increasing the levels of antioxidants that are meant to fight the damage done in the body by free radicals.

Nutrition Facts

2) Vitamin C Nutrition Facts

BioActive Vitamin C contains the following ingredients: Vitamin C (as sodium ascorbate and ascorbic acid), Sodium and Rose Hips.

3) Does Vitamin C Work and it is Safe?

Vitamin C is presented as a dietary supplement whose positive effects rely on a formula that features a vitamin, a mineral and an herbal extract. It is recommended for everybody who feels like their daily vitamin C intake provided by the usual diet should be increased for overall health improvements. The main foods from which vitamin C can be absorbed are vegetables and fruits, particularly citrus fruits. Despite the fact that it can be directly consumed, there are people who prefer to take it in a supplementation form because they don’t seem to have good dieting habits or their diet doesn’t include sufficient amounts of fruits and vegetables.

Vitamin C chronic deficiency is the leading cause of a disease called scurvy, which was one of the major conditions that sailors and pirates used to get sick of during their long sea voyages. Left untreated, scurvy becomes fatal. However scurvy is relatively rare now, so this vitamin is usually included in dietary products mainly to prevent and treat common cold symptoms. Other positive influences can be noticed on skin infections and skin aspect, stomach ulcers that are determined by bacteria named Helicobacter pylori, dysentery, and tuberculosis.

Clinical research has lead scientists to the discovery that Vitamin C may also have a positive impact on some related mental conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, depression, dementia, and thinking problems. When taken by mouth, this vitamin is viewed as likely safe, but in rare cases, it may cause vomiting, nausea, stomach cramps, heartburn as well as other side-effects. However, these harmful results are directly proportional to the quantity consumed.

There are online customer testimonials about Vitamin C. What is being reported includes:

  • I stopped catching colds since I’ve started taking this, and I’m quite the sensible person

  • It is a good product at a good price, but I only take it during winter because that’s when I need it

Pros & Cons

4) Vitamin C: Pros and Cons

  • The company that produces this remedy is known in the nutritional supplements market and currently delivers more than 100 supplements
  • The product’s main ingredient is represented by a vitamin that has a reliable role within the organism and affects various regions of the body
  • It comes as easy-to-use chewable tablets that come at affordable prices


5) Precautions of Vitamin C Use

  • Vitamin C consumption may come with some side-effects such as stomach cramps or headaches
  • Pregnant or lactating women shouldn’t use this product without consulting a personal healthcare provider


6) How Much Does Vitamin C Cost?

This supplement is offered to the public in the form of chewable tablets that are stacked in bottles. Each bottle features 120 tablets. The manufacturer recommends consumption of one tablet on a daily basis, preferably with a meal. Considering this, a bottle is enough for three months so people that only need it for strengthening the immune system throughout cold season can purchase a bottle per year.

The price is viewed as moderate and can be afforded even by those with a minimum income. As with most remedies, it can be ordered either directly from the producer’s website or other online distributors. Discounts and promotions may be available. The manufacturer itself offers the possibility of purchasing the formula at a lower price by joining the Buyer’s Club program.


7) Directions For Taking Vitamin C

On a general note, BioActive Vitamin C is safe to use and doesn’t come with any side effects if the label dosages is followed accordingly. The formula contains eight times the daily recommended value, but due to different absorption rates, the quantity reaching the body is within optimum range.


8) Our Final Take On Vitamin C

All in all, BioActive Vitamin C represents a dietary remedy based on the positive effects of Vitamin C which aims at delivering proper amounts to people that want to improve their immunity systems. Studies linked the effects of this vitamin to the bodys protection during the cold season. Furthermore, individuals who suffer from bodily problems such as stomach ulcers, acne or skin infections may particularly benefit from this formula. Keeping aside the fact that it is presented as safe to use on a longer term, certain side effects may occur in some situations, and the treatment should be immediately interrupted if so.

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Well.. I like this product. I’m not a big fan of natural supplements, but I think this does its job. Btw. I’m a healthy person so I only take it to improve my body, not as a treatment.

Paul P

It doesn’t seem like a great product at first because the results are not immediate, but once the cold season begins.. you’ll think otherwise. I like it because it’s easy to use and although I forget to take it from time to time, it does its job really well. More than this. my headaches have almost disappeared and they were pretty common and painful back in the days. I strongly recommend it.